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Troubles & Questions / Re: The problem with the screen
« on: October 22, 2014, 20:51:21 »
"Control on/off screen" is definitely off! I checked it first of course. The player is GoneMad music player.

Troubles & Questions / The problem with the screen
« on: October 19, 2014, 19:44:15 »
Today with 3.3.1 version I noticed that with the "Display" -> "Disable lock screen" my smartphone is starting to react and turn the screen on on every event from my Bluetooth headset. The headset with "Play", "Pause", "Rewind" etc function for the music player playing at the same time with voice guiding in Locus.
Is it normal?

Very nice addon but almost useless for bikers and hikers in Moscow (Russia). The coverage of "" is too small and it is covers only the nearest suburbs of city. While the townspeople are biking, hiking and also have summer residences far beyond nearest suburbs. So I would like to ask you to expand the routing coverage four times or even five times wider!

P.S. By the way. The same applies to vector map of Moscow in Locus store. It is useless because of small coverage. Please do it more wider too!

Navigation & Guidance / Re: Automatic Display activation
« on: August 26, 2014, 14:21:52 »
Sorry for my bad English at first.
Im starting from the idea of voice guiding along tracks. I think there is no need to manual adding of turn instructions in track in Locus because currently it depends on rotation angle, so when I want to exactly hear "bear left" before determined turn I am specially do more sharp angle in that place. Thats all.
"Away from track" notification is already presented in Locus.
"Morse code instead of TTS"? Hmmmm.... Why?

But "Twice gesture control" will be a great function with a phone mounted on handlebar! Along with control of duration of screen time within Locus itself!

The voice guiding along tracks is corrupted in the new release. TTS is announcing only nearest 500m and 200m ('In 500 meters bear left') - that all! I tried Med and Hi version of guiding. Impossible to use ;-)
So stupid question: where can I download the previous version of Locus?

Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
« on: August 06, 2014, 20:03:08 »
Thank you! Now I am using 3.1.3. I will be waiting when the test version (with ability to reverse tracks) to be released.

Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
« on: August 06, 2014, 10:06:00 »
Do you plan to do the backward navigation along tracks?

@sersus: I have to play with it a little more outside. At home conditions, I'm unable to simulate your problem. It works for me always correctly.
By the way I was wrong. The problems with deviations from the route are still the same but they are now less (I have the same crazy screenshot). And they are will be particularly evident only in real conditions.
I think you can take a long (80km+) distance route with many guidances, and being closer to the last third of it select "middle" navigation. Than try to tap "Nearest point". Those conditions you can combine with location a little to the side from the route.

How did you do, that you have three cursors on a screen? :)
It was a common thing in the previous version of Locus when I strongly deviated from the planned route   ::) Every time I was cutting out my route and restarting navigation again. In the last version the deviations are not the problem (yet). But the restarting of navigation and not working "Nearest point" IS the problem!
I am deleted exactly that route from the screen but here the recent planned route for voice guidance when I was needed to cutting out the passed part of the way twice.

@sersus: when you tap on "nearest point" in navigation menu, then nothing happen?
Something like this:

Red line is the real recorded way.

And by the way, the Export of tracks with the Russian language now doesnt work!
Here the result:

And all those tracks are from 59 pieces!

It is impossible to start voice navigation on the track in the middle of it.
I.E. if I stopped the navigation and want to start it again the "Nearest point' menu doesnt work. Every time I needed to edit the planned track and remove all its points before my location. The further navigation could only be done so.

Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
« on: April 06, 2014, 16:45:43 »
Meanwhile I am using this feature every time I ride the bike! And I would like to say a GREAT THANK for this voice supported navigation! I don't even know how to express my delight...
So I would like to offer another enhancement.
On the screenshot the red dotted line is the planned way with "medium" level of voices.

The purple line is the real passed way. The purple circle is the place where I tried to stop warning about the deviation from the route, but a single menu item "Nearest point" was hard redirect me to the red dot. And it was warning for about a 1 km of the way from the purple circle until the next point (purple down arrow).
Thus I think it would be a good idea to add a menu item for "Next point" (next waypoint).

Also it will be good to make an option to view the compass-oriented rotating arrow instead of route-fixed car during the navigation!

And thank you again for this type of navigation!  :)

Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: January 25, 2014, 18:19:06 »
Just did the russian translate.  :) I hope with no mistakes with JSON syntax.

Navigation & Guidance / Re: Navigation on all tracks
« on: December 30, 2013, 18:54:04 »
First I have to say that I am very impressed with this new function! It was a long waited option to ride on bicycle within the previously recorded random (or borrowed other) track with the voice prompts.
So after some testing with random tracks I have two rationalization suggestions.

1. I think its a good idea to voice the distance to the next driving maneuver provided that the distance to it is more than 1 kilometer. I have to explain this. When riding with the phone in the pocket, after the another turn you dont know how many kilometers you have to go further. So for example riding half an hour with silence you mentally start to worry about the program itself (it may crash) or phone itself or any other shit can happen! BUT when you know exactly that you must ride forward for 5,5 kilometers you can just relax and pedaling. ))) Just say "Keep moving more than 5 kilometers".

2. Recorded tracks often have the errors or unnecessary movements on the spot.

I think it would be a good thing for the algorithm to ignore the small track inaccuracy within 20-30 meters. I.E. if the radius of the some maneuvers is within the range of 20-30 meters and after them the direction of the route is still the same - there is no need to specify maneuvers.

The voice guiding will be confusing in such case.
Or in general if the track has more than one maneuver (change of the directions) within the range of 20-30 meters it would be logical to only take into account the last waypoint where the direction is changing.
For example in this case we have not the true left turn but "take the left" only.

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