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I have used OpenAndroMaps for years and I got so excited about the maps that I wanted to understand more details. Yes, my OpenOutdoorMaps are nearly the same but

  • I was interested to understand the making of mapsforge maps. Since I did not find a comprehensive and detailed information on the flow of making these kinds of maps I tried to document the process in quite some detail.
  • Nobody has to use the maps. This is a free offer as many other maps. Everyone can decide.
  • You can choose any map area you want and generate a map.
  • If you need an immediate update of your map you can do it.
  • When one understands the map making process you can adjust/add/remove/consolidate tags for your purposes. Therefore, the current OpenOutdoorMaps have differences compared to other maps. I. e. there is more detail information on parking areas, road access and so on.
  • Since I am using a rather old device I was interested in maps with smaller file sizes. This is the reason why I omitted tags which are not interesting for me. In this way the OpenOutdoorMaps are considerable smaller in file (storage) size.

Choose any map you like and be happy.
Just to mention. I have generated a few maps for the northern alps region. You will find download links here:

There are maps for:
TEST (part of upper Bavaria)
Bayern (Bavaria)
Baden-W├╝rttemberg (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
├ľsterreich (Austria)
Schweiz (Switzerland)

In many weeks of testing I have developed a Windwos batch script to generate maps for Locus which are very close to maps probided by OpenAndroMaps. This script enables you to generate a topographic map for any area of the world.

The script and all necessary software will run on a "normal" Windows 10 PC. All details will be found on my website. Although the website is in German, you can translate the most parts easily and the script inself is mostly in English. You will find download links for the map-generation-script, all necessary other scripts and download links for all software packages.

The maps generated with this script will be named OpenOutdoorMap (OOM) . There is also a test-map for download.

I am happy to get any feedback und suggestions.

It might help to clean temporary data in Locus (in settings > various). Some time ago I had the same problem. The new theme name is quite similar to the old name and Locus keeps the name in some not obvious storage place.
In my case, I even downloaded and installed Locus freshly. But I can assure you, that it is not a problem of the theme. I have theme running on several devices without any problem.
To the Locus and OpenAndroMaps community,

I have generated big updates for my OpenAndroMaps Locus themes. The new themes "Outdoor" and "Desert" will replace all my previous themes (outdoor, desert, navigation, outdoorV4, desertV4).
The themes got many new features, improvements and corrections. You will find more details on my website [in German]. There is now also an online legend for the themes as well as a PDF download version of the legend.

Always download the newest version on:

I am happy for any comments, suggestions and ideas. I will try to constantly improve the themes in the future.

Hi Andrew,

sorry for the late response.
I agree, a legend document would be useful. I hope to have some day time for it.

The picture you posted as example shows the overlay of bicycle routes. These overlays can be switched on/off in the theme-menu. Maybe, this helps already.

Dear Viajero,

you are right. The combination of highway=path and tracktype=* (means some value is given) is so far not displayed in my V4 themes.
According to the openstreetmap wiki this combination should not be used:
I think the mentioned definition is useful: a way is either a track or a path, but not both.

But, as long as nobody else complains, I have adjusted the outdoorV4 and desertV4 themes to display this strange combination (I have tested it on the Alberta_ML map). The update in on my website:

Thanks for pointing out the problems.

I just uploaded some corrected versions of outdoorV4 and desertV4 themes on my website. Please have a look.

To the Locus and OpenAndroMaps community,

I finally adapted also my "desert" theme and created a new "desertV4" theme, which can be used with the new multi-language mapsforge V4 OpenAndroMaps. It is compatible only with these new maps!
Please take the theme as a draft. I am happy for any comments, suggestions and there will be constant improvements.

Download the newest version on

Dear Viajero,

the display of a cycleway as part of a mixed-use trail (or path) is just an overlay in addition to the trail (path) display itself. To show it more clear I have set the cycleway a bit more transparent and moved it just a tiny bit away from the actual trail (path) display. Maybe this helps. As a cyclist I definitively want to see the cycleway even if it is "misclassified" as "highway=path" + "bicyle=designated".

The change version is on my website (I have double checked).

Dear all,

I was able to generate a new version of the "outdoor" theme suitable for v4 maps. Please have a look here:

The conversion of the "desert" theme is under way.

Dear Viajero,

thanks for the screenshot.
I think I have understood your request. I have found a fix and placed a new version on my website ( Please check it out.

Quote from: Viajero Perdido on April 28, 2019, 00:23:14

  • For some reason, highway=bridleway renders abnormally large.  For example, at N53 31.484 W113 32.897 on the OAM Alberta Canada V4 map.
  • Certain highway types, where they meet (eg, residential x service), are drawn such that they appear to be unconnected.  If you were to imagine the ways as pipes, water couldn't flow through the connection.  That's sent me into OSM a few times to double-check the data. ;D
  • There's no checkbox for boundaries and protected areas.  Given that the theme draws the name on each tile, and Locus still uses lots of tiles, this can lead to a display rather full of names.  It'd be nice to have the option to turn this off.

Dear Viajero,

thanks for your hints. Your point #1 and #3 are fixed/changed and can be found in the new version on my website.
The point #2 I do not completely understand. It would help if you could show a screenshow of an example.

To the Locus and OpenAndroMaps community,

after many try-and-error runs I was able to adapt my "outdoor" theme and create the new "outdoorV4" theme, which can be used with the new multi-language mapsforge V4 OpenAndroMaps. It is compatible only with these new maps!
In general, I have tried to make the theme identical to the existing "outdoor" theme. Due to problems with many tags used for the configuration of font sizes and priorities, many small changes had to be made. You will find more details (i. e. which tags had to be ommitted) an my website [in German].
Please take the theme as a draft. I am happy for any comments, suggestions and there will be constant improvements. Maybe, I will adapt in the future also my existing "desert" theme.

Download the newest version on

Dear Andrew and Henk,

I have invorporated your ideas. Please find the new versions on my website (see on top).