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New release now available v20210216.

i have updated the first post with the latest release notes and links. I'm now using google drive to release the theme in a shared folder that contains all the releases and the PDF legends.

In this update I have added support for depicting road surfaces and distinguishing between sealed and unsealed roads/tracks. This is applicable to all highway types (including pedestrian and cycle paths) except for motorways.

The attached is a graphical summary (as presented in the map legend) of the new overlay options:
  • "dash unsealed roads" to give unsealed roads a dashed outline/casing.
  • "road surface/grade textures" to give unsealed roads a textured pattern that represents the type of surface, visible from Z14 onwards.
  • "emphasise road surface/grade textures" to highlight roads surfaces at lower zoom levels, visible from Z12.

The second attachment identifies which "surface" and "tracktype" tag values are mapped to the new surfaces.

not all maps support the "surface" tag, but do support the "tracktype" tag. For this reason, the "tracktype" tag is also used to set the road surfaces, albiet at a lesser level of detail (normal, compacted, gravel, dirt). Note that tracks tagged as trackype=grade1, which are also tagged with surface=asphalt, are now "promoted" to sealed roads (solid casing).

I am conscious that I have highjacked a feature of standard OS maps on which they use dashed road casings to represent unfenced roads (in fact a road can be solid one side and dashed the other to show fenced/walled/constrained on just one wide). However, since OAM/LM maps do not (currently) support a tag for fenced roads it seemed a good idea to use the same symbology for sealed/unsealed roads...

These new options are not enabled by default, as the default overlay options are for classic/standard OS map look/feel, and of course OS maps do not have such features.
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FYI: Here is an example of unsealed trunk and classified roads in Botswana (both are listed as compacted surface), see attached, rendered with the new road surfaces/grades option I'm working on.

I checked on google maps and OSM data base.... all these roads in the map view are actually compacted earth, including the unclassified road shown as sealed. But this is because the map data does not define any surface/grade for it... so the rendered view (as always) is only as good as the data in the map...
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Hi Karl, I notice your theme doesn't distinguish between sealed & unsealed roads. Unfortunately very few Locus themes do, which seems odd as you'd think cyclists would be quite interested in the road surface. Bernard's Desert theme ( is the best for this - his on LHS compared to yours on RHS. Voluntary is the only other one that shows any difference but it is very hard to discern.

for example in my screen cap:
compares surface=unpaved with surface=Asphalt

Hi Andrew,

Attached is a sneaky peek at the road surfaces/grades overlay option I have prototyped for the OS Map theme.
   - 1st image is the default OS map view
   - 2nd image is road surfaces/grades enabled
   - 3rd image is with the emphasise road surfaces/grades enables too

With the road surfaces/grades option selected, if the road is unsealed it will have a dashed casing and the core will have a texture applied based on the type of surface.

The second attachement shows the current road surface/grades renderings and highlight colours.

It is still very much work in progress. I have to say that I have not yet found a real life example of surface="winter"...
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@karlchick on a PC screen the textures are subtle, so in my opinion will be quite hard to distinguish on a smaller Android screen. The "peck marks" used by John with the Voluntary theme are also too subtle (for me). I modified Bernard's Desert theme XML to make unsealed more evident; that is the great thing about XML compared to a binary format.
I've prototyped the road surface textures in the OS map theme and do find it a bit too subtle at low zooms... I am trying different colours and textures and transparency to make them easier to see and differentiate.

At higher zooms it works very well. I am thinking of adding a emphasise road surfaces/grades option to allow easier route planning at low zooms... probably colour coded to the quality of the road surface somehow.

BTW, I am implementing surface textures for cycleways, tracks and all roads except motorways. I have found a few examples of unclassified roads that are compacted/grade2/grade3... might make these into tracks...
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I'm thinking about using some transparent PNG surface textures to overlay the road cores for "surface" and "tracktype", see attached (mock up in powerpoint).

Wondering what you think of this idea?
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New release now available v20210210.

I have updated the first post with the latest release notes and links. I'm now using google drive to release the theme in a shared folder that contains all the releases and the PDF legends.

Mainly improvements are made for:
  • Added new/missing elements: customer/private parking, forest cutlines, ditch barriers, earth banks, gullies, hedges, military bunkers, post boxes, public artworks, town halls
  • Major improvement to rendering of all waterways (using casings/cores now)
  • Made visible some elements that got hidden by water areas: piers, tidal-flats
  • Added option to highlight cycle lanes/tracks - useful if you want to plan cycle routes using them
Many other small changes/fixed, see release notes for details.

Note that post boxes have alternative renderings based on if you set "drive on the left side" or "drive on the right side" overlay options:
  • left side = red circles as most left hand side driving countries use round red post boxes.
  • right side = yellow squares as most right hand side driving countries use square yellow post boxes.
NB: Remember that the default overlay options in the theme are set to hide non-OS symbols and road furniture. You'll need to switch these on to see them.
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion (beta)
« on: February 04, 2021, 08:50:49 »
"Dark color mode" for the map just invert map colors, nothing more. What you need is a directly created "Night vector map theme". Not sure if such a theme exists ...

My "OS Map" theme provides both day and night themes. It supports LoMap and both v3 and v4 OAM vector map formats. Link to theme post:
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Locus Map (4+) / Re: Locus Map 4, discussion (beta)
« on: January 30, 2021, 00:33:40 »
Woo hoo! I love the improvements for dark mode. Now totally usable at night.

I agree the buttons are probably too black now though. Is it possible to use an alpha setting to match the rest of the GUI?

If the intention is to make the the buttons stand out against the bottom bar, perhaps a lighter or different colour (eg red-ish) or less/more alpha...

But thank you again for the dark map background!
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: Theme rule set rendering
« on: January 22, 2021, 11:31:01 »
As you said, it needs to be split out to separate rules, something like this:

<rule e="way" k="landuse" v="allotments|meadow|grass|orchard|vineyard">
  <area fill="#DDE8BB" />
<rule e="way" k="landuse" v="allotments|orchard|vineyard">
  <area stroke="#C2D881" stroke-width="0.5" />
<rule e="way" k="landuse" v="orchard" zoom-min="14">
  <area symbol-scaling="size" src="file:/patterns/Landuse-Orchard.png" />
<rule e="way" k="landuse" v="vineyard" zoom-min="14">
  <area symbol-scaling="size" src="file:/patterns/Landuse-Vineyard.png" />

The original rules would have worked in the v3 'engine' but in 'v4' the implementation is different and has this weird behaviour.
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New release now available v20210103.

i have updated the first post with the latest release notes and links. I'm now using google drive to release the theme in a shared folder that contains all the releases and the PDF legends.

Mainly improvements are made for:
  • Improved hiking route emphasis/highlights, using green for iwn/nwn/rwn and yelllow for lwn/uwn
  • Improved cycling route emphasis/highlights, using red for icn/ncn and blue for rcn/lcn/ucn
  • Added cycle lanes and cycle tracks
Route emphasizes/highlights are visible from zoom level 7 (depending on when/what the map shows) and include a colour coded route label too. From zoom level 15 routes are as in previous version of the theme.

Attached are screenshots showing examples of new cycle lanes/tracks and improved route emphasizes/highlights.

The colours are picked to match the route labels used already. I decided the keep national walking routes with green and use yellow highlight for local walking routes.

Note, in the third screenshot you can see that, at low zoom levels, the ncn/nwn routes get a fainter highlight than icn/iwn so you can more easily pick out the international hiking/cycle network routes.
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Thanks for positive feedback everyone.

Just a quick note to that that I am currently working on improving cycle and hike highlighting of routes and am also considering adding in cycle lanes for roads (under non-OS road furniture layer).

Progress has current slowed down because I am very busy at work at the moment... I got the improved cycle route highlights working up to zoom level 7 for v3 maps. will need porting to v4.

I will also use be using two colours to highlight the difference between national/local cycle/hiking routes. I'm not going to split into interational/national/regional/urban/local colours for each as it is hard enough to find 4 highlight colours that work with the OS colour scheme!

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The OS Map theme tries to emulate the Ordnance Survey 1:25k and 1:50k map styles as closely as is possible within the constraints of Locus Map and data provided by the vector maps. It should work with both LoMap and OAM maps (v3 and v4). I must give credit to John Campbell for his Voluntary UK theme that I used as a starting point (v. 190101).

The OS Map theme also provides a darker variation of OS style of map designed for use at night-time to help avoid spoiling night-vision whilst keeping a recognizably Ordnance Survey style of map.

The theme now consists of four main theme files, day/night for v3 maps and day/night for v4 maps. There are two PDF map legends, one for day and one night.

Here is a comparison of the same map rendered with: Internal Theme, Voluntary UK, OS Style and my new 4 OS map styles:


Here are the list of all the changes made for each release:

Initial release for v3 maps only

Added v4 map support
Added option to highlight toll roads (default is not highlighted). Highlight means orange outline and orange dots as you zoom in.
Added option to set OS style roads names (pathtext) for countires that are left hand traffic or right hand traffic. This is only applicable to dual carriage ways.
Added drawing of footpaths and bridleways that are on dashed track/service roads.
Added thicker dashed 1:50k style for airport runways (was using thinner 1:25k for 1:50k before)
Added defibrillator symbol (non OS symbols)
Added OS text symbols for: Libraries, Shelters, Cairns, Caves, Adits [Mines, Mines (dis)], Waterfalls (Falls in blue)
Added library buildings to list of important building, i.e bolder outlines.
Added place markers for towns/cities (similar to Elevate theme) at low zoom levels (e.g. 5-7).
Added support for sizing of town/city names based on population density (popcat)
Changed borders (admin_level) to improve support for non-UK counties by grouping togther Parishes=9/10, Districts=7/8, Counties=5/6, National=2/3/4
Changed pharmacy amenity symbol to also include chemist shops (non OS symbols).
Changed order of options, putting least changed options towards bottom of list.
Changed embankments to draw at a higher level priority to avoid them being overdrawn by water ways and residential areas.
Changed footbridges to draw at a higher level priority to avoid them being overdrawn by water ways.
Changed tunnels to use smaller dashes for better match OS map style.
Changed 1:50k trunk_link and motorway_link roads to use correct/matching outline widths on bridges.
Changed highway labels at zoom levels 7-12 to use captions instead of pathtext for OS labels
Changed priorities of several symbols to improve visibility of churches, information and museums at lower zoom levels.
Changed car parks at lower zoom levels (upto zoom 15) to only show ~|destination|customers|public car parks.
Changed hill name sizes slightly larger
Changed (corrected) selection of national hiking routes to only include iwn|nwn, i.e. remove rwn|lwn|uwn.
Changed (corrected) selection of national cycling routes to only include icn|ncn, i.e. remove rcn|lcn|ucn.
Changed (corrected) wells so they now get displayed.
Changed doctors captions from red to black text.
Changed v3 theme place names to match/harmonise to style used on v4 theme.
Removed tourism brown dashed ways accidentally left in from donor theme (UK Voluntary)
Removed access cross hatchings on footpaths accidentally left in from donor theme (UK Voluntary)
Removed surface dashes on 'white' roads accidentally left in from donor theme (UK Voluntary) - If this is going to be in the theme then I need to think about how to do it in an OS style way...

Fixed validation errors (one was a real issue in V4 theme for railway stations at zoom 13, rest were technical errors but not impacting display of maps).

Split v3 and v4 theme files into separate day and night theme files so they can have different map=background tags, different PDF legends and increase performance.
Added night mode symbols for transmitters, windmills, wind turbines, lighthouses, ruins/archaeological, battlefields, telephones, helipads, bollards.
Added night mode PDF legend.
Added four .lnk files to map the two PDF legends to relevant four theme files.
Changed priority of cemetery symbol lower than church symbol.
Changed night mode track core colour to match service/residential roads.
Changed night mode tunnels to use own night equivalent of day tunnel colours.
Changed night mode steps to look similar to day time steps and less like a ladder.
Changed night mode turning circles and passing places to be more visible.
Changed area ways for residential roads to match residential road outlines for all map themes.
Changed AED, playground and shooting symbols to remove white outline/background to match other symbols.
Changed 50k toilet symbol to fix errors in tiny-svg rendering.

Added cycle lanes and cycle tracks with display option "cycle lanes/tracks".
Added option to hide hiking route diamonds.
Added option to hide cycling route circles.
Changed emphasise hiking routes to highlight routes with route label from zoom level 7 to 14, 15 upwards as before.
Changed emphasise cycling routes to highlight routes with route label from zoom level 7 to 14, 15 upwards as before.
Changed emphasise hiking routes highlight colours, green for national and yellow for local.
Changed emphasise cycling routes highlight colours, red for national and blue for local.
Changed (renamed) option "left/right hand traffic road labels" to "drive on the left/right side" as this option now also affects oneway cycle lanes/tracks.

Added captions for beaches, mud flats and sand banks.
Added captions for fells.
Added customer and private parking symbols.
Added cutlines (in woods/forests)
Added ditches that are barriers.
Added earth banks using typical OS slope pattern.
Added emphasise cycle lanes/tracks options using purple highlight colour.
Added gullies, rendered as OS cutting pattern.
Added hedges as a non-os option.
Added military bunkers (active and dis-used) symbols.
Added post boxes with red circle for left hand traffic and yellow square for right hand traffic - symbols to match the typical post box shape/colour used in LHT/RHT countries.
Added public artwork symbol.
Added town hall as an important building (bolder outline of building).
Added town hall symbol.
Changed abandoned/disused railways to render before rivers.
Changed climbing symbol to be larger.
Changed embankments for footpaths to be narrower.
Changed grade1 tracks to be thinner and matching the rest of the tracks.
Changed many railway/highway tunnels to render as transparent dashed outlines.
Changed OS 50k cycleways (single black dashes) to appear sooner from Z14.
Changed piers and walls to render after waterways to avoid being hidden by waterway areas.
Changed tidalflats that are hidden under water areas to be visible.
Changed waterways (in a major way), now they are all rendered as casings first and then as cores to avoid blue lines where they join.
Removed erroneous rendering of "water_park" as water, this was an incorrect understanding of its purpose (thanks John Percy for the hint).

Added "dash unsealed roads" overlay option to give unsealed roads a dashed outline/casing.
Added "road surface/grade textures" overlay option to give unsealed roads a texture pattern that represents the type of surface, from Z14 onwards.
Added "emphasise road surface/grade textures" overlay option to highlight roads surfaces at lower zoom levels, from Z12 onwards.

From v20210216  onwards the theme now supports road surfaces and sealed/unsealed roads:

The theme ZIP files and PDF legends are too large to attached to this post (limit of 2MB) so, I am now releasing everything via a shared google drive folder:

     OS Map Theme Releases

Link to latest release:

     OS Map

Links to the latest OS Map Legends:

     OS Map Day Legend
     OS Map Night Legend

Install in the usual way of unzipping in Locus Map's _theme folder, e.g.:


If you have already started using the earlier OS Map theme version then you probably should delete it before installing this updated version as it uses the same theme folder called "OS Map" but now uses four different named theme files - to cover day/night themes for v3/v4 maps.

Note that the legends are now included in the theme and can now be viewed directly from the theme menu in LM 3.46+ via a long press of the theme icon, see attached screenshot.

Themes - Vector maps / How to check when layer is not selected?
« on: May 22, 2020, 18:19:38 »
Is there a way to use layer options and apply things based on both when the layer is selected and something else when the layer of NOT selected?

In my OS Map theme I have an option to display road labels similar to OS maps as path text along the side of the road. For single carriage roads this works fine for both left and right drive maps/counties.

However, for dual carriage ways I have used a DY setting for the path text that places the road labels to the left of the road for left hand drive maps/countries. In right hand maps/countries the offset is wrong and the road labels appear on the roads instead of to the side:

The left is UK left hand traffic and the right is Germany rigth hand traffic with labels in wrong place...

I thought I would use a layer option to allow you to indicate if you want right hand traffic or not... if not, then I assume left hand traffic. I would then use a positive or negative DY offset based on selected or not:

Anyone know if this is possible?

PS: Yes that is a v4 map and yes the OS Map theme for v4 maps is very close to ready...
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Just spotted this new development of linking PDF legends. I'm guessing that we can only have one legend PDF per theme (per locale). My OS Map theme contains two styles of maps, so has two legends. Attached is a PDF that combines both legends into a single PDF with a front page index with hyperlink to quickly jump the relevant legend section (Explorer 1:25k or Landranger 1:50k).

The map legend index list on front page are each clickable hyperlinks/shortcuts to relevant legends. But not all PDF viewers support links in PDFs... Acrobat does on Android works fine though...


Update: I've joined the beta release scheme, downloading latest...  Yay! It works!

Not so keen on the overlayed green icon indicator blocking the theme logo, I could change the os map thene logo to better suit the indicator... maybe
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary UK
« on: May 10, 2020, 17:32:56 »
Screenshots of selected areas, tidied up and cropped in, Word document output to pdf. I wish there was an easier way.

I used PowerPoint set to A4 portrait and save to PDF. PowerPoint is so much easier to create graphically rich content.

What would be  really cool is if someone could create a small map that is actually a legend built with all the supported ways and nodes, then you would have a legend built that works with all themes.
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