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Quote from: "menion"this is really happen everytime to you?
Quote from: "menion"With market version or this testing on forum?
latest version from the market.
Quote from: "menion"For me all works fine ...
well, maybe another German language thing?
Quote from: "menion"May you try if after killing locus with some task manager?
still, no pois selected after killing with a task manager.
The selection of categories or points to be shown on the map is not restored when Locus is restarted.

I hope this wasn't reported before, but I couldn't find any report on it, or maybe it's rather a feature than a bug... :P
Troubles & Questions / Re: Geocaching issues
March 14, 2011, 13:07:57
Quote from: "jctmarques"... concentrate the GC code with the name. In Locus the POI would be named 'GCxxxxx - Name' ..
that's my thinking, too: geocaching-points are identical if they have the same GCxxxxx-code. No need to compare any further data, like coordinates or names, the waypoint-code is the proper unique identifier.
Hi, I installed to avoid the language-import-crash, when importing an gpx pocket query..

The import doesn't crash now,
but all icons on the map are displayed as traditional caches now (the child waypoints are fine, only the main waypoints).