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Live tracking / Re: Locus - Live tracking service
February 13, 2016, 16:21:22
Yea right, tested it today on a bike trip. I had the update interval set to 60s. I also saw menion sitting in his office, balloni and 2x MBexxx.
It seemed to work quite well, at least from what I could tell while on the bike.
Quote from: john_percy on January 25, 2016, 10:00:50
Why not use BRouter in Locus? Doesn't that solve most of the issues? Choose the map display you want, turn on map shading, set on the fly height data at the cursor...

I would also suggest trying out Brouter (the app) on the phone. It works very nice together with Locus (once set up correctly).
Brouter-web is in my eyes more of an additional feature to test out the router on the big screen and for profile development.

For MTB-Routing with Brouter you could try out the poutnikl profiles (which were already mentioned). You can find them here:

I also started a MTB-Profile some time ago, which is still in development (well, I guess such things are always "in development"). I posted my first version here:
I'm working on it again lately. This is tailored to my needs in the low mountain ranges. I have no idea if it also works nice in alpine areas.

One "disatvantage" of Brouter is that it does not generate turn instructions. So you have to rely on the navigation generator of Locus, which works ok, but of course not perfect. The author of Brouter considers implementing turn instructions in the future, though.

So basically the idea is to create a routing profile which automatically finds good MTB-routes without the need to "force" it by the use of many via-points (Zwischenziele). Ideally, you only define via-points for the locations you really want do visit while riding (e.g. local attractions, huts or mountain peaks) and the router does the work of finding a nice route between them. But this will remain a dream forever, I think, because no map data is perfect (although the mappers are doing theit best) and the router has no idea of nice scenery or your personal favourite routes and trails.

But I don't know if this is what you want, because it seems to me you are more of the "manual" type, knowing the area and the nice trails and "only" wanting to create the route for display on the map and for instructions?

Quote from: gynta on January 21, 2016, 09:37:50
Quote from: zossebart on January 21, 2016, 09:28:13
oftentimes displayed "unbekannt" (unknown) in the last days
it should work with satfix. maybe you lost gps signal?

You are right! With satfix it's displayed ok. Does it work like this since the feature was introduced? Because it happened to me only recently.
Maybe I changed something in the Android GPS settings, because I recently observed another "new" behaviour: I was used to center the map view with the Button in the bottom left (don't know the exact english name), even without GPS enabled in Locus. I assume the last known SatFix-location or the coarse location from CellTowers/WIFIs was used in this case. But Recently, this does not work any more without enabling GPS. Was there a change in Locus regarding this?

I would like to ask if something changed in the "time to sunset" display in the latrst version(s)? Because it oftentimes displayed "unbekannt" (unknown) in the last days.
Thanks for new Testing version!

I passengerseat-tested (on our way to a small weekend trip )  navigation with manually created track again. All works as expected now! Thank you very much!

I sofa-tested the navigation (and recalculation) with new test version again.
First of all: navigation instructions are successfully auto-generated on navigation start on previously created track with via points (but without instructions). Thanks!
But the problem with not using the via-points when recalculating the route (with point priority) still exists!
Here are the constellations I tested:

1. Create Route via "Route & Measure" including some via points, but not generating instructions.
- start navigation: nav instructions are generated and used
- recalculation: via points are ignored

2. Create Route via "Route & Measure" including some via points and generating instructions.
- start navigation: nav instructions are used
- recalculation: via points are used

3. Copy Route from 1., not generating instructions (so the track basically stays the same, only with a new name)
- start navigation: nav instructions are generated and used
- recalculation: via points are ignored

4. Copy Route from 1. and generating instructions
- start navigation: nav instructions are used
- recalculation: via points are used

So 2. and 4. are ok.
The problem only occurs on tracks with via points, but without nav instructions (1. and 3.). Is this planned to be fixed?


stumbled over some problems on a mtb-trip last weekend.
Before the tour, I planned a nice route using "route & measure" with some local attractions as waypoints and Brouter as routing engine. I had not checked "calculate instructions" while doing this.
In older versions of Locus I simply tabbed on the route on the screen and startet navigation via context menu. As the route generated by Brouter contained no nav instructions, Locus would generate them on the fly and then start navigation.
However, this behaviour does not seem to work any more with the current version. There are no navigation instructions generated on the route now. Navigation only shows the distance to the next via-point.
I think this is because the via-points are preserved in the track now, when saved from "route&measure". On start of naviagtion via context menu, Locus thinks there are nav instructions on the route already (the via-points) and therefore skips the creation of nav instructions by itself.

So I duplicated the track with "generate instructions" checked, which created the nav instructions and also seemed to preserve my via-points (at least they where visible as arrows on the duplicated track). However, after detouring because of private property on my way, Locus recalculated the route (I checked "point priority" in the settings), but ignored the via-points and tried to guide me to the finish point! Although I was already quite exhausted at this time, it was not my intention to directly return home ;-)

I ended up re-generating the whole route with "route&measure" and "generate instructions" checked in the middle of the woods :-) Fortunately, this was not too time-consuming and the rest of the trip went well (inlcuding correct recalculation to the next via-point on detours).

I understand that the first issue (no automatic nav instructions on tracks with via-points) might be difficult to solve, because the track could as well come from another source and Locus should not overwrite nav instructions.
But would it be possible to preserve via points when duplicating a track and actually consider them in recalculations?


tested the recalculation feature with point priority again in the new version. Seems to work again! Except when route is created using "route and measure" without checked "compute instructions". In this scenario, the via points don't seem to be saved with the track, which leads to recalculation to the endpoint instead of the next viapoint.
I usually plan tours using "route and measure" without instructions and let the instructions auto-compute when starting the navigation.
Is this a bug, or intentional?

genau die von die beschriebene Funktionalität ging schonmal, zumindest in einer Testversion. Das hatte ich auf einer Tour schonmal getestet und das hat super funktioniert (Neuberechnung nur bis zum nächsten Zwischenziel). In der aktuellen Locus-Version geht das aber auf einmal nicht mehr. Ich hab das Thema auch schon hier angesprochen:
Bisher gab es von Menion keine Aussage dazu, aber er war jetzt auch im (verdienten) Urlaub. Ich denke (hoffe) das wird schnell behoben sein, wenn er wieder da ist...

edit: wenn du mehr Zwischenziele brauchst, plane die Route am besten über "Route and Measure", da kannst du so viele Punkte setzen, wie du willst (und die Route dazwischen berechnen lassen). Das geht aber nicht ganz so ad-hoc wie über "Navigieren", da du die berechnete Route am Ende erst speichern, und dann die Navigation manuell starten mußt.

It seems to me, that the navigation (and recalculation) with via points is not working any more (at least in Pro 3.11.3 with a route created via "route and measure"). It had worked for me some time ago, but I'm not sure in which version (maybe it was the BETA?).
Does anybody else have this problem?
Quote from: menion on June 28, 2015, 22:31:09
New BETA version

What brings to You (just most interesting):
- "Navigate to" now allow to specify up to two "Via points". These points will be also used for "recalculate" so till you do not pass them during your ride, recalculate always compute just a navigation till this point and merge it with already computed navigation from this "via point"
Tested this yesterday (with recalculation), worked like a charm! Finally, I can activate recalculation again, because I use via points nearly all the time (using route&measure) and recalculation made me often miss the via points in previous versions. Thank you so much, Locus keeps getting better and better! May I ask for more than 2 via points?

Quote from: menion on June 28, 2015, 22:31:09
- attach photo to point and tap on it on a map. Photo is visible in label together with ability to display it in full size
Also tested this yesterday. Works as expected, no orientation problems when using the default camera app.
However, I had some problems with "normal" POIs from my personal POIs. Locus ( crashed most of the time when selecting them on the map. POIs from the POI-db or POIs associated with a track (including photo POIs) seem to work.
I don't know if this is caused by the new photo POI feature, but I don't have this problem in latest Locus Pro.
Quote from: jusc on June 16, 2015, 16:00:10
It´s already a SVG version, but as far I remember, there was a small bug in Locus, that growed up all symbols in the past more than today. This bug is solved since a few versions, so that the base size of the  SVGs is now too small.
For that, all symbols (base size) have to be revised.

Sorry, I had not checked if the theme is already using SVGs. So it's not a problem of screen density, but rather a newer version of Locus. This makes sense, because there was only Android 2.3 available for my old phone, which restricted the Locus version to 3.5 or so. So when starting to use the new phone, I essentially had a "new" screen density, as well as a new Locus version in use.

Quote from: jusc on June 16, 2015, 16:00:10
Can you please make a screenshot, comparing my last screenshot in first post? Please sarch for "Zinnowitz" (Usedom). Zoom 15. Than I can imagine how it looks for you.

Sure! btw: I actually know the island of Usedom from some vacation trips :-)

Please don't mind the Strava overlay (green speckles) visible in some parts of the image, I had forgotten to disable it befor taking the screenshot.

Quote from: jusc on June 16, 2015, 16:00:10
I´m "always" working on my private theme version but still today it´s not good enough.  ;D Perhaps one day I can offer an update.

Yeah, I know this situation, it's the same with my Brouter Mountainbike Routing Profile.

thanks for this great theme! I use it all the time when mountainbiking, because it's the only theme I found which shows the paths and tracks in reasonable thickness to be recognized on the screen when the phone is mounted to the handlebar! Also, the mtb:scale - coloring is very helpful!

However, I recently switched from my old Motorola Milestone II (265 ppi) to a Sony Z1 Compact (342 ppi) smartphone. The ways are still visible very good with this theme, but the symbols are very tiny!
Of course, there is an option in Locus to scale the symbols, but this also scales the personal POI's symbols, which are already big enough for me.

So the question is: are there plans to make a version of this theme for higher screen densities? Maybe a SVG version? Would a SVG-version automatically scale the symbols to the "right" size?

Other features / Re: Question about compass
April 20, 2015, 12:48:28
I too was never successfull with correct direction showing on the bike handlebar. With my Sony Z1 compact I experience 3 different scenarios:

1. phone simply mounted on the handlebar: compass seems to work reasonable.
2. phone mounted and magnetic charging adapter attached to the phone (I use it in order to keep the phone waterproof because no flaps have to be opened): compass direction only moves slowly, not useable.
3. phone mounted and charging over the magnetic adapter ongoing (switched on external battery pack): compass shows wrong direction, not useable.

I guess there is nothing Locus can do about it (other than using gps based orientation)  :(

Quote from: abrensch on April 15, 2015, 12:37:03
Eigentlich will man ja auch mehr als nur Richtungsaenderungen, man will ja auch Oberflächen ( "in 100m links ab auf den Splittweg")
Und da könnt Ihr mir aber helfen, mir da auf die Sprünge zu helfen, welche Standards/Protokolle/Konventionen es schon gibt und was funktioniert und was nicht.

Leider habe ich da auch keine Ahnung  :(
Heißt das, dass hier jede Karten-App ihr eigenes Süppchen kocht? D.h., hast du momentan für Locus, OSMAnd und Orux jeweils die Daten-Übergabe anders implementiert?
Wie funktioniert das denn z.b., wenn MapQuest als (online) Router verwendet wird? Ich hätte gedacht, dass es da irgendeinen Standard gibt.

Ich persönlich bräuchte auf dem MTB auch nur die einfachsten Anweisungen wie links/rechts und vielleicht noch Gefahrenstelle (z.B. Bahnübergang), da es hoffentlich in Zukunft in Locus die Möglichkeit geben wird, sich das über Beeps signalisieren zu lassen. Aber das ist ja dann Sache der Navi-App, wie es die Hinweise an den User signalisiert...