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May I ask where the Lo* - profiles originate from? Clearly, they are not all from brouter default profiles? I assume some of them are based on poutniks profiles? Or did you create them all from scratch?

Do you plan to create issues and/or pullrequests in the corresponding source github repos for changes users suggest here? Or do you plan to maintain your own (proprietary) modified versions? Because if the former, other users could benefit as well from improved profiles.

And while you are at it: could you please reconsider (optionally) supporting ALL profile parameters instead of only your whitelist? I wrote this before: I think it's ok to use the whitelist as a default. But you could add a setting in expert settings to enable support for all parameters (for power users). I think it is ok to display the description texts from the profile instead of the translations Locus offers for the whitelisted parameters.
I recently enhanced my profile with yet another (non-whitelisted)parameter which significantly changes routing when altered. Without this parameter supported by Locus (unlike e.g. brouter-web), I'm forced to create even more variants of the profile with this parameter set to different values.

I hope you get my point.

I like the online LoMaps as a starting point for new users. Nice hillshading also in lower mountain ranges (Germany) without much elevation difference compared to e.g. the alps.

Hiking/Biking route signs would be great but I understand that this might clutter the map view too much.

Rendering speed of supposedly not yet cached regions seems ok, but there are not many users as of now, of course. Will be interesting to see how your setup performs when this is the default map of new LM4...

Also, the online LoPoints feature is great!
I also have this problem on a Sony xz1 compact with Android 10 (lineageos). Recording is interrupted as soon as display is off. I also see "optimization not available" for locus map. however, for lm4 beta, "not optimized" is available (haven't checked if it helps with my problem, though). Is there a difference in implementation?
as a workaround, I disable battery optimization while using locus for now.

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schau mal in dem Thread:

Locus verwendet seit einer der letzten Versionen keine Profile mehr, die beim Brouter installiert sind, sondern nur noch interne und welche die in dem entsprechenden Locus-Unterordner liegen.
Quote from: tapio on December 13, 2020, 10:04:56
Also, I do not see segment download in the route planner.

Try to create a route in an area where you not have routing data yet. Locus will detect this and offer routing data download (in the backround) for this area.

PS: noticed one thing with the surface display in route planner: the surface "grass_paver" is displayed as "grass". I would have expected this to be "paved", but maybe this has to be discussed further. I stumbled over this because an agricultural track I know showed "grass" surface, in reality it is paved with grass-pavers, but with gravel/earth instead of grass in the holes.
Die Hauptstraße wird dort u.a. benutzt, weil da ein Radweg- oder Radspur und eine lokale Radroute drauf getaggt ist. Das kann man beim Trekking-Profil teilweise mit dem Parameter "ignore_cycleroutes" verhindern.
Du möchtest also allgemein eher Wohngebietsstraßen und Feldwege nutzten und möglichst wenig "größere" Straßen, auch wenn diese einen Radweg haben?
Müßte man mal bei den mit seinem Script aus den Templates generierten Profilen von Poutnik schauen...die standardmäßig zum Download angebotenen decken soweit ich weiß nur eine Auswahl ab. Müsste ich mir aber auch erst nochmal anschauen.
Das geht in Locus nicht.

Mit Zwischenpunkten würde das ohnehin nicht funktionieren, da Locus hier jeweils eine Brouter-Berechnung pro Segment startet.

Dass dir immer die 2. Alternative besser gefällt deutet schon darauf hin, dass das Profil nicht passt. Was möchtest du denn fahren und welche Profile hast du schon probiert/modifiziert?
Wow, back from vacation and now two of my favourite pieces of software are joined together. Very nice!
Internal Brouter is very fast compared to external app
Surface and Way Type bars are a great enhancement! But I also have problems getting them displayed. Sometimes they only appear after switching from portrait to landscape display. After this, I can switch back to portrait and then the bars are also displayed there.

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Navigation & Guidance / Re: Route planning
July 30, 2020, 06:31:42
As it happens, another board user asked me if I could adept my mountainbike profile towards enduro motorcycle use some time ago.
He used the mountainbike profile because of it's major road avoidance/gravel road preference but didn't want the path/singletrail preference.

You can find the adepted profile here:

You can paste it into the profile source box in brouter-web to test it (wrench symbol -> Profile-tab -> replace Text with content from enduro-mc.brf -> press Apply).

Maybe it's of use for you, also? Feedback would be appreciated!
Sounds like you downloaded the files in the wrong format from Github. You need to display the "raw" file and then save this.

Sorry falsche Sprache. Achte bitte beim Download von Github darauf, dass du die Datei zuerst als "raw" anzeigst und dann abspeicherst, dann sollte es hoffentlich funktionieren.
Same for me :-(

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Quote from: menion on April 06, 2020, 08:22:52
Btw. no feedback from anyone on this: now, every profile has own value for parameters, they are not shared across all of them. There was a discussion a long time ago about this, and I finally feel, that this may be more useful, mainly because more and more parameters come into play.

Definitely a reasonable change! As different profiles can have different sets of parameters, saving the settings globally makes no sense (anymore).
Das wird es in LM4 geben, konnte schon in der Alpha getestet werden.

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The itinerary looks great and the reorder feature is very nice!

I have a problem with the point screen when shown directly by a tap on the map...the bottom bar is not at the bottom and therefore, not the whole point info can be seen, even when sliding up.
I think it has something to do with the soft buttons my device uses (even when they are not shown) ...unfortunately, they are not captured by a screenshot on my device.

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Quote from: menion on January 13, 2020, 12:02:58
forget mentioned tool is intent in this case. I'm a) still not sure if this is a really useful method and b) I believe it needs few more parameters, not just related to navigation but at least for track recording.

I find it very useful ;-) Please don't remove it again. Maybe implement it as opt-in via expert settings or config.cfg?
And more parameters would be great, of course!