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Thanks @menion!
@menion: I'm not sure what the status of the Get Satisfaction forum is, but I posted this a while back about integrating Locus with Memento Database for custom data collection: Any thoughts on if this might be a worthwhile Co-app or how difficult it might be to implement? Thanks!
@Bucky Kid: I can confirm #1, but cannot reproduce #2. I don't have any OruxMaps to teat, but does not seem to happen with MBTiles maps.
@menion: I can confirm CSV exports for points do not have header rows, while CSV exports for tracks do have header rows (see attached export files). Tested on an LG Optimus F3 running Android 4.1.2. Anyone else confirm the same results?
@menion: Any chance you could offer the option for CSV export to include a header row with field names? This would be a nice lightweight format to sync over Dropbox. Thanks!
@menion: Understood. I can always manually upload the KML to Dropbox or use FolderSync to automate. Thanks for responding and thanks again for such a great app!
Thanks menion. Unfortunately this is a huge limitation for my desired use. I'd really like to be able to export a KML file to my Dropbox folder, so it can be utilized in a live web map. Most web mapping API's are JavaScript-based and cannot unpack/parse the zipped KMZ format. Any hope you might be able to re-activate this feature for Dropbox exports? Please and thank you :)
I noticed a strange bug when exporting to Dropbox. If the export path is Dropbox and the export type is KML/KMZ, you cannot uncheck the "Pack as KMZ" option. However, if you switch the export path to local, you can uncheck the "Pack as KMZ" option as expected.