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Maps / Re: Cykloatlas s relifem CZ
May 02, 2011, 17:54:30
Mělo by to být tak, že v té složce vytvoříš jeden adresář a do něj dáš oba soubory
I don't have any experience with Linux but Astro shows /sdcard/Locus
GT540 Opt.
It say: You don't have Locus. Please get it from the market and return here leter.
I don't need it, I have maps I need downloaded....
Maps / Re: Cykloatlas s relifem CZ
April 16, 2011, 22:23:55
THX, hned to vypadá lépe než bez něj
Offline maps works like charm....
Quote from: "menion"hi betonar, you mean waypoins in geocaching? And where is problem? When you tap on this second icon on geocache page, you can see list of your waypoints and tap on single one and you see similar screen as svartbjorn said
Sure, but you can!t delete and edit them. If you make typo you can!t correct it, you can only creat new one

QuoteWhen you create a waypoint, it is stored in one of the POI categories and as such is available as a POI.
Geocaching waypoints are not. At least I can!t find them there
Yeah, i know about this but I am talking about waypoints not POI.
Waypoints can be created this way:
Go to the POI menu. Tapping the waypoint brings up a pop-up menu with four command buttons -> first button -> second button from left ....
and now how to delete this waypoint ?
Recently I entered incorect coordinates of final point of one mystery cache. I couldn't  find way how to edit it/delete so I created how waypoint but I think this ability should be available. Or did I everlooked somethink ? Thanks for advice !
Two versions of locus instaled bring this unwanted behaviour:
Click on cache on map->Display info about choosen cache->click on compass icon on the botton ->popup offeres to use Locus Free or Pro. I don't see any reason for this - why change app. ? Anyway if same app is choosen as we used before new icon apprears next the original (geocache) icon. Certainly unwanted
Tested in 1.0.0
I was geocaching this morning and no other problems spoted

Edit: He is right about GPS indicator in Pro version - always on. Free works fine
And I also found small bug in import.
If you try to import two GPX files in one zip file and some waypoints are includes in both files, Popup at the end of importing reports invalid number of imported waypoints. It counts those points twice
Quote from: "menion"he, so cheap? I'm glad you say this. I was really worried if this is not too much :)
I was about to donate 2x-3xmore...

Quote from: "menion"- So, let's talk about it. Import few files as one is now possible if you compress them into zip file! Anyway they all will be imported into one category. How can I decide into which category which file? have you any imagination for this?
Well, I had no idea about that and it  solves (almost) it. I wants to use this for geocaching and if I do that number of cashes on screen grows and locus became laggy but it's usable. There are two solution I can think of:
- new menu where would be possible to specify which file to which category
- by file name. example file ABC to ABC category, ect
Quote from: "menion"- when phone goes sleep, import is canceled?
No, but import slows down
Quote from: "menion"- hmm attributes, full listing + hint. all this is imported from PQ files. Hmm maybe attributes aren't included there right? If you're using any other software like GSAK that prepare you data for import, send me some file from this. Maybe it include some more info then original PQ file.
Yep, atributes are missing in locus.
I meant full listing including pictures and hint(spoilers) pictures. Yes, hint(text) is includes I know
No, I don't use GSAK or anyother program, I use GPX files from These files dont includes all pictures but c:geo can load trem from internet. Launch c:geo->all caches->click on left button->update all. I know it's too much coding...
How to reproduce:
Press dedicated home button while data import (gpx) - >catogory wil be deleted
Currently I use 1.0.0 Pro but this bug was present even in older free version. Have tried latest "beta"