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Declined / Using offline+online maps together
December 01, 2011, 07:29:05
I'm sorry if this had been talk about before.

I mainly using Offline Maps(personal) from Google Maps.
But many time it can be inconvenience to switch between Online and Personal when some parts of the maps are not covered in the offline files.

I think it would be nice if the Online and Personal maps can work together.
If the tiles exist in offline files Locus use the offline data, if the tiles are not exist in offline files Locus will look in Online file, and if the tiles are not exist in Online file too Locus will download those tiles and store in Online file.
Implemented / Re: add an offline button
April 22, 2011, 21:18:47
lol, I'm going to request for this feature too ^^
Or may be an option to add the button to side bar.
Implemented / Remember last category icon file
February 25, 2011, 18:30:19
Remember last category icon file used. (If the icon file is missing, just go back to default Locus icons)
Or setting to set default icon file.

Now, if the icon file is missing, Locus will "keep" telling me that "File.... , Didn't find it."
About the arrows, it is understandable, I think that way about the map refresh too ^^

For the "double sized", may be add more description like "Display map with upscaled resolution, suitable for small screen with high resolution." (or something you see fit)
I personally think it would be easier for user to understand what this setting do.

For that coordinate, may be put it to a gray transparent box (like top,bottom,side bar) and make it display under top bar or above bottom bar (like the track recording menu).
I think this way will keep overall Locus look and feel and provide coordinate display for users who need it ^^

And yeah~~ I play with Locus quite extensively, I'm not using all the function though, mostly just playing with the program lol.
It is the best map application I've seen so far, the developer is very quick to respond and rapid improvement make a very bright future for this application.
So.. I want to contribute too, when I found something or have any idea I'll just post them here ^^
Bug in 0.9.22
- Double sized resolution description has misspelling "Display may with scaled resolution"

And I dunno if I misunderstand this setting.
Is it suppose to make Locus display the map at higher resolution or lower resolution?
What I have on my Galaxy Tab is when I checked this option the map will display blurry (like it display zoom level 20 with zoom level 19 map.)

- Show coordinates text at the top or bottom of the screen (may be option to do so, or a sidebar toggle).
[Display it next to the cursor is very good to find the coordinate but in a way it takes space on the map]

Is guiding arrows suppose to be still or moving?
When if leave the map still the arrows are still but when I move the map around(dragging it), the arrows will move(animate) toward the destination.
Implemented / Double taps to zoom
February 23, 2011, 14:46:37
From Google Map
- Double taps to zoom in (to where you tap).
- Two fingers tap to zoom out.

Setting to change your position icon(the green circle)
- size
- shape
- or a compass arrow (Google Map)
I have no SQL knowledge but just a simple idea.
If there is 2 GB limit per DB file why dont just split the file?

For large original map file, it should be possible to run a script to split them.....
A little margin for the area would make it better. (make the area cover a little more than the actual poi)
may be 1km or any percentage to the POIs distance.
To make an multiple areas offline map:
1. You create a map with "Seperate map".
2. When you want to add another areas, select "External map" to download and select the first map files as target. Locus will download new areas into that file.

Dont forget that those maps must from the same map source (online map) such as Google classis, you cannot mix many map sources such as Google Classic and Google Hybrid into one file.
Another simple method is simply use "Online Shared Map", so you can store many areas in one file and if you happen to download a map that contain the existing area, Locus will just go through it quickly without downloading existing ones.
Will creating tempolary db file to store new download data and then merge them together later help improve map speed and load time?

I think at least by checking "Offline mode" in setting should make online maps work like offline maps.

It take a lot time and space to copy online map and rename it to offline map lol ^^
I dunno if this is bug or because the cache file is too big.

As I try to download maps for many parts of the world my Google_Classic file is getting larger (500MB+).
Now I starting to have some problem in Online map + Online shared map I downloaded.
Sometime the map does not load sometime it partly load sometime it dont seem to use the cache at all (alway take long time to load tiles from internet).
And if I tick "Offline mode"  in setting, sometime the whole map did not show up at all.

I try to copy Google_Classic from online map to offline map folder and add .sqlitedb to make it become offline map.
After running Locus again it took quite a while to initialize probaly because the map file is large.
But I was surprise!!!
The map works as offline map very very well, it fast!!, I dont even see the "loading" tiles at all, and no problem of tiles not showing anymore(unlike viewing it in online mode)

Is it possible to make Online Shared Map work smoothly, fast and without problem just like it is offline map ?
I have this problem too.
It seem i 0.9.19 this problem is getting worse.

Downloading google classic map at zoom level 8 and 9 is not working at all
zoom lv 10 is partly downloadable but will stop st some tile.

some map tiles will not show too.

And I mean "world map", it happened anywhere.
(I'm trying to download a world map from zoom lv 8-13)

Those map download just fine on my desktop (same internet connection). So I assume it was Locus bug.

[Edit: I use offline mode.]
All the problem I have seem to related to map downloading(I download to Online Shared Map SQL type) and offline map.
The online map loads normally(but a lot slower than on a desktop or even Google Maps for Android).