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Is it a screenshot from locus?
The icons of the WPT are also imported or only the coordinate ?
What format do you use to import in locus : kml ?

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Hello Menion
Thanks for your time and your help.
Without the option auto-loading, it is Woking.
I am happy now, I can use LOCUS
Tomorrow morning I fly to "Sultanat d'Oman" and I can use my device in the Wahiba Sand with my satellite maps and LOCUS !
Probably my reply to this post will be delayed... No WiFi in the Wahiba Sand.

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More detailed information about the problem :

I have removed all my maps from Locus, and i use only two maps format RMAP.

A video that explains more precisely the problem on my Galaxy S3
I repeat, on Galaxy Tab 3 10", no problem.
For your information, I use also this map in Twonav and Oruxmap without problems on my Galaxy S3 but I prefer LOCUS  :)

I  I transfer both files on MEGA, i give you the link when the operation is done.
Not sure you can recreate the problem.

Thanks for your help

Format Rmap.
I think it is a problem of my setup of locus
How can I verify that y use overlay or not

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Hello Menion,

Thanks for your reply.
The 6 maps = 5Gb ! That the problem and my upload is very slow!

5 maps ares overlapped ...

What I don't understand that in my Galaxy Tab3 I don't have the problem.

Is is the same code for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab3 ?

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here is a video to explain the problem that i have on my Galaxy S3

On my Galaxy Tab 3 10 it is working find.

At the beginning of the download of the map for the isle, you can see it shortly at the good position, and then all the maps on the directory are also loaded.
The problem is that the position of all the maps are not correct.
When y move the position on the screen, the position of the map are changed randomly

Hello, everybody,
I have 6 maps with overlaps.

When I open one map on my galaxy tab 3 , I see only this map and not the 5 others.
I have to open one after the other.

On my galaxy S3, when I open one map, the 5 others are also open and display on the screen.
ok... But the problem is that the position is not correct.

If I zoom or move the position on the screen, the position of the differents maps change, see the screen.
Is an option to open only one map a a time ?


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Thanks menion

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Quote from: balloni55 on November 09, 2013, 19:36:43
Have you used the gridzoom in the lowest zoomlevel while selecting the map area you want?

Yes !
I do the same as you to make my selection in Mobac.
Have you tried my file with the problem?
Tkanks for the test.
Is your RMAP with more than 1 zoom level ?

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Troubles & Questions / Mobac : Format TwoNav RMAP
November 09, 2013, 14:19:55

If i use with Mobac the format TwoNav RMAP with 1 zoom level, the file works fine with Locus
When I have 2 zoom level on the same file, Locus don't open the file and detect a problem

The file is OK with Compgps, TwoNav and Orux

Is it possible to fix this problem ?

Sample small file (110kb):!lFFVnSRQ!SYXr4hkVo3mJ_-OTrmYc2mXIPrNQqpCEnHaiyOPfVfc

PS : the reason why I like this format, it is compatible with Compgps, TwoNav, Locus, Orux !

Thanks menion

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I have install locus free with my maps for testing.
Then i bought and install locus pro.

Can I delete locus free without loosing my maps and wpt it in locus pro ?

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