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Quote from: "Lugen"
Tak tahle odpověď by mi sice stačila, ale jelikož bych to chtěl pro stejnou mapu,tak by mi toto hybridní téma ulehčilo práci.  :)  Bylo by tedy prosím možné jej nasdílet?

No snad tam po posledních úpravách není žádná bota.

Snad to nebude menionovi a spol. vadit, musel jsem tam narvat i jejich ikony z APK Locusu, protože se mi nepovedlo se odkázat na ně přímo v APK balíčku (jar:/ mi v tématu nefunguje). Pokud by s tím byl nějaký problém, tak to smažu.

Téma je nutno včetně adresářové struktury rozbalit do adresáře (místo sdcard možná bude na některých telefonech něco jiného):

Code: [Select]

Quote from: "Lugen"
Bylo by prosím možné zveřejnit kod interních témat?
Rád bych jej použil i pro jiné vektorové mapy.
Jsou v APK balicku Locusu v /org/mapsforge/map/theme/ v jednotlivych XML souborech, pokud se k APK nemuzete dostat, muzu pripadne poslat. Nevim ale, zda funguje prime referencovani ikon v balicku, zatim se svou modifikaci pro mapu czech-republic_gccz pouzivam hybridni tema, kde mam ikony z podadresaru vykopirovane ven.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Move to final waypoint
« on: April 06, 2012, 15:57:58 »
I second Druki. When I look at the attachment (BTW, I would rather send it to menion directly, or at least the password to the ZIP archive to not give the game away ;-), but at least I could check it...).

One think is not clear - what are the files.
1.  it is clear that the some FN* waypoints in "The_ones_which_dont_move-wpts.gpx" have the coordinates set to 0/0, which means that the final waypoint is invalid.
2. These waypoints don't appear in "The_whole_file-wpts.gpx", is it correct?

So does the issue exist only for caches with following final codes? If  so, they are the "empty" ones:

Lastly, I don't know how menion detects final waypoints, but some final WPTs have codes start with F1, some FN, some FI and the rest with JZ,01,02, etc.

Discussion/New features / Re: Record a Coaster ride?
« on: March 31, 2012, 13:18:29 »
Quote from: "gynta"
Oh - I talk about coaster like this:
sorry my fault

Ah, my misunderstanding, I thought you were shortening the roller-coaster.

Anyway, here is the screenshot of the recorded track of some skiing (short ski slope, ~400m H, ~100m V, speed at most 50km/h).

Discussion/New features / Re: Record a Coaster ride?
« on: March 31, 2012, 12:32:01 »
I have tried the downhill skiing, but there are only a few points. I think you would get some results with recording to NMEA log and then converting the data in some tool, otherwise you would have to disable the filters, set minimum distances between points time&distance wise. Also, I don't think you would get satisfactory results in Z axis (e.g. displaying the loop) and the granularity would be at least 1s.

Add-ons / Re: Addon - Geocaching
« on: March 31, 2012, 12:26:22 »
Quote from: "neum"
The new Live Map works great! It would be nice if this features would be implemented: ... cache_note

Firstly, I don't think this is a topic for getSatisfaction, since this is not menion's plugin, but Arcao's.

Secondly, if you import a cache with edited coordinates (at least in the last market version of Arcao's plugin), I think that the edited coordinates are imported as "Final location 1". I did not have the opportunity to check, if the geocache is moved on them if we mark the "Move to final position" setting.

Personal cache note - this is probably a PM's feature, right?

Discussion/New features / Re: Language in the Forum
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:10:17 »
Quote from: "berkley"
I understand both arguments...
- Native german/czech speakers, readers, writers should encourage the users to try to write in international section, even if their post is translated with google or bing!
- Posts in german/czech forum could contain an english summary each 5 or 10 posts. (Yes, someone will have to do this)

What do you all think of this?

Cheers, berkley
Hi all,
the problem is sometimes with the Czech->English->Czech translation so that's why Czech people who now that Menion is developing Locus here write ideas/bug reports directly.  Some of them would also have horrible English, but I agree that general issues should be probably written in English and you would not belive some things the google translation produces between these two languages (especially EN->CZ).

On the other hand, this is already done on the getSatisfaction, where the issues are reported in English. I for one have decided to send some bug reports/issues to menion in Czech via PM instead of the forum in past to not complicate this, but overall I don't think that reducing the Czech forums is going to happen by the users.

Also many people are lazy/would find it limiting to create even the 10-word annotation and who would write the summaries?

Themes - Vector maps / Re: Renderthemes for Vectormap
« on: March 31, 2012, 08:55:09 »
Quote from: "polaramike"
Thanks - I thought vectormaps4locus would be 0.3.x, did not know they are 0.2.x. What do you mean by "they are for download with Locus 2.2.0"? Do you mean I shall download them with Locus itself (with the download feature in the maps menu)? Or?

Hi, to make it clear - the people from Mapsforge did a complete rewrite of their library and version 0.3.0 it is not compatible with older maps from 0.2.4 version. Because Menion "sells" the vector maps (in fact, the money is used to pay for the Amazon? cloud where he offers the data for download), he adapted the old version of the library (0.2.4) to be included in Locus as well so that the people can use their already-downloaded maps (and don't complain about the "wasted" credit). But the old version of the library does not have the new cool features like the map skins.

So if you wish to use the render themes, you need the new map - either downloading it  in 2.2.0+ (but you pay for the credit in Locus shop to download vector maps), download the map from mapsforge developers (if they offer it),  or from some other source - e.g. some people in forums offered Germany maps. Or, you could always download OSM map file e.g. from GeoFabrik and convert the map by the current MapWriter plugin from Mapsforge yourself.

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 2.2.X
« on: March 29, 2012, 09:04:31 »
By the way, the Google Play did automatic update without asking about new permissions in my case - probably the "Vibrate" permission is not important enough to ask about it. So it's good that both of the map libraries are there because some users would probably flood the forum with "why did the vector map disappear".

Maps / Re: vector .map Germany weekly; regions daily
« on: March 24, 2012, 08:05:37 »
Quote from: "sebbo"
0.3.0 isnt supportet by locus yet. (as far as i know)

as soon it is, ill try to change it

It is supported in test versions and working quite well, so I suppose the next major release of Locus will contain it. We are testing it for menion right now. The good thing is, he managed to include both versions of the library so the backward compatibility should be possible for some time.

For more info, see

[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Turistické mapy
« on: March 19, 2012, 14:44:27 »
Quote from: "glasvas"
zdravím, jsem začátečník seznamuji se s Locusem Free a jsem nadšen. Na Pro určitě dojde. Mám ve zkoušce na týden mapy od Shokartu a v těch bych chtěl pokračovat, ale zatí nevím zda prodají jen mapy. Mají to na dotaz. Zkouším i ten jejich Awey a to tedy nic moc..

Tady by se asi hodilo vysvetleni primo od meniona, ale jestli mluvite o informaci "Plati po", tak dle mne to neni doba, po kterou lze danou mapu vyuzivat, ale doba, jak dlouho je mozne predstazene dlazdice kesovat (takze dlazdice vydrzi v kesi tyden, ale mapy je mozno pouzivat dele).

Otazkou je, jak se to bude chovat v okamziku, kdy je clovek off-line a nemuze dlazdice stahovat, zahodi se po 7 dnech ty stare, nebo se budou zobrazovat?

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 2.1.X
« on: March 19, 2012, 12:38:29 »
Quote from: "tramp20"
Changing group ownership for: /data/data/ from '10011' to '10126'

After that Locus Pro could start again :-) That is much easier as a new installation.

I have now installed Locus free in addition to test this app if the pro will FC again.

It seems to me that the Locus UID (user ID)/GID (group ID) got somehow broken in your system.

It is a known issue which sometimes happens on Android devices (especially when working under root or being careless with recoveries). The application is assigned a new UID/GID and can't access its data directory/ some files there and crashes. As you have found, there are applications for rooted phones which offer a way how to fix this problem.

On the other hand, I can safely assume, that Locus is "in the clear" here, since to change UIDs/GIDs on files  under Linux-based system, you would need a root permission and Locus does not require that so far.

Add-ons / Re: Addon - Geocaching
« on: March 15, 2012, 10:03:06 »
Hi, just an observation - when I update a cache which got archived via the addon, the coordinates are reset to S0.0 W0.0. Possibly the API returns null or these values. Is there a way how to ignore this info during the update and keep the original coordinates? Who would have to fix it (arcao, menion or both)?

Quote from: "menion"
Ahoj Pavle,
  no jo, OutOfMemory ... pořád asi není v Locusu něco jak má být protože tohle by se prostě stávat nemělo. Na tvém telefonu bude heap nastaven asi jen na 16MB, což bývá docela problém protože Locus při startu sebere kolem 10ti. Snažil jsem se tuhle velikost zredukovat ale nedaří se. No a k tomu pár obrázků a je to. Je ale divné že ti to dělá jen u Shocart map. V paměti by měli mít mapy shodnou velikost bez ohledu na brevnost nebo komplikovanost takže když už, mělo by to padat za vše situací.

  no každoádně momentálně s tím nic nesvedu ale zkusím se na to ještě pořádně podívat a trošku tu memory zátěž při startu zredukovat, to by mohlo pomoci ...

Ahoj, chtel jsem se jen ujistit, ze to je skutecne ten duvod. Asi Te zklamu, ale dalvik.vm.heapsize=32m. Bezne pouzivam vektorove nebo offline mapy, tam se to neprojevilo. Nicmene delal jsem v tu chvili psi kusy. Delalo to v situaci, kdy:

1. Mam pomerne dost WP ke geocachingu (~1000, ale v tom miste bylo zobrazeno relativne malo)
2. Mel jsem max. pouzitelny zoom level na "relief + turisticka" - nepotrebujes v tom pripade nahodou 2x tolik pameti?
3. Zoom byl zamknuty a bylo odzoomovano na minimum (na coz jsem pak prisel az ex post)
4. Probihalo stahovani dlazdic
5. Velke rozliseni displeje (ZTE Blade) 800x480.

Rekl bych, ze to chce kombinaci vsech techto faktoru. Jinak Tvuj crashlog funguje (jak jsem zjistil v zapeti), ale zrejme pri OutOfMemory se uz proste neprovede.

Zdravim, chtel jsem to poslat jako PM, at to nemusi menion cist Anglicky, ale u PM nejsou povoleny prilohy, takze to postnu do fora:

Zkousel jsem si prohlizet oblast Pradedu, kam se v sobotu chystam, a mel jsem zapnutou turistickou mapu Shocart s terenem (mam zaroven zobrazene nejake WP). Kdyz jsem s ni pohnul, stalo se mi 3x po sobe, ze Locus 2.1.0 Pro padnul.

Nicmene v adresari s logy nic nebylo (posledni crashlog mam z 4.3.), zmenilo se neco s jejich generovanim/ukladanim v soucasnych verzich?

Pustil jsem na to catlog a povedlo se mi po 4. Locus Pro shodit. Zachytil jsem pritom nasledujici (snad jsem to dostatecne ocistil od zbytku), zajimave je to v 21:55:26 [attachment=0:3s8njsuw]catlog.err[/attachment:3s8njsuw] (BTW: zda se, ze prilohy typu .txt ani .log nejdou pouzit, ale .err nastesti funguje od posledka, kdy jsme to resili).
Dekoduju to spravne, ze Locusu dojde pamet a na tvrdo spadne? Co s tim, zvysit heap size pro Dalvik VM?

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