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Declined / Re: List of Points
February 24, 2011, 13:04:51
See the attachment. I would like to see the points' description in the list. And also in the map.
Declined / List of Points
February 20, 2011, 22:15:01
I can give descriptions to points but in the list of points I can see only coordinates. It would be nice to have the option to see the descriptions in the list instead. But maybe it is possible already and I just can not find it.
Implemented / Re: Search
February 18, 2011, 17:10:58
Exactly what I wanted, thanks for pointing out this feature.
Implemented / Search
February 18, 2011, 08:41:33
First: Locus is a really great app, it exceeded all my expectations of a mobile phone app.

If you plan new features, I would really appreciate support for online search in Google Maps (and maybe other maps) to locate cities, streets etc.