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Aber nochmal die Frage,
Läuft die Karte jetzt mit, wenn Ihr die "7" gedrückt habt? Ich hatte bei den letzten Versionen mehrfach die Situation, dass bei "gedrückter 7", aber sobald das Display eine Weile (20 Minuten) aus war, die Karte beim Wiedereinschalten nicht nachgeführt wurde.
Die "7" aus- und wieder einschalten hat dann geholfen.

Habe scheinbar das gleiche Problem beim Guiding. Ich nehme an, das hängt mit dem automatischen Zoom zusammen. Sobald sich der Zoomlevel ändert läuft die Karte nicht mehr mit, was ziemlich nervig ist. Habe das gleiche Phänomen auch wenn zwischendurch der Bildschirm ausgeschaltet wird. Navigation hingegen funktioniert mit Autozoom.


Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 25, 2015, 08:26:36 »
@Trullo Fetzer,

did you use the latest version of this theme?
I can confirm that it works, please have a look at my screenshot.

Re-downloaded again and deleted the voluntary folders before unpacking. Now it works! Thank you.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 25, 2015, 07:55:11 »
In this case it would help, if you can zoom into the map and change to another theme, to find the missing symbol and please share the coordinates or a usable picture.

Thank you for the hint. It was just a guess and I don't know too much about vector themes.
I attached a picture. Hope that it's useful.

Edit: attached a 2nd screenshot with internalhhiking theme.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 24, 2015, 15:07:23 »

I still have the same problem as Kona with the current svg version of your theme (was working in the previous versions). It doesn't render the whole map. Maybe there are some icons or symbols missing?


I just re-checked and the store shoes the maps again! I don't know what happened, but it works again. Thanks anyway.

Hello and thank you for your reply.
No, I didn't change my email and I got confirmation about my locoins. The remaining locoins are shown, but not my previous purchases. The only thing I did was installing the new version via play store. I'll retry with a backup of the previous version and report back.
Okay, it doesn't work with the old version too. I recently switched my phone and also got a new SIM card (sorry, forgot to mention that before). Could that be the reason?

The new version of Locus Pro 3.3.0 doesn't show my already purchased maps in the store anymore (all of Europe and Russia). So what about the guarantee of 1 year downloads? Any suggestions, what to do now? Thanks in advance.

start: N 51°31.261' , E 11°33.240'
end: N 51°19.520' , E 12°22.272'

if you calculate the reverse direction, it  seems to be even worse.

I'm using Locus Pro 3.2.2 with offline POI databases installed. When I try to use the POI alert feature, it doesn't alert on the selected folders, but on all POIs within the defined radius, which makes this feature rather useless. Only solution is to disable offline POI database (e.g. by renaming). Then it works as intended.
Would be great, if that could be fixed soon.

Another (unrelated) thing is, that after route calculation, the track in front of my position looks like this:

Could somebody else confirm this (it's happening with any routing method (brouter, google, mapquest, graphhopper).

Best regards.

Hello. I tried and made gemf-files from single counties with mobac (polygonal selection, size varied from ca. 1-4 GB). Some worked and others didn't (by working I mean in Locus). Then I created sqlitedb-files of the same counties and all of them worked in Locus. But now comes the interesting part, gemftool was not able to convert some of them (the same which didn't work before) and it also didn't work with the sq2gemf python script. So my suspicion is, that gemf has some general problems with certain map geometries (unfortunately gemfread didn't throw any errors). So it's not a problem with Locus, but with the format. Thank you anyway for your support.

Thanks. In 2 or 3 weeks I'll have the opportunity to upload  the map files for you to check (I'm on vacation now without wifi).
In the meantime I created an mbtiles atlas in mobac of the same tileset and it worked in Locus (unfortunately only in a virtual machine, because my SD is formatted in FAT and the file is bigger than 8GB). I'll send a PM with the links as soon as I have something uploaded.

I already tried different methods (mobac, python script and gemftool). Maybe some png files are corrupt, could that be the reason (hard to check with more than 1.000.000 tiles)? Thanks for your support. 

I'm on Android 4.4.4 (XT912). Never had any problems in the past, but just recently (I'm on Locus Pro version 3.1.3) my multi-part GEMF files, don't get loaded (they are shown in the selection dialogue) by Locus. Single part files below 2GB and 4GB are displayed without problems. I can't tell in which version the troubles started, but it would be great, if you could look into this. thanks in advance.

Thank you. It's not that I need this map urgently, so take your time.

I'm currently downloading the English versions of Chinese vector maps from within Locus.
"" throws an error (missing magic byte or something). After checking the mapfile with Hex editor, it's obvious that the map is broken, because the header part is nearly empty.
Please fix it. Thank you in advance.

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