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Hi asamm, forget my previous question about turning off POI categories on map. I have actually find now. It is exactly where you said it is :) God, I'm lame... sorry about that.
Keep on with this app, it is awesome!

It would be great to have ability to switch it off in Data manager-> Points -> here. Something like small thick next to point category name. Thanks

I will send you my camp file this evening
Tested. Works very well and more smoothly as previous versions. Force closes sometimes when very big poi gpx file loaded (13000+ usa campgrounds). Can you implement possiblity to turn off points in Choose category menu (when showing all categories) without actually entering that menu? It takes ages to load it up. Thanks
Implemented / large poi gpx file
February 14, 2011, 22:19:53
Possibility to dissable all points by 1click in choose category menu. It is very laggy when large poi is loaded