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Latest market version works ok for me
Hi menion. What do you think about possibility to add direct link to "google" poi item name from locus? I have to copy and paste it always to when i find something interesting... it would be very usefull when planning trip based on allready existing gpxfile. Cheers mate
White screen problem is gone for me after .926 version. Big thx !
Nice! I'll look at it as soon as get home from work!
Hi menion,

I'm still having this white screen from time to time, but it is only when I close app and then start it again in few seconds... If I leave it off for longer and then start it - it is OK. Any idea?  Not a really problem, just annoyong sometimes. thx
Ahhh I see... thx
Hi thx for reply. How do i switch app to czech? Can not find it anywhere.
New features in .925 version pls? Is there any plan to translate locus into czech language for my czech/slovak friends? thx
What is new in this version pls?
Pls remove bug in v 0.92. Getting white screen when tryin create new category...that never happened previously
Implemented / Re: Attaching a photo to a POI
February 17, 2011, 13:42:47
This is very good idea!
Implemented / Re: large poi gpx file
February 17, 2011, 13:40:29
Thanks mate
V16 so far so good. Much less force closes today. Im playin with this new version for about 3hours. Bug is when u create new category it should be empty like 0/0 but it shows number from previously imported file. Then, when u import points it becomes ok. Not a big problem but a bit confusing.

About this freeform highlighter...
Done it the way u suggested but it is bit awkward to not miss any space if wanted map is bigger then radius. I can live with this.. great release!

I can do it by defining path along coast, but path max width is not enough to cover area I need to save as one map (from coast to midlands arizona, for example)

I'll check .16 version as soon as I'll get home from work
Great! New version RC
I will test it afternoon and let you know. I have one idea which would help us to save a lot of sdcard space.
In download menu, it would be great if you can implement "freeform" highlighter option. For example.. if you wanna highlight area around coast (california) and have only square highlighter option you end up A LOT of unused ocean space being stored to sdcard..

kind regards