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To Svartbjorn->

This is hardware fault of htc desire, motherboard is overheating after few months of heavy use (wifi,gps). I have my phone in htc service for that fault. Nothing to do with locus. Sorry
Is there possibility to limit cpu while downloading, or give it low priority? I know it is bit crazy idea... don't worry about it if it is too much work... cheers
Hi menion,

do you remember sudden phone restarts i had during downloading maps? They were phone related, not your app. This known issue with htc desire phones, restarting when cpu reaches around 35C. Sorry for that. It may help explain future issues from htc desire locus users. My phone is in repair for MoBo change, until then i'm off unfotunately from reporting problems and testing your great app. thanks
I don't think you'll have GSM service in desert anyway... but it would be great feature anyway :)
Thanks menion :-) btw Did you change anything in google hybrid map downloading process in v 1.2.04? I have done whole Arizona map today without any crashes and phone restarts today (1gb) ! Works awesome! Let me know pls that i know if it is my phone or your new algorythm,thx
Very dissapointing release for me... can not download map by defining path in free version... uninstalling to v 1.2, sorry
Allright, thx for answer. I'll have to split my map download into 2 separate maps then and put them in the same folder, correct?
About this phone restarts... it happened 5-6 times in about 3-4 hours of running. I had to take battery out every time it restarts as it has keep restarting itself when this happened. Weird... I'm using htc desire, original rom.
Hi menion, v 1.2free

Yesterday I have tried to download google hybrid map. I went for 3 layers, locus did show 1.91GB (180.000 tiles) alltogether, which is well under 2gb limit. Downloading finished after about 5-6 sudden phone restarts and re-downloads somewhere around 140.000 tiles as Unsuccessful, which was only about 75% of required tiles number... I have checked size of downloaded map and it is nearly 2GB, 1.98GB exactly. Is there limit  140.000 tiles in locus, which gives 2GB size? Or final extimated map size is not shown precisely really or is it? Anybody else had this problem? thx   :?

I didn't have offline mode turned on and wifi was on (no connection problem). It crashed and restarted my phone while downloading google hybrid map (size was smaller than 2gb)... I'll try today with new version and see if that happens again. Let you know. thx
Now it works back again, really weird behavior. I will let know, lets do some testing
Can not load online google hybrid map in v fix
God, i had 5 sudden phone restarts after todays update on my desire, any idea?
Thanks man
Hi menion, I would still like to see possibility to do "google search" on POI item straight off the locus app, if possible :)  Is this planned? Thank you
That is exactly what i mean CSEU, thx