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Please stand down my last post. I re-downloaded GB map and copy Your attached GB_Style theme to Vectormap folder and it is working smoothly. Appreciate your help. Thanks Petre.
Sorry, I deleted the  England map and few folders from Locus. And re-downloaded the map. But I don't found GB style theme anymore. How can install this, please? I looked around but no where to be found. Very strange. Thanks for the help.
When I tried validation I got error message. Please see the screenshot for details.
Hi Dev,
The problem came back again. Can I get some help that will sustain, please. Not very practical for deleting and re-downloading the map.
I have sorted the problem out by deleting the map including style and re-downloading map. It is working as expected. Thanks for all the helps.
Nope. Even I forget how to do that. Thanks.
Thanks for the reply. I played with all the themes. This problem is only with GB style theme. I have been using this theme since long. It happened after purchasing John thornmap. I don't know if any relation with it. In John thornmap all green areas are deep black and sometime it loads partially in GB style theme. Hope some one will find the bugs soon.
I am using GB style.
Hello everyone,
I would like to share with you one of the problem I am having recently. Couple of days ago, I bought 'John Thornmap' from Locus store. After downloading and playing with this map, my offline vector map (England, previously bought) doesn't load any more. Also 'John thornmap' is displaying night mode I believe, as deep black shadow every where in the map. I am using Locus app nearly 8 years or so. Never faced this issue. I tried all the trouble shooting including disabled /enabling auto load offline map, enabling /disabling night mode, clearing cache, restarting app and phone couple of times. I am using Huawei 10 View. Any help will be appreciated regarding this, please.
Thanks Menion for your info.
Tools / How to install Mobile atlas creator in MAC
December 11, 2013, 19:24:46
I need help to install MOBAC in my mac. I read some instructions in MOBAC forum but it is not in details for basic mac users.
Forum says though '' you can start MOBAC by executing the start-up script by executing following command: chmod u+x'' I tried but failed to do it correctly. I need step by step guide  to be honest with you guys. Any help will be really really helpfull.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Can't find maps
May 27, 2013, 10:01:15
Yes, You are right. Got it okay. Thanks
Troubles & Questions / Can't find maps
May 27, 2013, 02:27:38
Yesterday after updating to the latest version I don't see some maps from quick view. I have total 44 map files from different countries. Once I clicked on map> personal, I usually found all of maps listing there alphabetically as well as added extra map folders. It was really very easy for me to switch over any maps. But now it only shows list of last used 2 maps and lists of nearest 10 maps. Rest of the maps files are  hidden. S0 can't not switch over them. So I need some help to find my full list of maps in one place so that I can switch over easily among the maps. Thanks.
Sorry, it's not a Locus related discussion but any help will be much appreciated and that is, Tomorrow I am going to Lisbon, Portugal for a holiday. I am just wondering which mobile network is cheaper for calling and Internet data over there, please.
POI's / Re: Need POIs of Portugal
April 15, 2013, 12:57:56
Thanks Berkley.