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Troubles & Questions / GPS Off, when opening the application
« on: May 19, 2011, 12:25:50 »
When I'm staring the app, GPS icon is showing in my Notification bar. But inside the application, GPS is off. I need to navigate to GPS/Satellites icon/window to manually turn the GPS On using the button.

Why? What is the point of that, why GPS is already using my battery, and GPS inside app is turned off. Can You make some option in Setting to make it permanently On?

Under review / Augmented Reality with GPS satellites
« on: May 19, 2011, 12:21:04 »
3D Skyplot mode is beautiful. I really love it, but it should be a little bit more enhanced. I have a few ideas.

- Add possibility to zoom in/out
- Maybe put real/predicted orbits of the satellites?

There is no possibility to see in what direction the user is looking/going, so you cant see when these shown satellites are.
So maybe it would be nice to add the visible/known satellites to "Locus - addon AR"? I would be cool, and finally I would be able to see from what satellite i have good/weak signal, and then analyze where that satellite is and what obstacles are preventing from getting a better signal. Please, consider that. That would be awesome function. Maybe You have some ideas how to combine 3D Skyplot with addon AR?

Implemented / Auto-export of tracks and POIs
« on: May 16, 2011, 18:19:36 »

I have one wish, can You add functionality to periodic or when-new-added auto-export of tracks and POIs. Im syncing my GPXs and KMLs with dropbox, so it would be great to have it automatic. Beside that, it would be also useful to overwrite old export, not force the change of name (as it is now). Each track has 7 copies, all withe same size but different names ...001...  ...002... ...003... ...004... ...005... ...006... ...007... And this amount will increase.

Dik kamo!

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