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Hi. Habe ein Problem bzw eine Frage.
Ich nutze Locus für alle meine Outdooraktivitäten, u.a. Joggen. Zusätzlich zum Track zeichne ich während dessen die HR Daten mittels Brustgurt auf und exportiere am Ende nach runalyze.
Nun würde ich gerne meine Laufeffizienz verbessern, was vor allem vermittels einer höheren Schrittfrequenz geht (180 steps/min).
Locus kann die Daten eines internen Schrittzählers anzeigen (Aufnahmepanel oder Dashboard). Leider habe ich bislang keine Möglichkeit gefunden, diese Daten auch aufzuzeichnen!?

Problem Nummer 2:
Mein Handy (Honor 8) hat anscheinend keinen dedizierten Schrittzähler, obgleich andere Apps, wie runzi, GPS Status oder andere Sensor Test Apps Schritte anzeigen.
Wäre es möglich, die Schrittfrequenz anhand des Beschleunigungssensors zu ermitteln und dann auch aufzuzeichnen?
Tools / Self hosted live tracking (Latrine-Live)
December 12, 2017, 09:14:49
Hi there!

I combined the original Latrine script by cyclenerd: Latrine  and a version posted here: by user yunorasp
into a new version:

No database needed, easy installation (only a html file & a php script), so ideal for self hosted solutions.

Try if you like :-)


  • Tracking: Server receives data from Android device with Locus Pro installed and live tracking enabled.
  • Live following: Data sent by Locus Pro is shown live on map together with moving data.
  • Track History: The track gets recorded and displayed.
  • Multiple map layers: Currently you can choose between OpenStreetMap, OpenCylceMap, OpenTopoMap, Hike & Bike (with Hillshading) and ESRI
  • Multiple map overlays: Currently you can choose between Hillshading, Contourlines, Waymarked Hike & Cycling
  • Multi-user: Authentication with key
  • Dialog for key: If link is given without a direct key, a prompt shows up for to enter the key
  • Disable Auto-Pan: Panning the map is active, as long as the popup is shown. When closing the popup, the user is able to en-/disable panning by checkbox
  • Delete files: It's possible to delete files on server by purpose
  • Housekeeping: If not stored on /tmp device, the created files 'key'.latlaon & 'key'.geojson are kept as long as housekeeping time is set in php file

Hope, someone likes it :-)

Ich hab die Frage mal in einen eigenen Beitrag gesplittet, damit es übersichtlicher bleibt

Kann man die waymarkedtrails als overlay in locus hinzufügen?
Hi there.

I've got a problem regarding speed when recording a track.
The speed index in diagram is about 2 km/h lower than it should be!? Average speed is about 8 km/h and diagram only shows 4-6 km/h?

Together with that, I've got the feeling that the accuracy of my recordings were getting worse with the latest updates!? (honor 8)


Hi there,

when jogging with my wife, we both record the track with locus. In the end we've got always a difference in length. It's about 200m on 5km and we can't see a misrecorded points!?

Anyone an idea?

It's a Honor 8 & a Honor 6x. Possible, the GPS are working different/wrong?
Troubles & Questions / Map download - which format?
February 08, 2011, 08:57:05
Hi there .. got a question ...

I'm fairly new to Locus and really like it a lot ;)

Esp. downloading maps on my Android is a killer-feature! But ... what format is that downloaded map?
I have other apps, that are able to use maps, like Georg for geocaching, etc.. So I want to be able to have only 1 map on my device but share it among the mapping apps.
So, as Georg understands BigPlanet-SQL files, creating SQL-Maps with Locus could be of use ... but ... sadly it isn't ;(

If I try open the downloaded maps in Georg, I do get "Null tile pack" (or something similar).

What format are the downloaded maps? I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer.

I created a map with MobileAtlasCreator of Madeira in BigPlanetSQL and Locus seems to be able to handle it. Even RMaps and GeOrg are ... So, if Locus handles these files, why doesn't it save it the same way? Or is something wrong with map-download?

Regards Roman