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Implemented / Include Bearing info with the Guide
February 17, 2011, 19:34:58
Hi,  I'm using Locus for aviation navigation so all my routing is direct.  I turn on the Guide when navigating to a POI. Having the bearing information to the POI in degrees on the opposite side of the Guide line(with the blue arrows) from the distance and close to the red "X" would be very helpful.
Troubles & Questions / Deleting Points
February 05, 2011, 20:57:16
In working with points I often long press a point to get the menu (info, compass, edit, map, delete).  When I try to select the map option I often inadvertently select the delete button(with an immediate delete).  Would it be possible to add in a "are you sure you want to delete xxxx" dialog before a delete takes place?  Or since there is another method to delete points, maybe this delete option could be removed altogether.  The other way to delete poi points is to place a check mark next to a point and then select delete(trash can) on the bottom right of the POI page.
Great App.  I'm loving it.
Implemented / Feedback for tracks on
February 05, 2011, 20:48:26
Hi,  I really like the ability to draw a track on a map.  One suggestion that would make it even better would be to give the total mileage for the planned track.  I notice that the track is selected(changes color) when I drag the map red x pointer near one of the track points.   If a popup would show with the total mileage for the track, that would be ideal.  Alternately the track mileage might be stored under the info data for the track.  I'm using Locus in an aircraft and the track drawing feature looks to be a great tool to plan a route and get the distances.

Thanks for a great program