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Vote for this too +1 :idea:
My Maps returns for me after selection of account:
Received 403 status code: Maps Data api is now deprecated.

Motorola Milestone 2.1
Menion, it's worse than we think. My Maps will remain, only My Maps API will be depricated at 31 January 2011, yes, next Tuesday. There will be no API to work with it. Fusion Tables are different and not equal service. Some things from My Maps are not possible in Fusion Tables. My Maps Editor and other apps will not work from 1st February 2011. ... forum.html

I found information, that Fusion tables will become a Google Docs app. ... le-in.html . This is the way of sharing between users. Together with data layer and visual layer they are shown in Google Maps by different way than My Maps do.

But, I found that points in Google Maps (not in My Maps) are stored in Google Bookmarks. These points could be saved into My Maps manualy at computer. Maybe this way could be only way to add points into My Maps after 1st February.
Quote from: "menion"Hmm bad news for me ...
I have been tried convert My Maps into Fusion tables. Google has wizard to convert it, but only 1 of 5 maps has been converted with data.  :o  It is not right, converted was only 80% of data from one map.  :roll:  Founded addresses has not been converted, items with such specific characters too. Formated data with picture has been transfered but not at all. All graphic icons has been saved but Fusion tables has different icons than My Maps.
Google wants remove My Maps API after 31.January 2011? Funny.  :ugeek:
Quote from: "menion"hmm,
  so may you share this map with me also? All maps I tried, works for me, so url for unselectable map is welcome. And also question ... did this map works in android google maps?
Sent, please do not modify it.

Sent other map, shared, not mine.
New version is without fc, but shared maps couldn't be loaded. Same map in owner's account works, in shared account it can be selected, but is not loaded, is unselected in list.
I have two accounts one gmail and one Google Apps with transitioned account into Google infrastructure. When I select second account Locus ic force closed. I have three maps on this account, all are shared from another accounts. Google Maps has no problem with this. When I connect first of original accounts (gmail) in Locus, there is no problem, when I test second account (transitioned GApps too) on different device in Locus, there is no problem with this map too. It seems that Locus cannot work with shared maps?

Regards Vaclav