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Thank you very much for the guidance.

I'm traveling and without my 2016 files, but will get on it when I return.  Lots to learn.

Again thank you!!!!
Wow, thank you very much for your time, patience and help.

To answer your questions.. Yes, plenty of usage from 2017 to current. But with now the third different phone, it is just these 2016 files are the only things I have been able to locate which I had backed up and saved, and probably formed the basis for usage beyond 2016.

There is a total of 3.01 GB. Of that there is 848 MB in zip files, remainder are the expected file types , e.g. XML, Cl, svg, map, gpx, sqlitedb etc.
The folder is on a removable HDD.

Hope this answer your inquiry.
Thank you for your time and response.

I am concerned that I fall into the last Paragraph description... Nasty.
I did find my current file on the hidden private location with x—plore. I have been a Locus user for many years and have enormous track files, routes, and offline maps, map items etc.,. but when I set up new phone no locus files transferred and I did not know to restore from backup. I have found on my PC a folder of Locus backup files from 2016. Probably not in the original structure, but I don't know. With my new phone, I have gone to locus sore and downloaded my lomaps and some osm files.

So.. Any hope or process to retrieve the 2016 backup to new phone. Import.. Copy????
I have many years of map files(online, offline, map items etc) backed up before automatic back up was included. How can I upload/import all the file to new phone.

Tried to locate on forum and search without positive help.

Phone .pixel 7a
Locus classic pro
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Store
April 20, 2018, 16:45:50
Yes..version 3.3 and attached screenshot.

Have had same problem with prior versions for at least last year.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Store
April 18, 2018, 16:55:14
Uncertain how to start new topic for Locus Store..sorry if incorrectly done.

Get error results. Attempted to download Canada topo (free), and TopOSM...results in unsuccessful.
"Unable to initialze target file"

Attempted to download Canada topo (free), and TopOSM...results in unsuccessful.
"Unable to initialze target file"

Any help?
Maps / Re: opentopomap
September 23, 2016, 04:25:54
I apologize if this is duplicate..but it seems my first reply didn't get posted.

Yes, the directory and file structure is as you indicate. It is populated with *.PNG files. But there is no America's TopOSM file.

Thanks for your assistance.
Maps / Re: opentopomap
September 21, 2016, 16:14:42
It just does not download when I tap "add".  Just acts like waiting  (circle spinning)
I have allowed it to continue for almost an hour and no download.

This has occurred (not everyday, but each time I attempted) over the past 3

I just give up.. in fact none of the no charge maps down load. I was successful with one for pay (but covered by first download free)
Maps / Re: opentopomap
September 18, 2016, 16:49:34
I have tried many times to download the  AmericasTopOSM map from the store.. With no success
Sorry if appears high jacking this thread.  but I have asked for assistance in the forum with zero response
Tried many multiple times over a week or so to download  topOSM from locus store.
After what appears a good connection , goes to message "waiting"..then fails.. (see screenshot).

I have good connection, gobs  of memory. .at a loss.

Thanks for help.
I think I got it.

I had setting for maps to go to sd card  (where my map files reside).
Changed to locus/maps on device and sample qorked.

Forgot can not write to sd card in locus.

Sorry for incon ience and use of time.
Which map?
Every map I have tried (satellite). For example.. Mapquest, Google, Bing, ESRI World.

Area of map:
Uncertain what information your requesting. E.g.  a 10 mile track in the state of Colorado in the United States. See attached screenshot (which will not download)

Zoom level: seen on prior screenshot zoom 12 for example.

Where do you download map:
Download to phone storage, where Locus puts it (when successful)

Extra steps and parameters:
Do not understand what your asking for.

Thank you for assistance

When attempting to download a map ( option.(this screen)

I get multiple errors. (See screenshot).

In the past I have been successful downloading, but with past few upgrades, I have the result presented in screenshots.

Must be some setting incorrect.
Using Samsung Note4, marshmallow
After 3.8.0 update I no longer have an option for external themes in vector maps. From Main menu > settings>map advanced>Vector Maps> Map themes  I only have Internal themes option.  No longer is there external themes option or more option. I have researched the user manual with no help for external themes.

using Samsung Note4, v4.4.4 ( tho new version is prompting me continually to upgrade).

I suspect the problem lies in the directory structure.  But all worked fine in prior Locus Pro ver...just lost it on3.8 upgrade.