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Any progress regarding the alternative licencing? I would really purchase Locus Pro a second time if only you let me! ;-)
Sorry for the late reply!

I'm running Locus Free Beta, valid until end of 2014, which also was installed before I got rid of Google Play Services. At startup it tells me that it is expired and works as Locus free now, but apart from that nothing changed. No ads, and pro features still work.
Shouldn't be like that, I gather. No hurry fixing this, though. ;-)
Hi menion!

Don't worry, I can still access all buttons of the right side panel in the free version, and even pro features work.
I realize that my target group is small, still I'm happy to hear that an alternative licencing solution is being prepared. Many thanks, and keep up the good work!
The marvellous Locus is one of my most important tools, and I purchased the Pro version already some time ago through the Google Play Store. Because of all the privacy concerns these days I am trying the run Android without Google Play Services, i.e. among others I have no Play Store installed. I guess that's why I get an error 1811 when downloading libraries at first start -> see screenshot.

The knowledgebase doesn't mention this error code:

This thread indicates that licencing is done via Play Store or AndroidPit AppCenter:

Is there a way to unlock the Pro version without Google licencing? With the AndroidPit AppCenter shut down it seems there are no alternatives. But what does the button "Use voucher" do?

Cheers, vueltaconicarus

Hi gynta!

It would appear that you used a track obtained by the "Navigate to" feature, as is exactly follows the track on the map. And you used coloring depending on altitude, not on _change_ of altitude.

Here is a part of the track I used in the screenshot, once in original (recorded) state, once after filling the altitude, and the corresponding track generated by the "Navigate to" feature. The weird effect only appears for the original recorded track. Can you confirm this?

Cheers, Manfred
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
August 31, 2014, 11:46:46
Perfect, thanks a lot!
Dear community,

I tracked a hiking trip and wanted to display it using the "change of altitude" style for track coloring. However, I noticed that the coloring changes between zoom levels 15 and 16 -> see screenshots. This only happens for recorded tracks, not for tracks obtained by the "Navigate to" feature. Also, the effect vanishes when I manually "Fill altitude" of the track, overwriting the height information by the altitudes taken from the map data itself.
Can anybody confirm this or explain what happens?

Thanks, and best regards,

Other features / Re: Offline POI database
August 31, 2014, 00:08:38
Dear menion,

I just recently used the offline POIs for a hiking trip, and they are a great addition to a great program. However, I noticed that the database doesn't include height information. When using the Augmented Reality plugin for identifying mountain peaks, those peaks are all shown at the same height. Is there a way to include height information in the offline POIs, or alternatively load it automatically for all temporary items?

Cheers, vueltaconicarus
Troubles & Questions / [ICONS] Google Places Icon
September 16, 2013, 15:01:35
I noticed that when importing POIs via the Google Places search function, all imported points automatically use the Google icon instead of the icon of the category I saved them in. Is there any way to change this behaviour?
Dear Menion,

thanks for the clarification! I like the thought of having things like public transport routes and bike trails in form of a vector map to be able to lay them over any base map. As I predominantly use vector maps of whole countries as (storage-friendly) base maps, this would imply the need of overlaying two vector maps. Of course I can use raster maps with transarent background as overlay - as is possible with e.g. openptmap - but I find it irritating to load lots of tiles containing nothing but transparent background.

So I understand that overlaying two vector maps is not part of the current concept, so no need to hope for this feature? Are you aware of any alternative, like having cycle routes in form of points and tracks?

Best regards, Manfred

Great work, I was looking for something like this!
I tried to use a vector map as overlay instead of a raster map, but locus keeps telling me that I can only work with one vector map. Any idea why it's not possible to overlay one vector map with another one?

Cheers, Manfred