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Wishlist / Text to speech for poi alarm
« on: July 19, 2013, 17:03:04 »
Hello Menion,

thank you for Locus Pro, my most used and beloved hike&bike app.  :D  :D  :D

You've already introduced text2speech for the guiding feature along a track. In my mind it is  a superb solution for an Outdoor navigation app!  :!:
Is it possible to get this feature for the poi Alarm too, I mean to speak the name of the poi?  :?:
Background: sometimes people deliver their tracks with some interesting pois like a nice view or a waterpump I don't like to miss. Or e.g. there is a possibilty to let gpsies create Km markers what in my mind is useful.

Btw. if i activate the text2speech option for guiding, does this include the notification for leaving the track if I'm too silly (or deaf for a moment) to follow your guiding instructing and run the wrong way? I've never tried it out so far, but I think you know about this feature without doing experiments close an edge. :oops:  :lol:
Edit2: Just tried out: Leaving the track will be ignored if you guide track to trackpoint (option: next point automatic choosed by guiding).
Could this be improved e.g. by the possibilty to activate both options (notification at point change AND to large distance from track) or point changing includes leaving the track (my favorite)?

Thank you!

Greetings Frank

Edit: I just see this issue was discussed under several topics (partial for more than 1 year), I didn't remark because the topics were (partly) misleading, e.g. waypoint alarm or just alarm or anything like that. Sorry!  :oops:

But I can't find a statement if it has a chance to get real or not. Thanx!

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