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Tools / Re: Dangerous navigation information
July 09, 2013, 12:45:49
I've had another couple of runs out, and while the OSRM directions are better than both mapquest and cloudsmade when used on the roads around here, I am glad that I still have the TomTom running as well. We need to improve directions to include move left or move right and take the slip road in place of 'straight' when trying to move through motorway and trunk road junctions. To that end, being able to just change the web address used for the routers would be a start even if via a config file? We can also then test other routers as long as they produce the correct format data to match the selected router.

Been a while since I posted without a reply ...
Closer investigation would suggest that the problem IS one that locus creates rather than anything inherently wrong with the routing data. The transistion from say trunk to trunk_link where the X_link track is longer. If I look at other display programs they show that junction as 'take the junction' rather than straight, but also include the exit of the roundabout following ...
Tools / Re: Dangerous navigation information
June 24, 2013, 13:58:44
Having not made much progress on the gosmore router, I now have a fully functional osrm router so the next step is how I modify Locus Pro to pick it up in place of the 'demo' OSRM server.
Tools / Dangerous navigation information
June 23, 2013, 12:00:56
Having been a long time user of the N900 phone with a tomtom in the car for navigation and hands free, the recent demise of the N900 has left me somewhat at a loss. I've had to switch to Android on an S4, and having unlocked it I've managed to wipe all the 'manufacturer preferred applications' and load the ones I'm familiar with from the N900's linux library. But the tomtom refuses to recognise the S4 - so no hands free - except of cause the S4 does hands free itself :)
So new car mount later with a replacement charger lead and I have an alternative which now needs navigation software. I've paid for Locus Pro and being a contributor to OSM that side of things makes sense. I've even added in some recent local road changes and the maps are already starting to pick them up on the routing, but both mapquest and cloudsmade routing suffers from the same DANGEROUS problem in the UK in that they both say 'straight on' when approaching roundabouts and make no mention of the junction of the roundabout until you are on it. This is even more problematic when coming up to a junction on the motorway following three where you DO go straight on, when you should be 'on the left slip lane' rather than straight on!
I spent yesterday setting up my own YOURS server for the UK ( because it was the next one on your list ;) ), but can't get any help making it work, so now I'm looking into OSRM and seeing if I have any more joy with that ...
So the real question is ... what is the best path for me with relation to Locus. Being currently a PHP developer, YOURS has a number of attractions, but I am equally at home with c/c++ having started with Algol too many years ago. Having to fix Phyton and Ruby code irritates where it's used to provide tools that replace what were perfectly functional ones before but I now use Hg for code management since it can transparently handle git/svn/csv and several other options. Back to OSRM for now ...