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Ich habe mir das mal angeschaut. Welches Thema muß ich den Downloaden um möglichst viel zu sehen? Ich möchte eine Topo Karten Ansicht zum Wandern in den Bergen haben. Heißt das, daß jede Karte die ich downloade auch eine Topo Karte ist, je nach dem welches Thema ich benutze?
Für ein Gebiet in Nord Kanada gibt es bei Openstreetmap keine Daten, nur bei Mapnik und Google Map habe ich Topo Daten von dem Gebiet gefunden.
I wish to have permanent display on when a charger is plugged to the phone and timer off when no external power source is connected to the phone.
Ok now I found out that Freizeitkarte also uses Open Street Maps as source. So all maps have the same source. Freizeitkarte seems to have Germany as main topic. OpenAndromaps and Locus Store have maps for the whole world. What is the main focus of OpenAndromaps and Locus Store maps? Where is the difference?
I am new with map use on Android and also Android itself. So far I just used Garmin devices and Nokia but so far I am very happy. What can be better on a raster map?
Do  Locus shop, and Freizeitkarte easyclasspage use openstreetmap as source ?
Wishlist / Re: Auto track recording
June 22, 2013, 10:00:32
You could have a setting that you can turn automatic track recording on and off so everyone can decide for himself. But thanks for the widget tip. I didn't know this. Not exactly what I want because when I start to record a track I usually also want to see the map.
How can I set up Locus to English even when Android is set up to German?
Wishlist / Auto track recording
June 21, 2013, 19:43:57
I wish I would have auto track recording. As on a Garmin device I would like that Locus starts automatically to record a track as soon as I start the Locus APP.
I would also like to have a rec button on the upper info bar when it is set to track recording.
Where can I download the best Topo map from the USA and Canada? Are there also Vector Maps?
What is the difference between Vector maps and Normal maps? What is better? I would pay for maps with better zoom functionality.