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Now I could download the files in Internet Explorer. In Opera I couldn't download the Bundle.
In what theme can I see the most detailes and all names of buildings and villages?
I can't download the themas. Where can I find a download link?
I mention it the first time here: ... e_map_view

And I still would like to get rid of the button that appears in top left corner when I am using guide line?
Will you also fix problem with guide on to POI more far away than 99 km?
It's a very simple dashboard. I couldn't sent you the dashboard file. I got the message: The extension lb is not allowed.. So I send it to you via mail.
My Dashboard mostly don't start. If it starts after a restart from Locus it takes 15 seconds before I see it but mostly I have to turn it off and on again before I can see it on the map.
I thought maybe more people read the forum.
I still miss automatic track-recording very much. Please add a setting that the last recorded track will automatically start and carry on the recording as soon as I push the track recording button.
Sorry the question was more where to get Topo Maps from North Canada, Nunavit area. At least when I look to the OSM webpage the map from this area looks very poor. There is almost nothing. Google maps looks much better.
Is there another way to see the compass screen than to use the right panel?
Can I also see the moon position?
Wie kann ich GPS und GLONASS Satelliten auf der Satelliten Anzeige unterscheiden?
Wishlist / Re: Auto track recording
June 24, 2013, 18:15:50
press menue - widgets - Locus - track rec 4x1
Does Locus Vector map Canada contains the state Nunavut?
How often will the Locus store vector maps be updated?

What is the difference between Locus store vector map Asia and Asia (English)?

When I have downloaded one map from the store can I update the map for free or do I have to pay when I download the same map but a newer version?
I need an area in the state Nunavut in Canada. I want to have a map of the Queen Moud Gulf Bird Sactuary.