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Line to GPS crashes after 999 km.
Just the ending was in upper letters. So the map was not recognized as norway.IMG but as norway.img

The upper img file is the overview map.
If I press center map on the topo map I see nothing but if I zoom out I can find the topo part. Show center is not working. The lake names are sometimes shown 10x. The lake shape looks also very strange.
I agree with many others. Don't waste too much time for integrating Garmin maps. It would be better to find a program to convert Garmin .img files to .map files. Also because there are 1500 .img files in the Canada North folder, the map folder page is loading very slow.
Some .img maps are working, some not. Belgium, Finland, France Alpes, Poland, Norway, Tracks4africa, Island, Svalbard, Germany, Sweden, Pyrenees and Russia(only at some zoom levels) are working.
Canada, USA and Chile are not working. All maps are working in Basecamp software. I noticed that if IMG is written in capital letters, it will not be recognized as map file.
In my Garmin Canada installation there is one folder (CT2) with all Canada topo north files and above there is one CT2.img, CT2_mdr.img, CT2.tdb and one CT2.mdx file. Do I have to copy them also?

I am most keen on Canada north because there are almost no maps from Nunavut area and the Garmin map is very good.
Sorry I made a big mistake. It was the first time for me to install a beta version so I thought I still have to click on the Locus Pro icon. Now I discovered there is a Locus Free icon. Now Dashboard is working and IMG files are there. I tried with German topo and it works great.
Only distance to GPS is still crashing after 99 km.
Quote from: stebu on August 31, 2013, 06:50:25
Quote from: ivolino on August 31, 2013, 04:33:36
Yes they are in Locus/mapsVector/. I moved 3 files from the subdirectory direct to Locus/mapsVector/ but still I don't see them. And yes tehy have exact same size.
Just a comment: ivo, are you using "Locus/maps/Vector/" or " Locus/mapsVector/" ? The first one is correct.

I was using mapsvector, not maps. Will try.
Today I noticed something with dashboard. I tried the preset white simple. When I open locus the white fields are immediately there but the numbers take ages. When I lock my screen and unlock the scree again, the numbers are immediately there. Maybe that helps to find the error.
Quote from: menion on August 30, 2013, 19:53:53
hmm I still don't see log anyway to map ... I see it correctly

may you please check if you have it really in

.. /Locus/mapsVector/myFile.img or any subdirectory like .. /Locus/mapsVector/imgMaps/myFile.img

also please check if file has correct size on your device, if there is not any problem during a transfer

EDIT: Jusc I had same problem. Don't know why, but map is center on location as you see. Anyway on different coordinates exists. Check my screenshot ;)

Yes they are in Locus/mapsVector/. I moved 3 files from the subdirectory direct to Locus/mapsVector/ but still I don't see them. And yes tehy have exact same size.
I have a Galaxy S4 Active. 4.2.2

I sent you log some minutes ago.

The img is part of USA Topo West. I just choose one random file. 
Quote1) "dashboard take a minute" to:
  a) I click on "dashboard" button and it take minute till this dashboard appear
  b) Dashboard appear immediately, but it take minute till some numbers display (all of them or just any?)
When I turn dashboard on it appears immediately. If I close and start Locus again it take a minute before I can see the the numbers again. I don't see anything else from the Dashboard than the numbers because I just have to numbers in my dashboard.

Quote2) may you please do me once more crash log with this new test version? I'm not able to reproduce your problem with long guiding line
I still try to download a text editor and will you send log file.

Quote3) you placed *.img files directly into Locus/mapsVector directory and they do not appear in Locus > maps > Vector tab? Hmm may you share one small map so I can test it? Thanks
I made one folder with all img files from one garmin map and placed this Locus/mapsVector directory.
Ok now it worked. My last download was corrupt. Now I installed but the Dashboard is still loading ages. Sometimes it takes a minute before I can see it. Also the guide on still crashes after 99 km.

I installed a folder with Garmin IMG files into the mapsvector folder but I still can't see them in the map list on Locus. Do I need more files than the IMG files?
I could download the apk file now with internet explorer. I transfered the file to my phone but I get the error message parsing error.
After half or later the download breaks up. But in the moment I have also slow Internet connection here in India.
I get error message when I try to download from this website. Can I also download it from from Google Play?
I am using Locus vector maps or OpenAndromaps. Which theme shows as much details as possible? In the hiking theme I am often missing names of hotels and restaurants.
Or which theme is as close as possible to the openstreetmap view?
Is there any Theme which shows all possible details in the map? I would like to see the map as it is shown on the OSM website.