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Last time I tried with Canada Topo V2. Now I wanted to try with the newer V4 but I can't find any .img maps any more in the Garmin folder. Now they are named .DEM, .LBL, NET, NOD, RGN and TRE. Will any of theses new Garmin file work with Locus?
Is there hope that you can do it this year?

Or can you make a version where I can switch between old library and new library?
Yes map is listed in the list but not visible. I attached my img map. The thing is the map was working in an earlier version of Locus and worked very well!
I can start Locus without dashboard but when I turn it on again same problem.

Img map still not working.
I can't move the map with my fingers or zoom. The upper bar is although not working. I can only swipe with my finger from left to right to excess the menu.
After reset the settings it is working again but the after loading settings from 2.16.1 it's again not working.
I found out. When dashboard is off touchscreen is working again. Dashboard on and not working..
Img map is still not working.
In the new beta version 2.19.4 the touchscreen is not working anymore. In 2.19.1 Pro version touchscreen is working.
Also Garmin img. maps are not working anymore in 2.19.1.
How do I install the theme?

Got it. Just have to put all files in one folder.
How can I create my own theme?
If distance to GPS in dashboard is 0, I would like to see a "-" instead of 0.0km. "-" needs less space so that you can see the map better. It is already so if you show e.g. track distance.
If you have time now please please update the dashboard.
Sometimes I zoom in when I drag the finger to the top sometimes I zoom out. I would like to zoom always in when I drag my finger to the top.
And still sometimes I don't see all poi when I start Locus.
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
September 20, 2013, 06:47:57
I am very happy with the POI database. Very helpful. Please add more countries. 
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
September 19, 2013, 05:37:49
Please also add India.
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
September 17, 2013, 13:22:01
Please add USA - Yellowstone.
I have problems with downloading the databases. I get the message: currently unavailable.
I can now see my single Canada.icm maps. My Canada Topo Maps are in one folder, about 1500 .icm files but I can just see the selected .icm file. If my location moves a bit Locus don't switch to the next map. Map auto-load is on. Can you have auto load for .img files also?