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Try this.

Import your track  and than open this one in the (free cleared) routeplanner.
As you say your track has no Shaping nor Via Points actually.

In the routeplanner screen.
Tap than on the track shown on the map until there is a trackpoint lock BEFORE a turnpoint  (= street crossing) of the section you want to change.
You notice than a route segment 1 panel.  Tap the 3 dots menu in this panel.
You will find a trackpoint number xx. > Tap this trackpoint xx text > Change to Shaping point 2.
Than tap on the track shown on the map until there is a trackpoint lock AFTER a turnpoint (= street crossing) of the section you want to change.
You notice than a route segment 2 panel. Tap the 3 dots menu in this panel.
You will find a trackpoint number xx. > Tap this trackpoint xx text > Change to Shaping point 3.

Now freely change a single section between Shaping point 2 and 3 as you need.
- in Kreisverkehren
Locus generiert die richtige Kreisverkehrs anweisung, wenn der verwendete Router diese generiert.

- Extra textbeschreibung von Locus vorlesen. "Via Point"
Platzieren Sie eine zuätzlichen "Via Point" im Locus Planner mit einen beschreibenden Namen.
So wie: Folgen Sie Richtung Der Blaue Engel

*Hinweis: Ich verwende nur Navigation !

Dass man keinen Bildschirm  in der Realität braucht ist schwierig.

Navigation & Guidance / Routeyou Planner
July 09, 2021, 19:43:23
Routeyou Planner.

The first planner that exports a gpx Locus navigation track by instructions in trackpoints.

Requires some getting used to, so it's best to practise a little ;-)

Older low quality Route You tracks (routes) are aligned to the road by autosnap to map technique, but such very often leads to track glitches and by that  very annoying false instructions and U-turns.

Plan a new quality traject, so always position the planner points away from road crossings.
Save your design into Route You Web. At download select Locus gpx track.
Quote from: tapio on June 15, 2021, 18:33:33
Der aufgezeichnete Track und eine an Wegen ausgerichtete Route sind zwei paar Schuhe. Kkrrektur mühsam, Automatismus gibt es nicht, nachzeichnen geht am schnellsten.
Quote from: freischneider on June 15, 2021, 20:41:46
Der Routenplaner soll die Punkte im Routenplaner automatisch setzen und berrechnen.
[DE] Aus meiner Sicht (nach vielen Tests) eine sehr heikle und schwierige Aufgabe, bei der auch ein (nicht angepasstes) falsch gewähltes Routing-Profil eine große Rolle spielt.
I hope you understand correctly what exactly was meant.
Even if navigation direction command arrows are missing, indicate unambiguously the next 150 to 200 m of a route this by using a different *style.
Even at the start, you can already be positioned directly in front of a multiple-choice road fork on which you so correctly choose the right direction.

* This (first) implementation is therefore probably not quite optimal presented.
As a better looking alternative, you could indicate the next 150 to 200 m by covering the navigation line with small direction arrows. Graphics experts maybe have even better suggestions? Anyway pse KISS.

Im Gegensatz zu einigen anderen Apps ist dies in Locus meiner Meinung nach nicht so möglich.
Nach der Routenplanungsphase entfernt Locus mehrere Referenz-Planerpunkte.  Schade!
Nützlichen Shaping Points sind sowohl in Navigation als im gpx datei export nicht mehr vorhanden.
Was nicht mehr da ist, kann man nicht nochmals wiederverwenden, verändern oder verschieben.
This functionality could also be done by indicating the nearby target part with a different track style.
Menüpunkt GPS Markierung verschieben.
- Verschieben Sie die Karte.
- Der GPS-Cursor bewegt sich mit.
- Bestätigen.
Dear pkasapovic,

Although I couldn't help you much further.

Quote from: 0709 on May 30, 2021, 22:30:59
I myself have never used it like this in Locus.

By following your method you have unexpectedly helped me with the following:

Place extra (poi)wpt's in the track (database) by pressing the + sign.
This track, including all present waypoints, can be perfectly exported into one gpx file.
For years I was close to the solution, but I still incomprehensibly missed it. Never used the +.
By waypoints you probably mean those ones that contain the navigation instructions?
Such as the Left Right instructions and also the Via points. Correct ?
Quote from: tapio on May 28, 2021, 09:52:56
And guys, I'd like to remind you about my idea to optionally hide the big navigation icon at all.

Find similar subject proposals next:

- "UI design" Subject: Optimize map display through transparent panels.

- "showing two dashes in the absence of a street name"

In Locus replace the annoying "Unknown street"message  by discrete  - -
By transparent panels: Hardly disturbing and the UI remains nicely sleek and stable.
Personalisieren ETA und Zeitstempel mit der Timer-Funktion:

Aktualisieren einer vorhandenen Route auf ETA- und ViaPoint-Intervalle kann schnell und einfach.
Plotaroute zeigt die zeitstempeln perfekt und das sogar mit flexiblen persönlichen Eingabedaten.
Find inspiration here. Has streetname info and multiple route select.
Registration is free and you already get 3 free test attempts.
Download as gpx track + waypoints > Select Directions. (Locus compatible)

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Mi A2 Lite met Tapatalk

Export als GPX 1.1-Track, nicht als Route.
Setzen Sie KEIN Häkchen bei Track als Route.