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In the first post I added a picture of a non 180° trackfold created by Locus_GH.
That instruction "Straight" shown in the image is very strange. No ?
In the attachment find a file converted by the GH to Locus tool by Liskin.
If I understand correct, after the Kit Kat misery, a similar bullying behavior by A12 is expected ?
Will this mean that even vector maps can't be shared between apps ? False ? Please Clarify.
The Locus gpx (rte)route export.

Can it be offered in a more valuable way ?
Optimise by exporting as standard compact route.
Contains only start & shaping & Via and Finish as route points.

Picture. Locus navtrack. The coloured sections exported as the routepoints.

gpx file in the attachment. (Track + route)


Notice the fast Mapsource route calculation.
Compare with the reference track overlay.
Troubles & Questions / Planner trackglitch detector
October 06, 2021, 19:06:13
Hi Menion.

The trackglitch indicator by the Locus_app_BRouter (offline) planner is sure very usefull
The indication is by a red circle "alert" indication at the end of the relevant (short) trackglitch section.
But when using the Locus_GH online router some trackglitches are surprisingly not indicated.

It seems GH generates a simplified track so there is not always that expected perfect 180° overlap track backfold. But as GH produces the U-turn commands in the export file by the -98 sign such should trigger a Locus  U-turn command by rtePointAction>12 or <sym>U-turn.

By actual Locus planner if no perfect 180° track backfolds means no visual red alert !

Keep the usefull trackfold track line indication as is now.
Put the visual red circle alert onto those Shaping Points that do trigger.
- Or trackglitches by perfect 180° track back folds as detected by Locus_BRouter
- Or the unexpected U-turn instruction commands produced by GraphHopper.

This indication should do the job this for both routers GH and BRouter.
As only repositioning of the corresponding Planner Point solves a trackglitch issue. 
Reposition the Planner Points until the red circle alarm is gone = trackglitch gone.

U-turns both the unwanted and desired ones are triggered by either a Shaping or a Via Planner point.
If you need to correct U-turns, you must therefore have both types of Planner Points available.
It is therefore important that both Planner Points types remain available at all times, even by file transfers.

Actual Locus Version.
Locus supports U-turns commands at import by the sym U-turn.  :)
Route You web generates U-turns commands by the sym U-turn.  :)
Locus_GraphHopper nor Locus_Brouter generates sym U-turn. :(

If there is U-turn support, you can still "accentuate" suspicious u-turn elements with a circle, also later in the normal map display used for navigation. The standard turns get the usual discrete "blue" small dot. And the U-turns get that extra "alert circle". In this case, they will not escape special attention so quickly.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 19, 2021, 12:19:14
@ Andrew.
No Sir, only actually is by the time notation. (Newbies hardly understand the used method at first use)
The  very simple to understand method by distance set in meter a nice to have ......
Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 15, 2021, 09:25:34
With a choice of time (in seconds) but certainly also the more simple select distance in meters.
Time default is 15|35|300 sec or Distance default 75|175|1500 meters
Selection in meters has the great advantage: Simplicity and clarity.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 14, 2021, 17:45:21[]=config&s[]=cfg

You can edit this config.cfg file directly in your phone.
Read it carefully and edit only when you understand what it means. 

Anyway, if the config.cfg file is accidentally deleted, Locus will rebuild it to the default settings, of course your personal edits and changes will be lost.

Recommended: Edit by Notepad ++ (Android app).

You can of course differ on what the best default settings are.
But the following are in my opinion some nice Locus gems that most users 'miss'.

My preferences.

# --------------------------------

# times for command when Locus notifies (in seconds), default is 15|35|300


I don't want to have useless or too much TTS twaddle. Less by a single command is just better.

# Turn off "Turn off if idle" when screen is turned on by gestures (default: false)


Why this?
Entering a complex (city) area I expect a continuous map display, this triggered by a single gesture proximity wave and only at the next wave switching back to the normal automatic screen on/off mode.

# set speed for moving cursor on map when GPS is off (in m/s) (default: 0.0)
# - value <= 0 switches off this function


Why this?
This way you can comfortably test by gps simulation (gps OFF and then move the map over the central map indicator) if your audio TTS or Voice channel works properly and this without any need to go outside. If the simulation works well, it will therefore also work very well in the field too.

UPDATE by newer actual Locus versions.
There is one more additional possible pitfall that causes the GPS to automatically  switch back "ON" in the simulation. Therefore check the following in the Locus main menu.
-Long press the Locus main menu button >Tap Expert settings >Expert settings than do appear in Locus Map menu settings.
In the Expert settings > Navigation / Guidance > Enable GPS for guide:  set OFF !

Troubles & Questions / Re: Gesture control confusion
September 10, 2021, 08:13:49
Quote from: Menion on September 09, 2021, 23:32:38
Should be, otherwise, it is not able to turn the screen on automatically.

@ Menion ? = Should be, otherwise, it is not able to turn the screen OFF automatically.
= To say, screen OFF command triggered directly by the Locus map app.

As long as you than stay active in the Locus app only (without request for any other external app use like texting) Locus will not ask for a PIN.

So why the screen ON (for GusGF) does not seem to work ? No idea. 
I tested Locus screen ON without any device admin rights = All OK and fine as usual  :)
(The screen off than was only steered by the usual Android display time out)

GPX mit drei Tracks und einigen Wegpunkten
Funktioniert nur mit Eine (1) track + wegpunkten.
@ Graf Geo.
Test. Turn instructions generated by the RouteYou web Planner.
@ download: Select Locus gpx.
Leistungsproblem? Siehe mal demo mit Kurviger-App.
Verwendet die gleiche Karte wie diese im Vector Ordner Locus.
Der Kurviger-Entwickler:
Too many commands  ?

1. Locus app Menu > Settings > Navigation > Advanced settings > Frequency of commands: SET None.

2. Planning. Use a simple track(record) as a helper design template.
   Than replan with a decent routermachine.
    In Locus map app:  (online) select GraphHopper.
    Import the naked (record) track as a visible item.
    Open the routeplanner NEW.  (= NOT open the visible imported track into the routeplanner !)
    Than fastly plan (by using correct router profiles) OVER the visible imported track template.
    When done save your newly created navigation track. Navigate and enjoy.

3. Planning: Very comforatbly by Plotaroute web design on a larger pc screen.
    By the upload a route function. Than is usefull used as (record) track template..
    After import in Plotaroute select the function "Trace a route". 
    (This puts your uploaded template track passively into the map background)
    Than produce a new design on top of that visible track helper template.
    (Save) and download your newly created design in Locus compatible format.
    GPS > GPX > Track > Directions.

   Import the gpx file in Locus and navigate.
Only need a short alert instruction tone ?
Go to Locus store > download free voice Morse.
Select voice in the navigation menu.