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Google translated !

In Locus werden ganz interessante einstellungen immer irgendwo "versteckt".
Leider wird die liste der versteckten gegenstände nicht kürzer.
Es gibt ein projekt für schnelle zugriff über GUI experten einstellung.
Unvollendetes projekt, da der fokus jetzt auf neuem design liegt.
Wie finden sie die experten GUI einstellung ubrigens ? Was denken Sie ?
Nach Locus installation ist dies im hauptmenü ausgeblendet und so versteckt.
Experten einstellung wird erst nach langen druck auf das hauptmenü angezeigt.
Also ein weiteres geheimnis, das Sie kennen sollten. Locus GPS immer überraschend  ;D
Ansagen einstellung "versteckt" in config.cfg

Voices -Stimmen.

Basierend auf "Morse" stimme habe ich selbst einige zusätzliche installiert.
Sie können alles im Menü Locus "Select Stimmen" schnell deinstallieren. (3 Punkte)

Morse - International.
Stumm - Alle stumm.
NSLA - Kein ton für leichte Kurven.
Via - Ton nur an Via-Punkten.

- Out of track sound alarm" bleibt activ.
- Bildschirm ein aus aktiv bei alle commands.
(= Nicht der fall bei Locus Keine stimme)

Im Anhang finden Sie die erforderlichen Dateien/stimme in zip.
Dateien entpacken unter Locus> data> nav_audio. NICHT in Unterordnern!

1. Edit config.cfg
By Notepad ++ > Open a file > Locus > config.cfg

# --------------------------------

# times before command, when Locus notify (in seconds), default is: 15|35|300

2. Single announcement.
By Locus > Settings > Navigation > Advanced settings >  Two commands at once > UNSET.

3. Select Voice Morse
By Locus > Settings > Navigation > Select Voice > Morse codes - International.

Quote from: tapio on June 09, 2020, 17:37:36
Ich habe den Vorschlag gemacht, dass man die Nav-Pfeile auch ein/ausklappen könnte. Der Schalter könnte oben links in dieser Navigationsleiste sein (die bei Navigation erscheint, mit den zwei Info-Feldern).
Demo attached.

Der standard farbige Anzeige im oberen Bereich Zeigt die nächste info oder Straße an.
Die umgekehrt farbige Anzeige Zeigt info oder Straße auf der Sie sich gerade befinden.

The widget is available only when Locus Map Pro root directory is stored in the internal memory of the device.
Test so you know directly. Nothing to worry about.
Unless causing a small explosion nothing more serious can happen.
QuoteDo you know what I could do ?
Yes, accept.
Test mit der Ace 2, hat noch ein wechsel battery. 

Locus > Start Record, dan ein wenig fahren und halten. 
Record taste drucken > Record Feld komt > druck Record PAUSE.
Phone ausschalten > battery entfernen > dan wieder rein.
Phone einschalten > Locus wieder einschalten.
Erneut der record taste drucken > record Feld komt.
Der record lauft weiter > Verfolg record bis zum beenden.

QuoteI will experiment but I assume if I set recalculate to 'point' and convert the 'START' shape point to a Via  and I'm not yet on the planned route (e.g. the route I attached in prev post) and I turn on navigation early then will I be guided to the start?

Not exactly, unless you are indeed nearer to the start.
@ Navigation start by (any) recalculation trigger: Locus recalculates toward the nearest Via Point.
All next Via Points during a normal navigation session than are served in numeric order one by one.

Your start position is nearer to finish than start. NOK.

1. Only start navigate when near to the start.
2. For better understanding Navigation, DO NOT use autorecalculate mode. Select: NONE

Do not rely on automatics unless you exactly know what happens by automatic modes.

Roundtrip circuits.

Route Priority (autorecalculate) navigates toward the nearest trackpoints.
Manually trigger a recalculation Locus shows the path toward target. 
When located nearer to the finish is toward the last trackpoint.

Point Priority (auto)recalculate navigates toward the nearest medium Via Point.
If medium Via Points are missing so navigates directly toward the Finish.
What is the source of your round trip navigation design ?
When you start navigation are you nearer to the start or the finish ?
Share example round trip and indicate the position where you start the navigation.
Samsung ?

Use red encircled settings in pdf,  optimal for phone on bike handlebar mount.
Dismiss and wake up display by (one) wave proximity sensor action.
QuoteOne other thing Locus help details What is the difference between a route and a track? But then when I create a route in route planner it appears under 'tracks' but Locus states a track provides a record of where you have been, and when. That's downright confusing

Confusing, yes. A problem caused by difference in technical language of (rte)route or (trk)track, and the popular language expression about what "a route" means.

A (trk) track. (General)
Describes the traject by multiple position points. The traject so is precisely indicated.

A (rte) route in two variants.
a. A compact (rte) route. (Garmin)
Just contains some reference position points along which you absolutely want to go.
b. A direct (rte) route. (ViewRanger)
In addition to the reference position points, also contains intermediate points of the traject.

A Navigation track. (Locus)
Includes Navigation waypoints that do contain the turn instructions.

A track design inclusive waypoints containing turn commands is in standard language also called a route design.

A route is something you want to follow. So this can be a recorded or generated track.

# allows to define zoom level for tracks simplification (reducing of visible trackpoints).
# So value 20 for example means, that simplification  may occur in levels 1 - 20. (default: 22)

More on screen points displayed is slower !
Method supported since Locus Pro V3.30.2

Navigation by gpx fileA tcx clone by gpx   ;)

A. Instructions in associated (wpt)waypoints(Import and export)

Successful navigation by (no extension) gpx (trk)track_navwpt file.
By track_navwaypoint file. Association by position AND timestamp.

If the gps end application already masters tcx course_coursepoint navigation it is relatively easy to realize a gpx track_waypoints navigation alternative succesfully. Result is even more optimal with gpx files, due to less restrictive rules. That's what Locus does.

Fine tuning your file(s) by external (pc) program edits.

By pc program gpx editor promote a trackpoint to a Via (way)Point or a Turn (nav)Point plus add freely positioned (poi)waypoints into the gpx file.

Edit the <sym>text by (pc) "gpx editor" or Notepad ++ etc.
Via Point: The prefered tag = pass_place

gpx editor:

The exact <sym>text must be known.

The Locus Navigation turn commands Icon list.
In attachment: Locus_Navigation_Icons_sym_wpt .gpx

The most important supported navigation turn commands by tcx / fit /gpx

Free text (streetname) in gpx cmt is displayed in the top panel @ navigation.

@ gpx EXPORT.
Plotaroute web.
Download this route > GPS > GPX > Track > Directions

:) Turn instructions in waypoints support.
:( Limited turn range support.
:( Truncated name and cmt text.

You cannot view this attachment.

Compare Garmin tcx fit & Locus gpx.

Prefered gpx mode.
B. Instructions in trackpoints. (Since Locus V3.50.1)

:) :) :) :) :)      :) :) :) :) :)

:) :) :) :) :)      :) :) :) :) :)