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Main panel meant main menu on the left side but not functions panels on the right side. Sorry for confusion.

Hi menion,
I noticed that Quick map switch button placed on the Main panel doesn't open Quick map switch panel. Please check and fix it. Thanks.

@ta-ka: hmm it ever worked? From what I see in code, it simply cannot work ... weird. Fixed!
Thanks for prompt fix! I'm sure it had been working but don't know until which version of Locus.

I noticed that the zoom values are not shown in maps list even if gui_online_maps_list_display_zooms=1 is specified in config.cfg. Could you please confirm and fix?

Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: November 07, 2015, 04:26:19 »
Hi gynta,
"gpsies_trip_all" should be for GPSies track type. It is in Map version (Free/Pro) at crowdin.

@menion Thanks :)

Android's Navigation Bar at screen bottom overlaps on the profile selection menu of the track recording. The most bottom item in the profile list is hidden by the bar. Here is how to reproduce.

1. enable FullScreen in Locus, then Navigation bar disappears below the screen bottom.
2. open track recording panel and tap profile selection button. The selection menu and Navigation bar appears at the same time and the bottom item in the profile list is hidden by Navigation bar.

Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: November 05, 2015, 13:09:23 »
There seems no translation text at crowdin for "I GOT IT" button which appears at bottom-right corner when track recording panel or data export screen is opened for the first time. Maybe, the text "I've got it" at crowdin is for that button?

If new users will see the correct icons, that's good. Yes, I'm old user with a bit experience, I knew the way to change the icons. ;)  In any case, I agree it is also good thing to improve it for existing users but not very well experienced.

About Icon's texts in main menu:
1) The first image is 'main menu' of Locus 3.12.2. The text of 'Import data' in Japanese is fully shown.
2) The second image is the 'main menu' of Locus The last character of 'Import data' is not shown. I guess the begger font size raises the problem.
3) The third image is 'More functions' of Locus The text of 'Share & Export data' is fully shown in two lines. I say that the text folding position is not very nice, but I doesn't look really bad as you said because there is no lack of characters and the alignment of the icons are perfect.

Hi menion,

In the improved main menu in Locus
- 'Maps' button appears twice. (1st and 6th button)
- The space for the text (only one line) is not enough for some button.

Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: September 25, 2015, 12:36:16 »
The english text "Service description" of the gpsies_service_desc at crowdin is wrong, isn't it?
While the text "Three million tracks to download - bla bla bla ..." in Locus 3.12.0 seems correct.

@menion: Thanks for pointing me to the related topic.
I confirmed that popup works properly when full screen is disabled. You are right!

not working popup ... seems to be issue on some 4.x devices, thanks, fixed
Locus beta on LGL24(a variant of LG G3, android 4.4), tapping popup menu doesn't work at all. Please fix.

Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: July 18, 2015, 17:10:36 »
Thanks, gynta :)

Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: July 18, 2015, 16:10:05 »
Hi menion,
I don't know why but I'm not able to edit ja.tts on Google drive. So, I put here the ja.tts v4 for Locus beta
Thanks in advance.

Hi, menion.
I've found that change the order of navigation points works by dragging start or end point icon but doesn't work by dragging via point icon. Isn't it an issue?

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