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Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: July 13, 2013, 19:26:53 »
By setting speed parameter to 20.0 and renaming en.txt to en.tts, the voice simulation works now.

I'm testing TTS navigation for now under the condition:
Locus Language : English
TTS Engine : Google TTS
Compute source : MapQuest

1. For "approximately after %N1 kilometers",
'%N1' is not replaced with numbers but is pronounced literally.

2. Tapping [Settings] -> [Navigation] -> [Choose voice] -> [Text-to-speech] or
   [Nav button] -> [Choose voice] -> [Text-to-speech] during navigation,
   the device speaks "You've arrived at your destination".  Isn't it strange?

3. It seems that the last voice before a turning point is usually given at 200 meter before the point.
Is this reasonable distance? It may be good for Cars but too far for cycle and for Foot.
Well I'm not sure if this issue should be discussed here now but I wrote it just to remember...

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 2.13.X+
« on: July 12, 2013, 21:03:15 »
I'm sending some reports.

1.  TTS voices
Is "voice simulation" enabled in the test version
It  worked in the last test version but it seems not now. So it's difficult to test.

2. compass & sat screen
I think it's strange that "Compass On/Off" button appears only in sat screen.

3. gesture
I confirmed that screen turn on/off by gesture properly works on my device (SGNoteII).

4. own web loader for login
login to Geocaching Live and OSM gives "Unexpected Problem!".
(I haven't created account on them yet.)

5. highlight of simplified dots on map
It looks better than before. I like this.

Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: July 07, 2013, 20:30:17 »
Hi, gynta and menion. Thanks for information.
When testing version comes, I'll see(listen to), which text(%N1) or number(%V) gives better results.

Troubles & Questions / Re: TTS problems [JPN]
« on: July 06, 2013, 13:52:32 »
Thank you for the test and for the idea in future.
I'll wait for good news. Thanks again.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Source of TTS text? - wrong [GER] TTS
« on: July 06, 2013, 13:35:18 »
Hello menion. Please check this.

Troubles & Questions / TTS problems [JPN]
« on: July 04, 2013, 10:06:00 »
I will report two problems on navigation in Japanese voice.

1) comma character
When there are two turns in a row, navigation voice in English says, for example, "After 100 meter turn left, then after 100 meter turn right". Here, the ',' character does not produce any sound.

On the other hand, on navigation in Japanese, the ',' character is actually read by TTS as 'comma'. It is very annoying.  Is it possible to translate ',' into '、' ? The '、' is Japanese comma and is not read by Japanese TTS.

2) fifty instead of fifteen
When you approach about 15 meter before a turning point, navigation in English says "After 15 meter turn left". But in Japanese, the voice says "After fifty meter (50 m) turn left" instead of fifteen meter (15 m). I don't know why.

Independent from Locus, I've tested Japanese TTS by directly giving '15' and I confirmed that the TTS says 'fifteen' in Japanese.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Source of TTS text? - wrong [GER] TTS
« on: July 03, 2013, 20:20:18 »
Hello, gynta.

I believe that the navigation voice "Älter wie" comes from the text "Then" in strings.xml.
If you change the translation to "Nach", you will get what you expect.

But there is a problem.  The text "Then" is also used at [Maps] -> [Online] -> [Download] -> area select -> [Download] -> 'OVERWRITE' -> 'Then X days'.
So, the text "Then" in Map downloading dialogue will be changed too.

The word "Nach" may be used for both as a navigation voice and as a text in dialogue giving a natural meaning like in English. However for another language, it may not. For example in Japanese, it gives a strange meaning.

So, I would like to suggest to developer:
- to use the word "then" only for navigation voice.
- to create a new word "overwrite_older_than" for map download.

Thank you for taking my requests and the comment on the reason of 'impor'.

For the "text with xml tags" issue, my explanation was too short. Here is a long version.

1. install LocusPro 2.12.2 from Google Play
2. disable WiFi and 3G connection then launch LocusPro
3. When "Application not licenced" window appears, tap "Free" button
4. see [Settings] -> [Guiding] -> [Tracks, Notification settings]

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 2.12.X+
« on: June 22, 2013, 13:05:20 »
The followings are the words which I would like to request to prepare the words to be separated.

* The word "Orientation" defined in "pref_orientation" appears:
    - [Settings] -> [Global] -> [Orientation lock]
        -> 'ORIENTATION' for Portrait mode / Landscape mode.
    - [Settings] -> [Sensors] -> 'ORIENTATION' as of bearing.

* The word "Recording" defined in "recording" appears:
    - [Settings] -> [Track recording] -> 'RECORDING' as a title name.
    - Pop-up message 'Recording' when you start/resume track recording.

* The word "Visibility" defined in "visibility" appears:
    - [More] -> [Weather] -> 'Visibility' as the transparency of the air.
    - [More] -> [Notes (OpenStreetMap)] -> 'Visibility' as show/hide notes.
    - [Settings] -> [Track recording] -> [Automatic export] -> [OpenStreetMap]
      -> 'VISIBILITY' as the type of GPS traces.

* The text "Area" defined in "area":
    - [Maps] -> [ONLINE] -> [Download] -> 'AREA' as a region for map download.
    - [Data] -> [Tracks] -> any track -> INFORMATION tab -> 'Area'
      as a mathematically calculated value of the area closed by track.

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 2.12.X+
« on: June 22, 2013, 13:03:07 »
I also would like to ask some requests related to the text and its context name in "strings.xml/strings_pref.xml".
I found that some of single English word are used at the different place in Locus with a defferent meaning.

For example, the word "Basic" defined in "basic" appears in:
  - [More] -> [Parking] -> 'BASIC' as a tab name.
  - [Data] -> [Tracks] -> any track -> STYLE -> 'BASIC' as a choice of solid line.

Their meanings are different at all and it causes problems on translation.
Sometimes it is very difficult or even impossible to find appropriate word to satisfy both meanings.
If you prepare these words separated, for example,

   - word "Basic Infomation" as a tab name using "parking_basic_info"
   - word "Solid line" as a type of line using "line_basic"

then the problem will be solved.

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / Re: [APP] - version 2.12.X+
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:54:10 »
I'm going to report some bugs which I found during the translation work.

* [Settings] -> [Map - objects & style] -> [Altitude position]
  - The text defined in "pref_map_tracks_show_label_desc" is incorrectly shown.
    The text in "pref_map_item_show_label_altitude_desc" should be there.

* [Settings] -> [Guiding] -> [Tracks, Notification settings]
  - A text with xml tags '<font color="red">(Pro)</font>' is shown
    after Text-to-speech. It can be seen only in Locus Free Version.

* Typo in the context name.
  - The context name assigned for the text 'Import' seems wrong.
    It shouldn't be 'impor' without 't' at the end but should be 'import'.
  - This can be confirmed only at the web site but not in the locus app.

* [More] -> [On-board map calibrator] -> [Compute]
  - The progress indicator shown as percentage does not work properly.
    It shows constant value of '2147483647 %'.

Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: June 10, 2013, 14:18:12 »
Thank you for the prompt reply.
I've already created "strings.xml" in my PC and want to upload it by crowdin-cli command following the instruction found at "". Could you tell me where can I find the "project_identifier" for Locus? I could find only my "api_key".

Here is "crowdin.yaml" which I've prepared as a configuration file.
project_identifier: Locus
api_key: +++I've wrote my api_key+++
base_path: /home/ta-ka/work_crowdin
    source: '/res/values-ja/strings.xml'
    translation: '/res/values-%android_code%/%original_file_name%'
With this config, "crowdin-cli download" command gives an error message
"error: 1: Requested project does not exist".

Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: June 10, 2013, 11:54:53 »
I would like to contribute to translation into Japanese.
Would you send me a invitation for crowdin?
My login name on crowdin is "ta-ka".
Thanks in advance.

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