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Hello, lor74cas.

For training voice (and navigation voice), phrases have to be defined by tts file for each language. To prepare tts file for italian, download en.tts from google drive, put it in Locus/data/tts folder, and just rename en.tts to it.tts. The link to google drive is written here

Then, in Locus, set both 'Language' and 'Text-to-speech settings' to italian, and start training. You should hear 'Ritmo bla bla per kilometer'. Actually I've confirmed that.

Now, you can edit the english phrases into italian and when you complete them, upload your it.tts file to google drive. It will be embedded in next version of Locus and Locus/data/tts/it.tts file is no longer needed.

Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: February 25, 2017, 06:43:10 »
Hi, menion.
I've updated ja.tts for v5 (24.2.2017).  Please confirm and fix followings.
en.tts: parameter for 'value_speed_avg_interval' and 'value_speed_avg_track' should be "%V1" but not "%D1".
README.txt: 'value_day_time' -> 'value_time_current'

Hi, menion.
I agree with your decision. Have you updated en.tts in google drive yet? And don't forget to replace indent spaces into tabs.
@menion: I don't know why but it seems that leading spaces in tts file cause a problem. I replaced them with tabs and it works.

current anouncement for "current time" in german language:
current time 13 Stunden 36 Minuten
it should:
aktuelle Uhrzeit 13 Uhr 36 Minuten
Hi, balloni55.
Please download an attached de.tts and put it as Locus/data/tts/de.tts. Then, in Locus, set both 'Language' and 'Text-to-speech settings' to german. With this configuration and google tts engine, I confirmed that announcement of current time was correct (aktuelle Uhrzeit X Uhr X Minuten). Though I don't understand german. ;)

@menion: I don't know why but it seems that leading spaces in tts file cause a problem. I replaced them with tabs and it works.

For now i miss to translate for announcement:
- tracktime
- pace
- lap pace
- current time  and here additional an alternative option for german language
Because these words are missing in tts file, crowdin texts are used as fallback. This fallback is based on 'Language' setting but not 'Text-to-speech settings'. So, if you set 'Language' to english and 'Text-to-speech settings' to german, Locus gives "current time X Stunden X Minuten". Am I right?

Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: February 20, 2017, 12:57:33 »
Hi, menion.
Thanks for very fast response as usual :)  I've uploaded ja.tts v5 file to google drive.
Here is my modifications from v4:
1. modified value_day_time value_time_current from "%T1" to "%T2"
2. renamed heart_rate_value to value_heart_rate
3. added "paces_P1"
4. In "times_T2", removed "parent": "T1" and created "hours", "minutes" and "seconds"

EDIT: updated for v5 (24.2.2017)

Discussion/New features / Re: TTS voices
« on: February 19, 2017, 06:20:57 »
Could you please add a new variable "times_T2" in tts file to be used for 'current time' in training manager?

In beta version, it seems that "times_T1" is used to express current time. But it is not neccessary for english because, for example, 9:15 is pronounced as nine-fifteen without hour(s) and minute(s). On the other hand for japanese, additional words after 9 and 15 are required and those words are different from "times_T1".

I've finally understood how to set map resolution in "Presets" and how it works.  Very good improvemant. :)
I'm going to think and vote what "Presets" setting will be useful.

Hello ta-ka, this is already possible since this new Beta by "Presets" system.

Wow, really! I will check it out. Thanks!

yesterday evening I've just published new Beta version

"Map resolution" preferences rewrote to new "Prefs" system and added to "Presets"

Could you please make it possible to set arbitrary map resolution by number in "Presets"?

I usually set 200 % while outdoor activities and 400 % while car navigation. But for now, it requires really a lot of taps to reach map resolution setting window then go back to map screen. Quick setting between 100 % and custom % is, I would say, not satisfactory when using tile based maps on high-res screen phone/tablet. Texts on the map are too small to read at 100 % resolution. :'(

Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
« on: November 18, 2016, 12:40:30 »
The word 'SPECIAL' in the Share menu and in the line style menu comes from the same text in crowdin. It makes difficult to assign appropriate translation word.  Could you please separate them? My suggestion is to create a new context 'line_style_special' as same as for 'Basic' line style (line_style_basic). Thanks in advance.

hmm, for me it works with TotalCommander.
Are you able to remove file assignment for foobar?
If not, try to remove/reinstall foobar. So system will ask again for assignment.

I confirmed it works now on version 3.20.0, though more than 80 candidate apps are shown in the list before selecting default app assignment.

On version, "Map items > 3-dot Menu > Open in file browser" doesn't open Locus internal file browser. Is it normal? Even if so, external file browser, in my case Total Commander, didn't start but foobar2000(music player) started. :-[

main menu vs functions(more)
In "Functions" Locus is able to display whole label.
"Main menu" should do it in the same way.

Thanks for the fix. Please delete my rooms. (You know my 'My Locus Profile', I guess.)

I'm testing private room feature of the Live Tracking with version Removing own room in rooms manager behaves strange. It doesn't remove the room but duplicates it. Could you confirm this? By the way, detaching non-own room removes the room as expected.

EDIT: @gynta, nice clip :P  I was about prepareing the same.

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