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Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
November 30, 2023, 13:38:51
Hello Menion,

The word "Visibility" shown in Settings > Points & tracks > Route warnings have strange meaning in translasion. It looks like the word is incorrectly taken from "visibility of color (transparency)". Could you please create a new context in crowdin, for example, "route_warnings_visibility" to fix the issue?
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.14.+ ( 1/2023 )
January 24, 2023, 13:05:14

For the word "visibility" in the new weather forecast, please take the translation from the Key:weather_visibility, not from the Key:visibility.

Troubles & Questions / Re: overview_image disable
October 27, 2022, 11:02:18
Ah, semi-transparent PNG ... I see. Is it possible to convert to jpg if the source image is jpg and to convert to png if the source image is png? It doesn't require extra optional settings.
Troubles & Questions / Re: overview_image disable
October 12, 2022, 10:25:25
I agree with you and Joeloc. JPG 80% should be fine.

Google developers recommended jpeg quality is 85%.
Imagemagick's default jpeg quality is 92%
Troubles & Questions / Re: overview_image disable
October 11, 2022, 15:57:55
Hi menion,
Could you also use jpeg format for Image map calibration? Currently Locus stores png image(s) in the created kmz file even if the original image is jpeg. The kmz size is about four times larger than the original jpeg size (quality 92%).
Another workaround without splitting a track into segments is to use analyzer in Locus Map Classic with Settings > Points & tracks > Tap on track > Popup. Please see the screen capture.

- The 'Navigation / guidance' button is available in the 'Popup' menu. It appears by tapping on the track(part) preview in its detail screen followed by selecting the track(part) on the map. This is possible only in Locus Map Classic but not in Locus Map 4.

- If the 'Screen' option is selected instead of the 'Popup' option, the 'Navigation / guidance' button is not available.

- To remove the track(part) from the map, Locus app have to be closed then restarted. There is no 'hide' button in the 'Popup' menu.

The method above might be unexpected or obsoleted behavior but it looks working fine. I hope it's not difficult to implement the navigation button for a track(part) as well as for normal tracks in the track detail info view. Then the feature will be available in Locus Map 4, too.
Other features / Re: World map at low zooms
September 01, 2022, 16:43:21
My opinion is that the world map should be applied only for vector maps. It's not necessary for online raster maps, offline raster maps and blank maps.
Hello Menion,

As you are clearing some list of unsolved topics, I would like to ask to solve "World map at low zooms" issue, too.

If you select a global map in Maps > Advanced features > Pre-load global map, Locus switches to the global map at low zoom levels independent from Base map type (vector/raster/blank map). The issue can be found on both Locus 4 and Locus classic.
I've confirmed the issue has been solved in beta version
Thank you very much Menion.
Hello Žajdlík Josef,

Thanks for the hint. I tried that Musicolet setting on and off but unfortunately there was no improvement.
Hi Menion,

The music app is Musicolet but the issue doesn't depend on music apps. I tested with new locus release version then noticed that the issue happens not only with voice coach but also with navigation voice. The details is:

1) Start playing music then start voice coach or navigation in Locus. Locus runs in foreground and music app runs in background. You can hear the music sound as usual.

2) When voice event is triggered in Locus, the music sound is interrupted. You can hear only the Text-to-Speech voice but no music sound.

3) When the Text-to-Speech is completed, the music restarts.

Before the mentioned locus versions, the music sound wasn't interrupted at 2) but continued with lower volume. You could hear both the Text-to-Speech voice and the music sound at the same time.

The issue might be a side effect of the bug fix of 'Text-to-speech issues when background audio player play on A11+.' in Locus Map and Locus Map Pro Before these Locus versions, the music keeps playing on during audio coach voice and it was very comfortable for running with favorite music. Could you please look at the issue and find out a solution?
Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
February 12, 2021, 09:04:13
Thanks Menion.
I'll join LoPoints translation, and also web planner and Locus Store translation when they are ready.

I report some other translation related stuff.

1) The phrase "Waiting for GPS" which already exists in crowdin represents better meaning than "Initializing...".
2) Locus GIS uses the phrase "Primary colors" but Locus doesn't.
3) The word "Running" as a sports activity should be used only for that meaning. But it also appears in the notification message when locus is processing auto-backup job.
4) The phrase "Didn't find it" as a term of geocaching should be used only for that. But it also appears as a warning toast message if user custom icon file is missing while importing points.

Those phrases look no problem when using Locus in English but once they are translated into other language, they may look strange. It is happening in Japanese translation.
Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
February 08, 2021, 17:16:24

I would like to ask to create two new words in crowdin, "Visible" and "Hidden" for "Settings > Controlling > Panels & buttons". Currently they give wrong translation (in Japanese) because:
The word "Visible" has been used in the dashboard item and the meaning is gps satellites are in the sky.
The word "Hidden" has been used in geocache info screen and the meaning is the date when geocache was hidden.

P.S. Please also think about the request for locus store translations written in my previous post.
Information / Re: [TRANSLATION]
July 06, 2020, 16:06:27
Hello menion.

Could you maintain Locus store strings in crowdin? Some strings are missing in crowdin
and some strings appear untranslated or wrongly translated in Locus store (in Japanese).

Here is some examples:
Worldwide, Features, City, Ski and Piste, General, Transportation, Nautical, From XXX (L) / month, Point icons, Navigation icons, and etc...

I suggest to create a separate Locus store strings category in crowdin.