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Quote from: menion on August 21, 2014, 10:59:42
@CaptKaos2: best way for report FC issue, is log or a way how to reproduce it

Tried it today and had no problems, it must have been a glitch on my phone. I did reboot it before I went out. By the way the previous problem with the truncating of my pre filled field notes has gone, Thanks.

I updated to  Locus Pro 3.2.0 last night and today I was out Geocaching and had 2 random FC's when logging my finds.
The first was when I rotated the screen when typing, the second was on going back to a log and editing it. All other occasion where fine, and since my return home I have tried to duplicate it but cannot.
The phone state was in Aeroplane mode, wifi off, using Locus Bluetooth GPS and no other apps running. Hopefully it was a just a glitch, the next time I am out I will try again.


Edit Using offline logging setting.
Menion, Thanks for the reply.
Out of curiosity I made 2 dummy finds with the original settings , then added 3 period marks ( TFTC[:)]... )  to the end of the pre-fill format, and added 2 more dummy finds. As you can see in the attached gcFieldNotes.txt file the ] is missing from the first 2, but nothing is missing from the last 2. On uploading to the ) is also removed from the first 2 but nothing is removed from the last 2.     

I don't know if this helps.


Edit :- reduced it to just 1 (.) and that solves my problem for now
Over the last few days I have noticed a problem in the new version. In the Geocaching settings I use Pre-fill field notes. The format is:-
(#{c}                                              TFTC[:)])
I just start writing in the middle and save it. When I upload to I then refine it. But in the last 2  occasions I have been out, when the Field Note is uploaded the last 2 characters are missing, so the end of the field note is:- ( TFTC[: ) so I have to add the rest during the edit.

This is the first time it has happened.

In Geocaching4Locus go into preference and in the Downloading Section under count of Logs. Select amount of logs you require to download (30 Max)
I don't know what they are playing at, took 3 attempts today to get to uploaded field notes, Browser kept timing out. Wish they would inform users when they are working on the site.  >:(

They will still want my renewal fee on time in a few months.
Same here, just after I had put all my cache finds by hand.  :(
What are playing at, yesterday I could not see stats.
I don't know if there is a problem with server or it is a problem with GC4Locus or Locus and the new api I've seen mentioned in the Forum.
When I returned today, as usual I connected to the Internet and selected Geocaching Live. But unlike normal, I was given the option to Login . after completing the login page on I see a green box with login valid in it and then a box with working in it. after a while I then get a red box with  Status Code :1 | Status Message : Fail | Detail: {blank}
I thought that the problem might be with GC4 Locus so I went into it and loged out and tried to Log back in After putting in my login details and selecting Allow I get a box with Error occurs! | Fail | Exception | LiveGeocachingApiException.

I will log all the caches manually so I don't Lose the Details, but any ideas.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Bluetooth GPS
June 02, 2014, 15:42:19
You say this happens when you first start Locus are you also starting the GLO , Garmin say it takes 60 seconds to get a lock from a cold start, but it can take longer. Or if you have already started it, has it gone into standby.
Yesterday on a geocaching trip, I started Locus and the GLO as I parked up. It was nearly 2 minutes before Locus showed my correct position, I put that down  to the tree cover in the Parking Area, after that it ran for 6 hrs without a problem. 
Ein iphone besitzen Freund von mir beneidete Locus auf meinem Android und nach einer Suche mit diesem.
(Sorry für die Übersetzung - ich bin English)
Below are 2 photos. The first is without Buttons set, the second is with Quick Button 1  set to Hint and Quick button 2 set to log your visit.
Could be your Android version my units are 4.3 and 4.4
I have been looking for the Big Surprise, but it has eluded me so far.  :)

@Celda the buttons are added to the Bottom panel when viewing a cache in the points menu.
Free chat / Re: [Poll] PC: OS and Browser
May 29, 2014, 17:28:31
Win 8.1 Pro (64bit) + Chrome  (IE 11 for Banking as Chrome plays up with there security)
As a USER of locus I have never had any problems with locus deleting maps also the support is the same for both the free and pro versions.And support has been excellent.
But to your problem:- having read your posts (twice) and seen the use of terms like "Magic Bytes" and seen that the action of deleting Tracks has not been successful but has resulted in map file "disappearing" and the original tracks remaining.
Also the fact that your Locus folder is situated on ExtSdCard points to a major problem with your SD Card. As mentioned by a previous poster
If it was me, I would remove the card and put it in a card reader on my PC. Copy everything on the card to my PC, then run ChkDisk  on the card. This will give you an indication of the state of the SD card, and if possible rectify it. If everything is clear then you will know that your assumptions are right. If not then possibly a format of the SD card will solve it. If none of this works ask again.
But before you do, try a free app ES file explorer from Google Play it will allow you to see your internal memory and any duplicate folders.
How many caches have you downloaded in the last 24hrs. There is a limit( 6000), and will not load any more till the 24 hr period is up. Saying that, I have only reached the limit once and I had an on-screen warning telling me so.
My SGS3 works ok.