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Only did a quick check but the Vanishing Waypoints problem has disappeared. Thank You.

Troubles & Questions / Re: compass
November 06, 2014, 12:06:18
Quote from: arminsch on November 06, 2014, 09:01:38
I thought I can just use the compass to see where north is

The compass works for me without a target. What phone have you got and does the inbuilt compass work with other compass apps?
 I understand,  Pedometer by tayutau on Google Play 
Entschuldigen Sie mein Deutsch (ich bin Englisch ) und bin mit Google Translate .
Könnten Sie nicht mit "Track Record-Funktion ", um Ihre Bewegung aufzeichnen und arbeiten sie sich von dort aus . Es zeigt Ihnen , wie weit Sie auf Ihrer Wanderung verschoben haben .

Other features / Re: Question about compass
October 24, 2014, 21:31:32
Quote from: Wojtas82 on October 23, 2014, 21:07:07
when I stop after few seconds inbuilt compass is activated and map points into random direction and doesn't show the proper direction.

It depends were your phone is sitting in the car, I've had this problem with the compass when my phone has been sitting above the radio and in front of the dashboard digital display.
The internal compass is affected by the electronics and ferromagnetic material.

Great, I'm glad it's fixed. As usual great and fast support from Menion. Wish all app developers where as good
Hopefully you've had the email for the link to Google Drive.

Thanks for the reply Menion, I have uploaded the database folder and a full backup to my drive folder and am about to send the link to you.
But I may have found the solution whilst patiently waiting for my wife in a car park after lunch.
I live on the edge of a National Park and there are upward of possibly 6000 caches in a 30 mile radius of the Park. In the past I have had them in separate folders covering different areas. About a month ago I missed some caches whilst on the edge of one of the areas covered as the were in a different folder, so I decided to combine all the folders into 1 so it wouldn't happen again and everything was fine. But since then the number has increased by about 700 and that's when this problem started.
Today I selected the first 100 from the main folder and moved them to a new folder, these are the caches that first caused the problem, and after only selecting those caches to be visible, the problem disappeared.
So it looks like the problem was mine and not Locus, sorry for the inconvenience.

I had already uninstalled the app before I saw your post, and it did have an effect. I no longer have the problem in my personal maps (sqlitedb).
Quote from: menion on October 23, 2014, 08:00:19
Is same issue happen also when you display single (one you attached) on a map?

If I understand the above right, if I attach a new waypoint to a cache, when I zoom in on that point, it does not disappear. Although other waypoints in that cache do disappear, and when I zoom back out although they reappear again, they are unselectable.
I have spent the last hour playing with the settings and trying to see what effects they have and trying to see if I can get to the bottom of it. I have found the following.
1. If on zooming in on a waypoint it disappears or becomes unresponsive , selecting settings and then exiting settings without changing anything. Or reselecting the map again from the quick map changer the waypoint reappears and is selectable.
2. If I exit Locus from a vector Map, occasionally all waypoints are deselected on restarting .
Quote from: menion on October 23, 2014, 08:00:19
If not, I need whole folder content you see on map to simulate this problem.
Do you mean the 50 caches that I have selected from my points folder?

BTW Locus had a few FC's  whilst doing these test. Selected send report.

I've been out today and it is now showing the same problem on my OrdS.sqlitedb maps. I have cleared all temp data and reset preferences to default, which made no difference. Next option is to un-install and clear everything from the phone, then re-install, which is a bit drastic.
Anyone any ideas?

I've had a problem today with Locus Pro whilst using a vector map, though I may have had this occur before.
When using zoom levels above 16/17 and above the waypoints  either disappear or become un-selectable.
The map I am using is the England - offline vector from the Locus Store (Ver 2014.09) , and have tried it with different themes with the same result.
I have attached a video to show the problem, and the Caches GPX  file.

Tried the test version mainly to try the popup labels for points.
Really liked it, especially when doing a series of caches. Touching the icon allows me to quickly turn on guiding instead of loading all the details.
Another great innovation.

Quote from: aberfoyle on October 16, 2014, 03:12:05

1) The order of screens is not consistent.

3) A track name cannot be fully seen on the list screen if it is too long.  Only when the track is displayed on the map screen, is the name seen in full over two lines

2) Track List screen: The eyeball icon replacing the check box is interesting, but I'm thinking it might be better to keep the normal convention of check box, rather than introduce a new paradigm (I was confused)

Read this yesterday and was interested in your reply Menion.

1) Having been a user of Locus for a while, and the action of the back button IMO is correct, as you wrote " Locus works this way - map is center point of everything and every action that leads to map"

3) Not a problem with Locus, all tracks that I write are short names, eg Dart24 = Dartmoor Double Dozen cache route.

12) I personally like the new way of selecting/displaying Tracks and Points

Thanks for the answer Menion, understand now after a play with it.

Just came back off my Holiday to find a new version of Locus. Menion you've been busy.
Really like what you have done to the UI in the Maps, points and track screen. All the info I need is there, especially on the Points screen.  There is one thing thing that puzzles me. When I tap the tools button in the Points Screen, I get access to all that functions I require to carry out on my selections, Move, Copy, Export, Update etc..  But on the top there is a Tick button for selection (not the eye from previous screen) and a button for sorting.
Maybe I've been laying to long in the sun, but personally I can't see a use for them. Maybe I'm wrong, and others have a use for them.