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yah, when the creator doesn't know about unlock codes, it is to be expected that the cartridge won't show it...

Unlock Code is a unique 15-character code generated from the combination of the cartridge and your user name - so it is always the same for you, but different for everyone else. well-behaved cartridges show you this Unlock Code at the end. less well-behaved don't

now you have two options:

a) don't unlock on
yes, i know, it's supposedly "required" for the find on, but in practice, there is no way to check it. that's right, you can unlock the cartridge, but it won't be displayed anywhere and the owner can't check that you unlocked.

b) find the code in the GWC file.
simply open it in notepad and look for a sequence of uppercase characters and numbers, something looking like this: XH8DHDAI2A86
then copy that as the Unlock Code.
if the sequence has 16 characters, input only the first 15

both ways can be used for cheating, but since you did complete the cartridge, i don't see a problem with that.