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May you post a screenshot of how it looks on your device? Thanks
hmm simple and useful idea, but no simple method in the app ...  ::)

What I would do, is to split this long route into separate smaller routes, one for every day and using the navigation (or simply guidance) to let the app navigate along. Then, values from the navigation are visible on the screen or may be used in the dashboard.
Hi Joska,
I`m worried, this one won`t be solvable on my side :-\.

Add-on for Android Wear does not work with the Bluetooth directly, but instead uses internal Android API for it. This internal library then does the hard work ... the communication between devices.

I of course understand that this issue happens only when you start than Locus Map app, so it has to be somehow connected, but I have absolutely not idea how to detect the real reason, sorry.
Hello bongo,
as far as I know, there were no changes in the way, app communicates with 3rd party apps. Can you please point me to the Google Play to app that does not work correctly? There is quite a lot of apps from Garmin, so I need to test the correct one. Thanks
New Beta just published and the issue that caused memory problems on my own device should be fixed now!

Give it a try please, thanksů
New Beta version MapGooglePlay_4.23.1.3_1132_beta with a few very interesting additions

- fixed! an issue with the app stuck during navigation after recalculations
- finally working the outline color for tracks
- and more


Btw in the previous Beta was also highly reduced battery consumption during track recording when the screen was on. On my device, during 3h simulated recording, it was reduced from 30% to 18% (only when the screen is on).
As far as I know ... @janaton is already working on it.
XCover 4 is from my point of view, the most problematic device I know for now, sorry  :). I may only suggest attaching photos before writing logs...

Opening a link > hope, you did not miss FTF because of this. Anyway, it works for me. Does it make a difference if Locus Map runs before you tap on this link?
Zdravím mitahu,
takový nepěkný věc se stala "jen tak", bez nějaké další akce? Prostě jen po spuštění apky najendou byl hlavní adresář přehozen?

Jinak ano, od Androidu 11 nelze bohužel mít hlavní adresář apky v rootu interní paměti, tedy je nutný přesun. Doporučuju zazálohovat adresář "locus" někam do PC a pak provést Nastavení > Zálohování & soub. systém > Přenos dat aplikace > Načíst data aplikace a tady vybrat ten starý adresář s daty. Apky by si pak měla data překopírovat do toho interního...
Hello Rostia,
in the mobile app, all looks correct?

@Andrew Heard
hmm, I'll try to push it a little ...
this is weird and should not happen of course. Anyway, we should be able to find out what happened. Just please create a private ticket on our help desk portal here, where Petr and Michal look at it more precisely. If you also provide the email address you are using directly in the Locus Map app, it will help! Thanks and sorry for the complication.
Understand, but I'm sorry, there is nothing we may do with it.
Hello Alain,

seems you are discussing with us on the help desk as well  ;). It is usually better to stick with one topic per problem, thanks. Anyway, it may be faster here, so: when you finish track recording, open please the track detail and check if you have average and max. heart rate value in the statistics or if you may select heart rate in the chart. If so, this means that heart rate values are correctly recorded. Otherwise, suggest double-checking that your heart rate belt is really connected during track recording.

And thanks balloni. I also think it will be "this" problem with Geocaching.
issue with update of the geocache and the UI glitch in the "log the cache" should be fixed now, thanks

Track Preview
thanks for the feedback. Purpose of this feature should be more as a small nice auto-generated preview for social media, not for print or deeper analysis.
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: LAB cache
April 19, 2024, 14:38:46
Do Beta kanálu na Google Play apku už dávno nedávám, protože jsem došli k tomu, že je vhodnější aby každý kdo chce testovat update provedl ručně až uzná za vhodné.

Verzi dnes určitě vygeneruju, jen nevím jestli to nebude až večer. Jinak jestli používáš verzi z Google Play, pak ne-AFA bude vhodnější (ale nic by se nestalo i s AFA verzí).