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Troubles & Questions / Re: How to pause navigation?
October 24, 2023, 09:01:25
Hello Bernhard,
unfortunately no, this option is not yet implemented.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.19.+ ( 9/2023 )
October 23, 2023, 19:53:27
Hi guys,
sorry, it took me a while till I responded here. We were a little stuck on the offline solution for custom routing and warnings. All hopefully solved now.

option to hige warnings will be added in the next app version, check this topic.

@Andrew Heard
hmm trying to simulate the issue in the planner ... but it will really need a video, thanks!

Hmm, I've not used this for years ... login was problematic, but the Facebook login finally worked. And export ... no problem, interesting. May you try to re-login?

I do not know why it does not work, anyway let's do a quick check.
To the next Beta version, I've added two extra info parameters to the "Device info" screen (available under long-click on the main menu > Helpdesk / About app button. There will be an item "Storage manager" with two values, so please check what is wrote there. Thanks.
Web portal & sync / Re: Devices time drift
October 23, 2023, 09:01:44
times in the app for sync purposes are handled independently on the time of the device, so there should generally be no problem related to the "time" itself.
Hello and sorry for the troubles.

Please try to install the Beta version MapGooglePlay_4.19.0.2_1115_beta.apk from this link: . @freischneider correctly wrote it is an identical issue that should be solved in this Beta version.
we have very simple rules here: . As long, as the app won't be cracked, stolen etc. it should not be a problem.
Maps / Re: Collective update Lomaps possible?
October 16, 2023, 13:11:46
I know sorry  :-[
This is still not possible even though this task is in my list for a very very long time ...
Hi Tom,
sorry, no new features are planned for the Classic version.
Thanks for understanding.
to je divné. Testuju to a v poslední verzi již bez problému.
Tohle se děje jak při "swipu" z boku tak i při kliknutí na horní "geocaching ikonu" v toolbaru?

Btw. proklik na web lze dělat přes "kód" keše.
Hmm, I may look at the correct path later. Anyway I'm glad it works for you now ;)
interesting. I'm just testing it with some online tool: and no negative results. I'm also checking the content of the website and also nothing unusual.

Btw. if you are using Locus Map 4, we have updated manual at .
Hello markopolo,
what you see on the screenshot is not possible in the Locus Classic version. This is a feature available only in the Locus Map 4, where you may better choose the position of the dashboard in the layout.
Thanks for sharing. I'm surprised it worked before! The path to the legend should be a) URL to web page or b) a relative path within the theme directory. So only the "legend.pdf" and not the "mapsVector/_themes/legend.pdf". Anyway in the next version, both versions will work!

Btw. very nice legend!!!  :o
Hello OS,
thanks for the huge amount of screenshots  :). I was mainly curious about your setup in the Altitude manager screen, where seems to be everything "correctly" disabled. In such case, the received altitude should be completely un-affected by any internal optimization and visible values should really be values that Locus Map received.

The question here is what values the app receives. In the app settings > GPS & sensors is a setting called "Google Services assisted location". This switch between two modes. First (when disabled) is the old method where the app receives raw data. The second use pre-computed values by the Google Play services library and I've already noticed that in rare cases, values were not correct. So if you have an option to test it, suggest disabling this setting and giving a second try.
Let's wait for the next version. I'll do a few more tweaks till then. I'm also just now doing some battery benchmarks to measure if this has a noticeable impact on the battery.

- basic centering on the current position (so the movement of the map cursor & map every second) should work ok
- when the navigation is active, the cursor still jumps every second, but map is moving smoothly - this should be improved
I do not have a perfect argument, why not to have a slider directly on the map. I consider current solution as good enough for most of cases. It is two clicks away, so not a big problem when you from time to time need to adjust transparent.

With WMS/WMTS it is worst, I know and agree.