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App version 4.14.3? The device in the description "Motorola Xoom"? Please first confirm you are not a spambot.

Then please describe what services are running in the app when such high battery usage may be visible. Just visible map and active GPS or also for example track recording etc? What about these tips, make any change?
Díky netřeba.
Tady to nicméně bude asi trošku komplikovanější. POI Alert nejlépe bude fungovat opravdu s interními body, tedy určitě doporučuju mít kešky stažené před výletem. Ušetří to i baterku v terénu, nebude nutné nic stahovat.

POI Alert by nicméně měl brát v potaz i body z live mapy. LoPointy jsou záměrně vypnuté tedy v POI Alertu nejsou brané v potaz. S Live mapou je ale ten problém, že se obnovuje jen při pohybu mapy, tedy když je obraz vypnutý, k pohybu nedochází a body se tedy neupdatují. Proto doporučuju spíše kešky nejdříve naimportovat, pak by mělo vše fungovat i s vypnutým displejem.
Very interesting. I used these boxes a long time ago for internal testing and they should never be visible. Grat that the update helped ... anyway, it is a small mystery to me  :)
I'm searching through that app code, but I'm unable to find any reason for this behavior.

In case, you disable "True bearing" in the settings, values should match values from your own physical compass. It is a good place to start. You wrote, that in this case, values in the compass screen are identical to the physical compass, right?

Fine. On the map, the values are computed from the coordinates. The result of this is "True azimuth" so the final value is computed as "Computed bearing - declination". You know the coordinates of your location and the target and the declination reported for your location is visible on the compass screen at the bottom, so you may easily verify that the visible value is correct.
That sounds scary ... sorry for this. Rarely does someone report such a complex problem when moving data and I'm still unfortunately unable to make it 100 (or at least close to it) robust and working without issues.

And now, all set up and working finally without a problem?
New pre-release Beta!
One interesting piece of news (for someone) -> possibility of adding ratings and comments to online LoPoints! We still believe we should be able to create a usable database of useful places with photos, mainly for hike & bike usage. Offline version (so online and offline LoPoints (almost) identical) is planned on rest of this year.

And second, partially secret (for now) -> you should now receive 1 LoCoin for every uploaded and validated photo. So 2099 photos -> Gold for one year :)

Unfortunately, I'm still unable to simulate it, no matter what I do. Could you please enable logging to the file in the Beta, try it again (maybe twice), and send me a log file? Thanks!

@Graf Geo , @Andrew Heard
One minute was in the previous version. For now, five minutes is better than nothing  ;). Once it is reliable good enough, we may discuss sooner notification or some extra adjustments. I also need to test it more in the field and not sit permanently behind the desk :)
Hi, do you still have the backup file (zip)?

Inside, you may check if there are a "data/config/" and "data/config/" files. These contain the required config for these two features.
error > hmm, tohle budu potřebovat nasimulovat. To bude komplikovanější ...
"size_virtual" > chyba na mé straně, opraveno

jak psal @Graf Geo (thanks)
#46 > I'm testing it and the mentioned link works without a problem. Does this happen for all the links you've tried or just this single cache? Does a live map or downloading of caches work without a problem for you?

Track rec notifications
thanks for the feedback. I had to make them always enabled to force you test it  ;D. Anyway good ideas, thanks. I need to keep it simple, because storing full "notification dialog" settings within a recording profile is currently more complicated. So, I've at least made these two notifications optional (settings in every profile), increased the time when the notification appears (to 5 minutes in case of pending recording and 3 minutes in case of invalid pause), and changed notification from "warning" (orange) to just "info" (green).

hmm, do not remember if I've noticed this. This will be very hard to solve ... (sorry)

more easily accessible app version: good idea, I've noted it.
All values are displayed with exactly the same method ... so all values above 100km will be rounded like this.
Perfect. I hoped you will be experimenting with it a little and find a working solution. With "Quick bookmark" in the side function panel, you have quick access to this functionality in two clicks ...
Hi Gerhard,
downscaling maps highly increases battery consumption and slows map rendering so it is not possible. What is the problem with base 100% resolution? Isn't a solution to reduce texts only (available in the settings)?

The best solution will probably be customizing the used map theme and reducing the sizes of items that bother you.
Hmm, one alternative solution ...

Open the app > main menu > All features > Tools > Quick bookmark.

Here tap on "+" and choose "Add new".

As a URL template define whatever will work for you, but you should start with "geo:0,0?q={mapLat},{mapLon}(text)".

Target application at the bottom, choose your Garmin app, it should be available. If not, it should work even without it. Give it a try.
Hmm, consumed memory itself is not a problem. The problem is if this slows down your system and the app.

Is this still happen to you? And still even only during common usage as moving an OAM (TOTM theme) map and nothing special. No recording, no navigation, live tracking, etc?

I made many 3-hour tests with various parameters and even basic movement of the map in zoom level 16 cased no problems. Maybe I should try also OAM maps and this specified theme ...
@Andrew Heard
you still have some problems with installation .. sorry, but nothing has changed in the way how I generate apk files. No idea, sorry ...

Impossible to hide an empty bottom panel in the route planner > yes, it is an intent.

Crash when going online/offline > I think I've got it. You have edited one shared track and a moment later deleted it (probably). The app still tries to work with edited shared track, but it has already been deleted. I'll publish the fixed Beta tomorrow.

full-screen > do not use it, if it does not work. It is a hacky unreliable system. That's why it was removed and will not come back. Thanks for understanding.