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Hi guys,
you do this just to avoid a few clicks you need to switch between the internal Elevate theme selector? It is not so slow, mainly with the new Map-screen content panel, isn`t it?

You may also use "Presets" > set two presets, one with a single theme & sub-theme and change them on one clik.
Hallo, können Sie bitte einen Screenshot dieser Fehlermeldung in der neuen Locus Map 4 Version posten? Danke!
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Mizející waypointy
September 05, 2023, 22:39:11
tohle bude aktuálně komplikované vyřešit. Geocaching4Locus již není aktivně vyvíjen a Locus Map 4 čeká konečně dodělat Live mapu napřímo. Takže tady nezbývá než počkat než si na to najdu čas a live-mapa bude nativně implementovaná. Díky za pochopení.
Hello David,
really interesting. May you please compare the setup of the "Altitude manager" screen in both app versions?
There are no such settings that may increase GPS frequency. There exist external devices, like Garmin GLO and some other, that allows increasing frequency to 10x per second.

Anyway, if the problem you "feel" is really only a movement that is not fluent ... in other apps, they most probably do transition between two locations with map animation. It does not give any extra accuracy or more frequent location > it "only" polishes usability a little.

I was already thinking about it some time ago and decided, that battery is priority no 1.


Let's try a quite simple attempt ... next (Beta) version, Expert settings, a new option "Fluent movement". It changes a simple jump between coordinates, to a small 1/4 sec long animation. A one second-long animation does not make sense, because in the end of animation, the location will be almost one second old. So 1/4s is a good compromise and it looks quite good.


And usage ... 25% of users use Locus Map for cars & motorcycles. So it is not so simple. We try to focus on hike & bike > This means that when I have to decide something, I optimize the app for the hike & bike rather than for the cars, but ...  :)
Perfect, glad to read it!
Understand, but this defines the time after which the map screen center returns to the current GPS location (center map) after you move with the map to a different place. It does not affect the movement of the map when centered (so during navigation etc.).

My explanation is probably too complicated, sorry  :)
Not sure what do you mean by "The frequency of map centering" @Tapio. Correct of course is, that the app does not make a fluent movement between received GPS locations. This is to save some power. Most of devices receive location once per second, so the map should also move/refresh once per second. Is this what you are talking about "non-smooth progress" @DIDYM13 ?
thanks! This is on @Radim V as he is behind the main logic here.

@balloni55 & @Andrew Heard
"Tools" menu should not be visible for online setup, removed, thanks.
And visible slider > it is currently only for "MTB profile". But seems you see other ("is wet") parameters, good, so it should work.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 25, 2023, 16:07:50
New Beta version

Major new change - LoRouter customization & warnings

Enjoy the weekend!
I would like to introduce one major improvement we are preparing now.

Starting version
Test: Beta
Production: 4.19.0?

We all know customization options for offline LoRouter & BRouter like "Wet conditions", "Avoid highways" etc.
Improvements we bring are the same options also for the online router + inner flexible system that will bring more customizations, firstly for online, later offline router.

Now we also introduce the first "Terrain tailor" parameter that allows customization of the required MTB track difficulty (currently only for online LoRouter).

You cannot view this attachment.

Please keep in mind, that I plan soon completely rewrite the screen with the setup of routers & routing parameters (screenshot above) so excuse UI & its usability for now.

Because along the route, there are usually a lot of important and problematic places, the app will try to inform you about it. So now you may see these places as icons or cross-lines along the planned and saved route.

You cannot view this attachment.

Currently also only over the online LoRouter.


This is the kind of feature that will never be done. There will always be something more to report or customize. We already have quite a long list of parameters we want to add there. Suggestions are of course welcome, but are not too important for now. Important is to have a working reliable system that is prepared for adding new parameters. Thanks for reading!
Seit einiger Zeit füllt Locus Map 4 automatisch fehlende Adressen in die Navigationspunkte ein, falls in dem Gebiet Offline-LoMaps (mit Offline-Adressen) verfügbar sind.

Interessant ist, was das Panel am Ende Ihrer Navigation verbirgt. Sollte nicht sein. Die App erkennt, ob die Strecke Straßennamen hat und wenn ja, sollte die Tafel die ganze Zeit sichtbar bleiben.
Hmm understand, but it is the first time (if remember correctly) that anyone needs a manually modify single trackpoint elevation. In such rare cases, I suggest exporting track to GPX and editing elevation in the generated txt file manually.

Otherwise "Fill elevation" is your best friend. If you require more precise data, consider the suggestion of @freischneider and use more precise elevation data from @Sonny (then that data offered by the app directly).
any idea how this gap happens? Should be usually done only by the pause button during recording.

Anyway, it may be removed in the track editor. Tap on track, start "Edit on map", select trackpoint at the start of the gap, and choose "Remove gap".
First post and five days without a response. Some weird topics appear here and maybe thanks to AI, they seem to be too precise to simply distinguish from spam as before...