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Implemented / Re: New mapdata
January 01, 2011, 10:49:44
Hi eXXon,
  as I see, this maps have very coplicated url syntax and isn't allowed to use them simple as google maps or osm maps ...
  are they really so good that much work that is needed to add them to Locus worth it? If yes, I can try to add them but I hope that no :)
  I'm glad you like it ;)

  about downloading maps ... what is problem? Exist two versions of SQLite download, precisely described here. If it is not perfectly understandable, let me know. I'm not sure about my english but I hope that you will understand differences between both SQLite methods ...
  whole topic in english so ...

  I'm currently testing using of MyTracks to record tracks. It seems for me best solution. Release time depend a little on release time of new MyTracks version which will bring support for this external usage. If will be problems with using MyTracks, I'll do own implementation, so track recording will be surely!
Troubles & Questions / Re: Problem with 0.4.11
December 28, 2010, 18:16:26
 sorry to all, my mistake. On 2.2 desire all works fine ... hope that I'll find time and fix this issue today ...
  I'm not sure from which sources, android system takes it's location. For taking position from Cell-ID, I think you don't need to have internet data connection. It's just basic trigonometry from power of phone signal. There is question about position of sending towers...

Position taken from wi-fi signal, pretend just connection to wi-fi network, but it do not mean that internet connection is also available. So, I'm not perfectly sure how whole this basic network location think work, but it will be weird, when internet connection have to be available!
 I thing that when you don't want to use your gps and want only network/wi-fi/cell-ID ... you the disable gps in system. When you do this, you'll see that Locus use your network location. You can also see this when you enable gps in locus, green circle will be displayed almost immediately. Green circle is position from network. When you receive position from GPS, green change to blue!

  enough? :)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Map initialization
December 27, 2010, 10:49:48
  it's weird, because every map is testing if it was changed during last run and if was, only then new initialization is starting. It do not depend on application updates! Hmm, so I'll have to look on it closer, but this have not to do!

  I understand that 2GB of maps takes too long to initialize, so please look if new update do same thing. If so, we'll have to do something with it :)
Hi Puma,
  firstly I moved your topic to Locus -> Question forum from Smartmaps forum.

  then, to remove adds you just look into settings, there is possibility to disable by checkbox button.

  and about downloaded maps - it depend on method you used for download. Here are described method of download. If you choose first one, there will be no new map in custom maps tab. This method share tiles with online maps, so you just select Google earth from online maps, and your downloaded tiles will be used!
Hi Seam,
  it's not for the first time I see that users have problems with uderstanding of three bottom buttons. First button is for map centering, as described here. It center map after 5 seconds. So if you need to move to another location, just disable first bottom button (centering). Hope this helps!
Implemented / Re: Offline režim
December 25, 2010, 08:14:53
  tohle určitě udělat chci. Taky jsem nad tím už přemýšlel ale nevím kam dát nějaké zaškrtávátko online/offline režim ...

 nějaké nápady? Asi to není něco co by člověk měnil 10x denně že? takže možná to dát až do nastavení, nějaký online režim (ano/ne), s popisem: při zvolených online mapách stahovat chybějící dlaždice. Defaultně zapnuto ... hmm to by možná šlo :)
Implemented / Re: Locking overzoom
December 24, 2010, 20:47:01
seems to be ideal to use pinch zoom also on this ... later this will work too ;)

  nice christmas
Implemented / Re: Switch for locking orientation
December 24, 2010, 11:46:05
ok, it's done :)
  check new version if you fell OK with this and merry Christmas to you too ;)
  file tested and all points imported correctly in new (0.8.0) version. I saw that in KML file are tags with address and phone numbers. I'm not sure it they're valid KML tags, but I should do support for this also if it's useful ...
Implemented / Re: Switch for locking orientation
December 24, 2010, 09:24:29
  you thing something in settins with these

lock map screen orientation
  • system settings
  • portrait mode
  • landscape mode

do you mean something like this? I don't see it much useful but I'll look at it ;)
Implemented / Re: Locking overzoom
December 24, 2010, 09:22:45
  did you tried lock button on bottom panel (lock symbol). This lock actual layer and you should zoom inside one zoom layer. This zoom not work with pinch zoom but currently only with normal plus/minus buttons.
  is this what you're looking for?