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  did you try this functionality on J2me OpenWIG emulator? I'm not very familiar with LUA (funny right :) ), so please test this firstly on OpenWIG! Thanks ...
which cartridge did you try? I tested this on Wherigo tutorial cartridge and after while, cartridge recognize GPS correctly. It takes some time, but finally ...
did you read FAQ, question about downloading cartridges?

  it's OK :) ... I have similar problem. Don't know what's wrong with this version of MyTracks, but it is just developing version so it'll be sure fixed in final version. Purpose of this MyTracks version is just for Start and Stop route record.

  Currently I'm fully focused on support of MyMaps so let's wait for a while (~until end of January) if developers of MyTracks create any new market version. if so, then I'll do full support for Locus. If not, I'll create own recording service. Until then, test mainly MyMaps, and I'm going back to work on ability to add own path to MyMaps ;)
interesting, I have also A2.2!
  what's the problem? did application end with "force close"? If so, send me please logs from "locus/logs" directory ...
  no to zatím nejde, ale nejsi první kdo se mě na něco podobného ptá, takže to už vypadá, že s tím budu muset něco udělat.

ještě teda nevím jak to provést. Co mě tak napadá, asi by stačilo mít možnost v nastavení zadat alternativní cesty k mapovému(ým) adresáři že? Takže například jen středníkem oddělené cesty na jednotlivé adresáře? Hmm trošku humpolácké řešení, ale moc se mi nechce dělat s nějakým GUI pro zadávání cest. Promyslím, případně pokud tě něco "jednoduchého" napadne.
Implemented / Re: Donate
January 04, 2011, 12:48:01
hehe :)
  tlačítko DONATE je v levém horním rohu (ikona aplikace) ;)

  pokud ale nechceš (a je to určitě vítané) přispět více jak cca 60Kč, tak počkej ještě tak do konce ledna, kdy bude venku verze s pár věcmi navíc a za pár kaček, tedy forma přispěješ a dostaneš něco navíc :)
Information / Re: [POLL] - what to do in 2011!
January 04, 2011, 11:56:45
exactly. I tested many mapping software and all have own recording system. Why? Almost all did some mistakes and all have time to time any troubles. I'm not saying that MyTracks is without mistakes, but is actively developed and highly specialized!

nevermind, there are still some problems with showing tracks but I hope that during January it should be done at least to "partially" working version.
News & Hints / Re: [FAQ]
January 03, 2011, 13:27:52
thanks fuhur,
  I'll test this by myself later, actually I changed info in first post ...
Information / Re: [POLL] - what to do in 2011!
January 02, 2011, 18:40:45
  seems that route record by own implementation is winning ... :)

  but, do you all know what I mean by MyTracks integration and what this brings? Simple answer. MyTracks is actively developed by 4 experienced people. I'm alone! MyTracks is specialized on route record, Locus is very complex! MyTracks integration is partially completed in testing 0.9.0 version. In finale, I hope that you just pres start record, stop record, show recorded tracks buttons and you'll not feel difference if in background runs service from MyTracks or my own. If this should work, I'm sure that using MyTracks is much more useful, precise, without mistake and so on choice! What you mean?

  I prefer MyTracks. If this solution will not work as I want, I'll do my own later!
  I wrote quickly short manual how to run OpenWIG on desktop computer here.

  hope this helps ...
News & Hints / Testing on J2ME OpenWIG
January 02, 2011, 14:55:39
Why test on java OpenWIG core?
Core of WhereYouGo is based on work of Matejcik. Person who created OpenWIG project. Why test? Answer is simple. If you have any troubles with WhereYouGo, firstly test this on OpenWIG! If All works fine, problem is with WhereYouGo, so write me and I'll fix this. If OpenWIG have same issue as WhereYouGo, you have to post your issue on OpenWIG google code page here!

How to test your cartridge on OpenWIG core?
  • download Java WTK 2.5.2 library from here.
  • download newest OpenWIG.jar and OpenWIG.jad files from here.
  • install Sun WTK 2.5.2. Then go to install folder bin (on my computer - c:Program FilesJavawtk_2.5.2bin) and run ktoolbar.exe.
  • click File and Create project from Jad/Jar and choose your downloaded OpenWIG files.
  • click run on top panel and voala .. :)
  • directory which serve as card in emulator is on my computer c:Usersmenionj2mewtk2.5.2appdbDefaultColorPhonefilesystemroot1

hope this simple tutorial helps you!
Hi technetium,
  I'm currently fully focused on Locus, so may you do some more testing? WhereYouGo core is based on OpenWIG, so when something do not work in OpenWIG, it'll not work in WhereYouGo too!! otherwise, if something work in OpenWIG and not in WhereYouGo, I'm sure that this is my mistake and should be solved!

  so please test your cartridge also in OpenWIG (phone with Java ME or emulator). If you have same problems in OpenWIG, write this issue on OpenWIG code page here or let me know if it's problem only in WhereYouGo and I'll fix this! Thanks
Hi to all,
  hope you've got nice start of new year. Me ... yes :)

so ... some news are coming. It'll take same time since new version will be on market. I really want to test some features. If you want, you should help with developing by testing new versions of Locus from this topic!

6.1.2011 - Locus 0.9.0
  • uff ... enough waiting. New version is on Market and I hope that all will work well or at least, no angry one star comments, will not appear on market!
  • small info: myTracks support is currently removed. I did great work on this today but I need to new version of MyTracks release on market. Until that, I cannot release my version with this support

5.1.2011 - Locus
  • adding paths to MyMaps (filled or just lines)
  • new dialog for adding point to MyMaps
  • ability to export MyMaps data to Locus database
  • many others fixs ... ufff

4.1.2011 - Locus
  • improved ability to add points. Now use correct icons.
  • ability to DELETE points.
  • ability to add Points from database to MyMaps! (Start editing any map and then click on item from database)
  • fixed many bugs with showing maps
  • added ability to cache calling to show MyMaps from SMS, email, ... (for example previously sended by Locus 'any MyMaps -> Share')

... and c'mon guys, any feedback is needed :)

3.1.2011 - Locus
  • impoved MyMaps support!!!
  • fixed problems on A2.1 and lower
  • ability to create NEW maps in application
  • ability to ADD POINTS into MyMaps from application
  • some fixs and improvements

1.1.2011 - Locus
  • basic support for MyMaps (viewing)!!!
  • basic integration of MyTracks
  • ability to import and show tracks on map
  • offline mod for online maps (in settings)
  • changed style of bottom menus (two lines now)

about MyTracks integration - version that support this integration is not currently on market, so you have to use attached, UNSIGNED MyTracks (you need to remove old MyTracks and install this), otherwise, Stop recording function will not work. Also track is not visible on map, even in MyTracks. It's just for start and stop recording. System of MyTracks is still in developing, so I'm waiting with integration to final version!

what I want before release?
  • tune MyMaps integration, with ability to share maps and delete them
  • wait a while for MyTracks release and improve MyTracks integration (viewing recorded tracks on map, ability to show another recorded tracks on map, ...)
Implemented / Re: Offline režim
January 01, 2011, 20:08:57
done, since version 0.9.0