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I'll post version with enabled my maps. Addon is really hard to do, due to big integration of my maps to whole application, so probably no addon will be. I'll probably risk negative ratings and comments like "again permission to read account? Why for god?" and similar and release app with My Maps support together ...
new version on market guys. Thanks for test, tips & tric.. ehm ... :)

what about testing of "huge maps", did this anyone? looks I'll have to do it by myself ...
Hehe, thanks Berkley :) all answers are perfect!

My Maps look interesting, but I don't know what to think about it. It worked, then they disable it and now it works again? I'll probably do My Maps support as extension to Locus similar to contact addon. This will prevent from need permissions directly in application (mainly access to account credentials) and also do not harm main app if this will be disabled again. On the other side, it's bunch of new work ...

and about imported files. I have finally solution. "&" sign is not valid xml sign and cannot be directly in text. paragraph Escaping
"The characters "<" and "&" are key syntax markers and may never appear in content"!!

so you have to put them into CDATA tag or replace them "&" for "&amp;"
Implemented / Re: Upload Tracks to Sharing Site
February 25, 2011, 09:17:04
It's in plan!

Uploading tracks to My Maps is a little problematic, cause My Maps has limit to number of points. For tracks, should be better fusion tables. Anyway do you know about any web service that should allow uploading tracks thanks to some API? If so, it should be nice extension to Locus ...
when you turn off screen and guiding is disabled, GPS IS! turned off. But until this settings, GPS remain enabled when guiding was enabled. Now you can disable GPS also during guiding. Try it and you'll see ...
two thinks ... one good, one bad!

- "&" is really terrible. I cannot find simple solution to handle this. Only solution for now seems to be to use another XML parser, which means a lot of rewritting and testing and I don't want to do this now ...

- second thing is much better but I don't know what to think about it. Did you tried update of My Tracks? I did and I saw in updates notes "Enabled uploading to My Maps" ... wtf? Because I was too lazy to delete all code of My Maps from Locus, I just enabled it again and woalla ... it's working!!! And editing works also!! WTF??? ...
hi, after some tests I founded, that problem is '&' sign in files. I have to find any working solution ...
- text fixed, thanks ...

- hmm, when you set "double sized", maps Locus just pre-raster map and display them as you wrote - twice as big. It's useful on small display with high resolutions where map is really tiny a most text are hard to read

- coordinates
It's a problem. I personally do not feel that any texts like coordinates or text labels below points, are graphically nice compare to rest of application. So this is just some helping work for few of you, who wanted to display coordinates. I don't think it's useful in basic usage. Also I have still no idea how to display any additional information as overlay on map (like these coordinates or some stats during track record for example)

- and arrow. You're first who noticed and write me about this :). Guiding arrow is still when you do not move with map. With every map refresh, arrow move for a few pixels. It have simple reason. When I create behavior that arrow will be still moving, I'll have to refresh whole map screen every, time which consume battery for almost nothing. When you have GPS enabled, then map is refreshed every second and moving arrow looks nice at least for me. Hmm? ...
- bsb maps? any description what is this?

- for detailed zooms on some places in same map, use "External mode" described here Or you should now use "Multi SQL map" in beta version. This actually is only in testing and have no description.

- and coordinates, also try beta version here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=261. I have published a minute ago ...
Declined / Re: List of Points
February 24, 2011, 13:19:31
Ok, firstly I moved this topic into right category, under Locus application

then, coordinates you see is name of point not coordinates exactly. It means then you added points into category manually and set them this name. See description of points in list is not possible. I suggest you to set points correct names instead of coordinates
Troubles & Questions / Re: Category Problem BUG
February 24, 2011, 12:31:21
Hmm interesting. You mean download map tiles into offline map and without categories it won't work? It have to work. Map download not depend on POI categories. Anyway, if any problem occur, write me here and I'm sure I fix this or find any solution.
Hmm it's some nonsense ... look at my screenshot, all loaded without problem ...

There should be one more reason that you're not downloading image: Menu->Settings->Map->Offline mode ...
Troubles & Questions / Re: Category Problem BUG
February 24, 2011, 12:16:32
  but new version on market is 0.9.21, do you have this version? Category problem is fixed there.

And about map download ... what is problem?
Implemented / Re: Double taps to zoom
February 24, 2011, 11:58:52
OK, i don't think that is much useful to been able to set all that values for center icons. But I created simple solution for use custom icons, more described here ...
Don't worry, it's OK :)