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Hi Berkley,
  I'm sorry, I missed your post ...

Quote from: "berkley"Hi,

just playing around with version and had some suggestions. So I came here to post them. Then I saw that you already included them in version ... lol
Looks like you're developping way too fast. There's no time for testing!!!  :mrgreen:

Just a few questions for the tracks menu in settings:
(1) "Interval (meters)" means that (if for example is set to "1 meter") the app only writes points if you move more than 1 meter?
(2) "Interval (seconds)" means taht (if for example is set to "1 second") the app only writes points every 1 second?
(3) How can I set these values to lower than 1? Like 0,2 meter and 0,05 seconds?
(4) Is the value in "Track width" in pixels or meter?

I am using a 10hz bluetooth gps receiver. It works awesome!!! The app draws very exact tracks. Even if the phone is in standby! There's just a small problem. The accuracy shown in the gps menu isn't exact enough. I guess that the accuracy is about 0,3 meters. But the info shows just 1 meter. Can you include an exacter accurancy? Like 0,3 meters?

What about a kind of digital zoom? The closest zoom to ground shows about 200 meters in the screen. It would be great if you could just zoom in digitally. Know what I mean? Edit: Forget about that. Just figured it out... ;)

And if you are thinking about a paid version you should include some options for multilanguage...

Greetz from sunny Bavaria,

P.S. Do you know that you are creating a MONSTER???  8-)

Edit: I forgot to write something about the file systems...
I guess it would be usefull if every user can choose the destination the tracks are stored. Just my opinion. If you don't want the users to choose, I'd suggest the external sd as standard storage.
As file formats I suggest gpx and kml. Everybody can handle them.

so, my answers ...
for track record settings
1. exactly
2. exactly
3. It works for me, just click on settings and write you value. If you set '0' it will record everytime when both conditions will be success. So when you set 0 metres and 10 sec, it will record exactly every 10 secs (or a little later, depend on signal) but even when you stay on place)
4. it's pixel value for track on screen. Pixel value is better I think. Tracks have same width on every zoom of map!

About accuracy :) As a graduated surveyor, I can say you, that 0.3m accuracy with single receiver during movement is nonsence!, so don't believe accuracy values in phone :). They are only informative!

digital zoom? did you tried lock button on bottom panel?!

multilanguage ... It needs more language, I know. But I speak only Czech for little and English even worst :). Locus now contains high amount of texts. If anyone want to translate this, I should offer these texts for free and payed (hope it will be, due to problem that Czech republic still cannot sell apps) version also.

about track storage! Tracks are stored in database. You can now easily export them to SD card into GPX and KML files. I think that this is enough. Directory to export is not needed as I think ..

and finally ... monster?? :) I know I know, primary I wanted simply map viewer but now it looks that it will be too complex monster for a basic user. And I worry little about it!

Also one question on you. You have SGS as I see. On market I received two negative comments that Locus on SGS sucks. Do you have any problems with this?

And to all, If you like Locus, write something nice into comments on Market. I believe that when new user read comments like - terrible gui, crap, deleted, he will not have any taste to try this app and some users jsut don't want to give app time and test it a little. Just write negative rating and delete it ...

thanks guys ;)
ah, I misunderstand you. I thought that problem was in version .. so I rewritted SQL map handling code a little and created and now I see that problem was in older version. Nevermind, I already created support for TXT "hack" for all SQL map files.
it looks that I release wrong version :) ... hmm wait for a while :D

and also text you saw is old. I probably forgot to refresh directory with texts ... correct one is:

Map bigger then 2GB are, due to limitations of Android system, not allowed directly.nnPlease, remove map from 'maps' directory to avoid this message or use alternative method described here:! ;)
Implemented / Re: Import GPX track
January 17, 2011, 10:20:47
importing feature is fully available since 0.9.4 or testing versions here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=129

navigation along track also works but it's not fully tested - so take this as beta feature!
finally I created track recording by myself. It seems that My Track release will take a long time so ...

please test new testing version for this feature here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=129

if all works fine, new 0.9.4 version will be on market!
hi yoko,
  please try new updated version from here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=129

import full kml file! do no separate into categories manually. All points will be with correct icons (if you will be connected to internet to download them into cache) and you should use filter on poi screen ...

what you think? ;)
Yes you're of course right with this :)

there are two question, maybe more ..

1. is this really so useful? What are cases in nature where you need to draw your own path on map?

2. simple application on begin, being slowly a little bit complicated. I'll have to do some GUI improving to increase usability for basic users. And now ... some new icon "Create custom route" .. where to place this? Right panel is ideal place but, I also want to do directions computing. It's based that you defince 2 - 4 points on map and OpenStreetMap Server compute track between them. For this I also need two panels. One for defining path (similar you require) and second for same handling with already computer track (saving, loading, recompute, ...). Oh, so much functionality and so few space on screen :)

This is for a little discussion. I, as a developer have no objective opinion on this. Almost everything I create seems very easy for me, but not for all users...
needed version - 0.9.22 and higher

Android limitation
After some testing, seems that Android cannot handle files bigger then 2^31 b, so around 2GB!! Here I slowly create solution how to use maps bigger then this limitation in Locus software, so ...

OK, solution is out in version 0.9.22. It need to be tested!

How dows it work
In Locus/maps directory create new directory for your new SQL map. Into this directory upload all files that you want to be as one map. After Locus start, it initialize all map parts (you have to wait for a while, 1GB map takes around 2 minutes, so count with it) and then you can use it. All files in this directory now work as ONE MAP!

Also, for perfect usage, there should be any tool that help to create these maps.

In locus you should create maps lower then 2GB. Bigger cannot be created due to Android limitation. I should create some tool that help separate maps into more parts directly in Locus, but will not be used by many people as well as I have important thinks to do. So actually, to create these maps in Locus, you ahve to create every part separate and manually and then also manually copy them into one directory in Locus/maps!

Much better tool to create big maps. Only one disadvantage. It have no tool to separate maps into parts needed by Locus. So, best solution as I can see, if anyone wrote tool (in Python for example) that separate big maps into 2GB parts!

[s:1vycvo9h]In android device seems to be some limitation on external SQL database (on internal also). This limitation don't allow to go through simple sql query on whole table so you have to use this alternative method! (It's also useful if you want faster initialization or you have any other troubles with SQL map initialization process)

  • Download simple SQL database browser. I use this (// ... It's fast and easy to handle. You can download it here.
  • After download, extract (install) and run.
  • In program, press File->Open Database and choose you map file. Every loading and action takes a little time due to size of your map file so be a little patient!
  • After file load, do to last tab called Execute SQL and into SQL String insert this text
    SELECT DISTINCT z from tiles and press Execute query
  • After process complete, you'll see in bottom Data returned area, zoom levels in map file. Copy all these values into separate text file named same as your map file and separate values with ";", not just new line.
  • So after whole process, you'll have one file MyMap.sqlitedb (original map file) and one file MyMap.txt which contains for example this text
  • Copy both into Locus/maps directory or add them on Custom map page as externel map. Hope this works for you. Comments are welcome!

If you change map file, initialization process will run for this map again (it depend on time of last edit of map file) so TXT file will be loaded again.
But when you for example download any new layer into map file, but you do not change TXT file before initialization process run in Locus, no new layer will be visible. If this problem occur, change layers in TXT file to correct values and also DELETE cache directory. Initialization process will run again and now ... correctly![/s:1vycvo9h]
  thanks for feedback .. finally anyone :)

Quote from: "superscout03"-Being able to manually draw your own track on the map without having to be connected to the internet. and still having the funtion of editablity, track color, name, etc..
This is already there. Just connect to My Maps and tap "Edit" on any of your map!!
I also plan to add something like this to define points for route compute, but still not sure where to place, so later ..

Quote from: "superscout03"- an option to be able to see the the "name" of a point and or "waypoint" on the screen without tapping on the icon. example.. you have a point set on the map and the name of the point hovers overtop of or next to the icon making it so you dont have to tap the icon to see its name. But have the feature be able to turn on or off also.
I count with this. Will be done later also ...

Quote from: "superscout03"- More location formats than just Lat/Lon and UTM. I personally use MGRS for most of my applications and navigation, due to the fact that it is much easier and faster to input and the fact that alot of roads are non existant in my area. But thats just me.
Same as previous. It's a "hard" work" for me so it has less priority!

Quote from: "superscout03"-Being able to make categories for track logs or and making seperate folders for specific type tracks instead of having them all cram into one folder...kinda like the way you have the points management set up being able to create seperate catagories.
Hmm I'll think about it ...
  how big is map you're trying to add? Is it bigger then 2GB?? If not, is every start Locus initializing map which unfortunately still not appear in Custom maps?
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Změna barvy trasy
January 16, 2011, 18:36:51
no ten problém tam je pořád protože by se měla defaultně nějak pojmenovat aby tam nebylo bílé místo. zítra na to juknu jinak není zač :)
  I don't think that this is needed (I'm planning another solution to work with more points in same category) ... may you send me to email your downloaded KML file? Downloading for me do not work due to some mistake on server ... hmm
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Změna barvy trasy
January 16, 2011, 14:35:05
vyzkoušej poslední verzi


klikni na levou část řádky s tratí a vyber edit ... možno? ;)
Implemented / Re: Please add features...
January 16, 2011, 14:34:33
  one part is completed, try here with latest version viewtopic.php?f=21&t=129 and let me know ...

  second part: I don't have Garmin (first problem) and I don't see any usefulness in this. I'll this request open. Maybe sometime ...
  seems that you're not the only one with this problem (by the comments on market :( ) ...

firstly - you have GPS enabled in system and in other probrams GPS works?
then - if you enable GPS in Locus (by the long click on top gps button or on GPS screen) what happen? Did you see message "GPS enabled" and after a while green circle? (position from wi-fi or cell-id). Try bottom left button to center to GPS position also!

just please try to little experiment and let me know. I have currently no idea what is the problem ...