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Implemented / Re: Customizable screen for GPS data
« on: May 12, 2011, 11:21:04 »
hi, it is separate screen ... but! actually you can only place items one next to another. After this will works fine and some simple skins will be ready and fully working, I'll start work on layout system that allow cover one item with another, ability to add map item also here and some custom items ... so you'll be able to place for example to half of screen map, on top some speed item and over corner of map, coordinates or something like this ... for example. Ok? :) That's my plan ...

EDIT: hmm you bring me also on nice idea ... to create this screen with transparent background .. hmm :) I'll think about it!!

Implemented / Re: Customizable screen for GPS data
« on: May 12, 2011, 09:51:21 »
another testing version release ... much more supported variables. Please look on HOW TO screen. There is attached working example (best is first called "menion"). I fully support only LinearLayout and TextView components, but it's enough . You can see what is simply possible (after 10 minutes of work) with these components ... (there are just example terrible colors, but you can use whatever color you want and also whatever image you want). If anyone know about any simple web tutorial how to create layouts for android, that should help to others, write me here ...

Implemented / Re: Customizable screen for GPS data
« on: May 11, 2011, 20:15:56 »
background feature is already  there for TextView and Button item. I'll add it also for RelativeLayout and LinearLayout (these are containers that only hold data). Look also on my examples attached to How To screen. You'll see that all on screen is from pictures. I'll look on separating values into value and unit part. Look also on nine-patch ... it's really very very useful for holding more resolutions ... ... nine-patch!

All style of creating GUI in custom screen is based on creating GUI in android itself, so if you're not familiar with this and you want to do something like "custom screens", I'll help you a lot ... ... ayout.html

For all items I use and write my own custom wrapper because android cannot create simply GUI from external GPX file, so I should add some special functionality for every View item ...

we will discuss it later ;). Good luck if you want to try do something and ask whatever question you have! I feel it as very cool feature and I'm really sure, this will work nice!

Implemented / Re: Customizable screen for GPS data
« on: May 11, 2011, 19:53:42 »
fine, I'll add all useful variables slowly ... but ... what about some average values? These are available in Locus only during track recording ok? When no track record is enabled, no average values are available.

Also all actually implemented variables are formated automatically. You have to also count that:
1. there is many many display resolutions
2. every user used different display values (km/h, m/h, ..)

it will need some testing. Anyway you have to count that all this work will need some work, and I'll add functionality slowly as you or others will need. For now, all values are together with units. Do you thing that is useful to be able separate values and units into two parts? Also is important for you to have separated decimal part of values? As I said before, you have to count that every user, use different settings ...

Troubles & Questions / Re: Bug while downloading offline maps
« on: May 11, 2011, 13:39:23 »
I'm little sorry you see this in that way ...

so, Yes, I'm two person in one. The first want to allow users what they want. Because I'm also user, and I using same Locus Pro as others for normal usage, so I feel also limitation of download. Second person do not want to have any troubles. This person feel really tired from own stupidity and naivete (that allowed all this) and from lot of emails of OSM server owners, some map providers, too many angry users like you ... But last few days, I don't care anymore. I really love my work and Locus program, I'm sure it's best mapping program on market and I'm also sure that I want still work on it as much as possible.

What I can say to your post? Download map once? How can I say to users ... download it only once? There is recommendation on Map manager screen, how to limit downloading ... nothing changed, in "Basic info" is written about limitation of 2GB ... and what I can see? Some user who want everything for free and feel cheated, when he now cannot have something that already had ...

Ah, as I wrote ... don't care about similar cases. Locus is now finally 99% (everyone can find something when want so thats 1% backup) clear and I'm sure, no more troubles will come. Providers.xml is mainly created for supporting own mapnik servers that works on this base.

uff ...

Jusc: yes, restriction is actually only on downloading. So when you reach limit, you can still use online maps. Restriction is on applied on one user. Limit is written on every map in info screen. ArcGIS have bigger limit, basic OSM lower, others around 25000, yes. And limit is on one map, so you can download 25k tiles from every map server.

Implemented / Re: Customizable screen for GPS data
« on: May 11, 2011, 13:29:56 »
fine ... first public attempt ...

testing version here ... viewtopic.php?f=25&t=548
"manual" HOW TO, here ... viewtopic.php?f=21&t=578

discuss about .. here :)

Information / [MANUAL] - creating custom screen
« on: May 11, 2011, 12:32:04 »
SAMPLE PACK FROM LOCUS VERSION 1.8.2 - download here

So, simple and short description.

Recommended way ho to create this. This is very short explanation, sorry for that. Better will come later. Also this is mainly for people familiar with Android developing. If you're not, better is to use already created skins and look at them. To edit, use just simple NotePad! Much easier!!

1. download and install whole eclipse and Android SDK tools from here
2. after all works, create new android project. This will create base data structure. You'll not need anything program
3. project contains res/layout/main.xml file, that's our target. Learn with Eclipse GUI builder and edit this file
4. put resources (best to use 9-patch images) into res folders (supported, drawable, drawable-hdpi, drawable-mdpi, drawable-ldpi)
5. after compilation, take mail.xml file and image resources from compiled source (this is because of 9-patch images. If you want to use basic png files, you can add them directly into result. 9-patch have to be precompiled!).

You do not have to do previous steps. You can edit xml file directly in any editor. Previous steps are just recommended way for easy "Drag and drop" creating and also only way to support 9-patch images

And how to get actually all this works?
Locus/data/customScreen/   (root directory)

create ZIP file that containt this structure

  • /assets/ - for custom fonts
  • /drawable/ - (9-patch, or universal)
  • /drawable-hdpi/
  • /drawable-ldpi/
  • /drawable-mdpi/
  • /layout/ - for layout specification (for landscape and portrait or ... below ... for separate by orientation)
  • /layout-land/
  • /layout-port/
  • /values/ (supported colors.xml, styles.xml)

Place your main layout file into layout directory (or two files, one to layout-land, second to layout-port) and rename it to main.xml. That is important, because main.xml file is gate to whole layout, it have to be included!

also in root of you ZIP file, you can place these files (optional)
  • icon.png - small (48x48px) logo of your skin
  • info.html - HTML page that will contain description of you skin (some links, donate button or similar is possible)

Finally, place this zip file, into root directory described above!

Active Views, you can use (warning, only limited functionality on almost all items - still in develop) and Actions you can apply are described in topics below

Implemented / Re: Customizable screen for GPS data
« on: May 11, 2011, 10:45:41 »
hmm so first working example is here ...

there is actually no working APK file and no documentation for this. I just wanted to let you know that I works on it :). So what variables and features are most needed? I should add few more and then release some testing version for you also ...

anyway, customization is done by Android layout xml file with some small modification. So no drag and drop editing inside application possible now

Implemented / Re: Track settings by profiles
« on: May 11, 2011, 10:13:06 »
yes you can. I have this feature still in my mind. To be true, it's on first place in my mind. But I cannot find solution how to simply implement this :). There is a little problem with settings all stuff in settings screen dynamically. Only solution for me is some next subscreen level in track recording settings screen, where you will be able to edit settings of single profile. I have to figure out by some way ... grrr ... this request gives me crazy and it looks so simply :)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Bug while downloading offline maps
« on: May 11, 2011, 08:55:19 »
ONLYONE who have troubles from mass downloading is ME ... here ... 8590.html!!

Now on all servers, Locus is very easily identified, so I don't really want to get message from google ... sorry, you app takes to much tiles from our server, we had to delete it! Too much data by Google earth by few minutes?? Are you kidding? 25 000 tiles is large city (cca 20 x 20 km) in very good resolution. Good enough I think ...

USE older version of Mobac or Locus, if you have problems with this. Anyway it's current situation and it will stay like this for a while. Dot.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Bug while downloading offline maps
« on: May 11, 2011, 01:16:22 »
yes, this is limitation in locus and cannot be changed by any tool. 10%? hmm, you have what to do in next ten days if you want download so big map ;)

Implemented / Re: Customizable screen for GPS data
« on: May 10, 2011, 18:46:05 »
fine guys, will you help me to develop this? Simple process ... I'll be slowly create new features that should be used in custom screen and you'll be testing :D ...

I have simply idea. Are you familiar with basics of android screen XML layout documents? If not, you should try to study. There is not possibility to parse these layouts files directly, so I'll be creating some modified and working version ... OK? ;)

EDIT: hmm ... I was thinking about it a little ... maybe MaleSmurf's idea isn't so bad ... should it be really useful to be able create fully customizable screen or just placing somw "widgets" on screen should be enough? If you prefer CMS, then I will need some simple examples to start ...

no to je pěkný, a děje se to jen na tabletu že? hm ... už to začíná být zase jako na j2ME, co kus, to originál ... chjo. no něco s tím vymyslíme. Asi ti pošlu nějakou verzi na otest, která mi něco vypíše. Jen dotaz .. tohle muselo zlobit už předtím, můžeš to potvrdit?

Troubles & Questions / Re: Bug while downloading offline maps
« on: May 10, 2011, 16:06:28 »
No Google do not allow me this, and looks that never will. Solid way? I personally cannot help a much, but try to search, any way surely exist ... ;)

Discussion/New features / Re: WMS recommended maps
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:20:59 »
you should try some examples that are already in application. go to map manager screen, tab WMS, and at bottom click on first button. You'll see some recommended maps, just click on any you want (or add own by second button on WMS tab). If map will be added, check it, and tap on it and select "Select layers" and choose layers you want to see. Use Online maps or Offline SQlite maps to see them ...

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