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Bin / Testing and free discussion (Forum vs GetSatisfaction)
« on: August 28, 2013, 16:25:30 »
hey .. voting test

Discussion/New features / Dashboard improvements (planned)
« on: August 28, 2013, 10:38:04 »
Instead of creating private TODO list, I want to share with you list of items that all wants (needs) to add to current dashboard system.

Adding every item is on one side simple, on second side it takes quite a lot of time. So I want to prepare list of all tasks around dashboard, and then later do it all at once.

Dashboard items to add

topics on

Versions / [APP] - version 2.14.X+ (updated 3.9.2013)
« on: August 03, 2013, 09:19:20 »
General information
  • using of these Beta versions, is on your own risk. Always keep your data backuped, just for sure
  • list of changes is always related to previous test version, not to last public version
  • all Test versions, works as Locus Pro on limited time, so you may use them also for testing Pro features

3.9.2013 - Locus - new Release Candidate

news list
- finally ability to navigate on all tracks (more here ...)
- another improvements in merging of tracks
- fixed some problems with KML features (screen overlay, rotation of icons)
- fixed co-apps links
- improvements in ANT+ support
- improvements in address search (handling result)
- fixed loading of IMG map files and generating of it's center
- improved rendering speed of MapsForge lib (again I know ;) )
- and many other small fixes


29.8.2013 - Locus

news list
- added Visicom online map
- improved merging system for tracks
- added ability to read base64 encoded images in KML styles
- fixed refreshing of GPS icon state
- fixed selecting of more tracks (10, 25 ...)
- fixed problem with missing waypoints after refresh of GCVote
- fixed turned off GPS when screen rotate in sat screen

26.8.2013 - Locus

news list
- ability to zoom base map/overlay/wms independent on base map (this mean when base map ends at 17 and you have vector map overlay, you will at level 18 rescale base map, but vector will still use own level 18)
- improved computing of time values during a navigation
- added export of generated final geocache when needed (to keep found flag)
- fixed problems with new GPX export (versions)
- fixed problems with shading
- fixed problems with updating a dashboard when started with app
- fixed autoloading of vector maps
- fixed switching of maps
- created caching of initialized garmin maps, for faster start
- fixed forgetting of loaded points/tracks after full backup
- and some more reported problems

20.8.2013 - Locus

WARNING: worst then BETA version <!-- s:) --> :) <!-- s:) -->

Everything around loading maps (online, personal mainly and also vector) has changed. You'll probably not see anything, but trust me, most of code has changed and there will be problems on places where all worked fine before. Anyway thanks to this, is possible to shade also ALL!!! personal maps

news list
- added ability to shade ALL maps
- final integration of new ANT+ library (needs ANT Radio Service 4.1)
- added support for ANT+ temperature
- added support for Garmin IMG files (this is just a small bonus, don't expect big support here. I'm also not sure if this will be official feature)
- added new one-finger zoom
- improved export of GPX files (choose between version instead of "Garmin compatible")
- stronger altitude filtration for tracks
- fixed problems with settings own location sources
- added ability to hide tabs in satellite/compass screen
- many small speed optimizations

8.8.2013 - Locus 2.14.1

mainly version with fixed problems ...

6.8.2013 - Locus

quick test version before bug-fix release this week. It's mainly for people that are interested in some specific fix of any bug

news list
- added turn on screen to Screen On/Off feature for guiding along track
- improvements and fixes in Satellite/Compass screen
- fixed problem with keyboard on OAuthLoginActivity
- fixed problem with pressure sensor automatic calibration
- fixed problems with auto-zoom
- attempt to integrate working solution for ANT+ based on old library and code (previous version), because it looks that new version of ANT+ lib will never be ready (planned release date was 06/2013)
- fixed problems with BT GPS handling over track record widget
- fixed crash when locus do not have enough space on SD-card

3.8.2013 - Locus 2.14.0

new version is slowly uploading to Google Play and other servers. Enjoy

Discussion/New features / Offline POI database
« on: July 22, 2013, 22:02:41 »
Feature released in 3.5.0 version of Locus

We've been working on ability to use already available POI data from OSM maps in some better way than now. Currently, only work with OSM POI is that you may see small icons on vector maps ... nice, but...

I'm glad to officially introduce Offline POI database for Locus application.

Keep in mind a few things:
- system is in early beta and final public version is planned on last quarter 2014
- distribution of these database files will be in same way as vector maps, so over Locus store and as simple as possible
- installation will be also easy as vector maps. Currently you have to download and place on correct place files manually
- primarily for this BETA function you need also a open Locus FREE test version
- I want to keep whole system simple. No extra filtering, no extra features. Simple and fast database, nothing more

How to:
- download file from below list
- extract file and place it right to the same place as you vector map. If your file will have exactly same name, it will be used automatically together with vector map. So for example for austria, you should have in the end

Code: [Select]
- locus
  - mapsVector
    - europe
      - austria.poi.db or austria.osm.db

- firstly you need to check if database work. this may be done in:
Menu -> More  -> TESTING FEATURES -> Points of interest

There is also a question, which points include in database. Increasing number of points will slow down whole database, so it make sense, to include only interesting points/tags, not everything. So below is list of requested tags that should be by your opinions in database

missing points:

Discussion/New features / TTS voices
« on: July 07, 2013, 14:44:19 »
Warning: you do not need to do anything like this, to make TTS works in Locus. These files are already included in Locus!.

I'll use this topic, as one of many, to discuss new system of TTS for Locus

Main problem of TTS is correct spelling of numbers. To make it work on 100%, I created a system where all texts are stored in text files in usable format prepared for reading.
In English it's not so bad, there are only a one/first, but in czech are four possibilities jeden/jednu/první/prvním ;). So in this file may be arrays names numbers_NX where X is 1 - 5. You may then use these numbers in action texts.

Also format of this file is JSON. It's little bit complicated to write, but much easier to read and work with it

How to help/translate

- TTS files are stored on shared Google Drive
- All changes I do, are stored in README file, so read it once a time to check if there is something new
- recommended way to modify is - in you Google Docs (, tap on "Tools" > "Manage apps" > "Connect more apps" > "Anyfile Notepad"! It allows directly edit these TTS files on web and mainly, has very good JSON syntax highlight and error reports (incorrect syntax)

If you want to translate TTS to language that is not on Google Drive, write me and I'll gladly add it.

Free chat / Garmin & Android
« on: June 27, 2013, 20:57:19 »
Hmm quite a surprise for me ... did you saw this? ... rf-bruder/

Looks nice and contain Android :)

Versions / [APP] - version 2.13.X+ (updated 1.8.2013)
« on: June 27, 2013, 19:50:00 »
1.8.2013 - Locus

known issues in this version:
- do not rotate to landscape in "Points" screen, otherwise locus crash - fixed

news -
- Map shading integrated as full public feature and added support for shading also for all online maps!
- added maps
- improved design of sat/compass screen
- many small translation fixes
- elevation value at guiding line now works with offline altitude
- some fixes in online map loading
- fixed problems with online SmartMaps

- improved design in poi.db screens
- improved design of all icons of poi.db
- fixed problems with duplicate entries in poi.db
- fixed problems in oAuth login screen
- fixed problem with loading files over php scripts
- fixed problems with vector map rendering of tourist info

24.7.2013 - Locus

news -
- update translations

news -
- some improvements mainly in offline POI database. Now it's possible to display all points from list on map, points are also highlighted (maybe too much?) and also are in list displayed only with custom icons, so ignore current vector map theme (on map it's still based on theme).
- some reported fixes and small improvements

news -
- official announcment of offline POI database! - more here viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3267
- fixed some problems in translation
- added support to choose content around guiding line
- added display time in sorted tracks by time
- fixed export of tracks from folder
- improvements in notifications (toasts)
- small fixes in google navigation
- small optimizations

20.7.2013 - Locus

- improved vector map shading, so now I'm going to be satisfied - enable in config.cfg file and be sure you have available HGT files in vector map area
- improvements in TTS voices (more in TTS topic)
- fixed problems with layouts for points/tracks pickers
- improvements in GPS/Compass screen
- new coloring system for maps - night/high contrast/low contrast
- another speed improvements in mapsForge!! I can't believe it's still possible :)
- improving labeling mechanism of mapsforge, so now should display almost all required city/village labels
- added ability to use border also for colored (speed, altitude, ...) tracks
- fixed some problems in computing navigation track distance

13.7.2013 - Locus

main news:
- introducing new map of the world as vector map that cover world for 1-8 zoom levels when using vector maps (extract attached file into Locus/mapsVector directory and enjoy)
- new system for TTS voices - viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3227
- create better switcher for a vector themes
- own web loader for login over OAuth (geocaching, osm, ...), so no more needed external web browser (is this working for your without problems?)
- created system for turning screen on/off programatically and created new settings for automatic usage of this feature (btw. geasture is by proximity sensor. It's usually at top of screen. and is needed two waves, not more, during max 2 seconds :) )
- removed compatibility with A2.1, so locus now works on A2.2+
- added support for a sorting tracks by distance to first/last point
- some improvements in sorting (points/tracks)
- improved highlight of simplified dots on map

- improved vector maps rendering speed for another 10-20%, mainly at levels around 10 - 14
- huge speed optimizations in dual-screens (mainly data, maps)
- improved initializing of SQLite based map files, also better checking if SQLite maps is in view or not

not so important:
- added new progress loaders so you may see, something is happening when data are loading on various places
- improvements in live tracking, mainly response on internet connection
- fixed problem in incorrect sorting vector maps by distance
- fixed problem with loading some map files oruxMaps
- fixed small problems in merged compass & sat screen
- and many fixes

remaining known problems:
- incorrect altitude of first few points when using pressure sensor

30.6.2013 - Locus 2.13.1

updated version (just a fixed bugs) is available. Enjoy

27.6.2013 - Locus 2.13.0

new version is available. Enjoy

Versions / [APP] - version 2.12.X+
« on: May 26, 2013, 19:08:57 »
25.6.2013 - Locus RC! - test version

Warning: this version move settings for "Live tracking", "Quick add point", "WMS maps" to different directory!! Do not use this version if you also want to use current public version of Locus with these features!

Main speed and bugfix optimizations

[attachment=0:2zku2lmt]<!-- ia0 --><!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:2zku2lmt]

- improved "Always screen on" settings
- improvements of translation
- fixed problem with start of navigation
- small fix in downloading of one-level online map
- fixed some crashes
- small improvements in data screen
- speed improvements in moving a map with lot of items
- some improvements in speed of locus start

21.6.2013 - Locus RC! - test version

Planned release is on Wednesday of next week. So four days on testing. Any problems and ideas you find, please discuss. I'm always offering possibility to change <!-- s;) -->;)<!-- s;) --> Have a nice weekend

- another bunch of speed improvements (map handling & data, mainly points, loading)
- added "Always screen on" to quick switch
- added ability to change icons of more points at once (in data screen)
- added prevention to open more points dialogs at once

19.6.2013 - Locus - test version

- dramatically improved POI filter
- improved speed of removing "before" and "after" parts of tracks
- tapped (selected) items on map, now in list display last update time and it's also possible to sort them by time
- fixed problems with OSM notes
- fixed problem with main menu slide & screen lock feature

17.6.2013 - Locus - test version

main changes except speed improvements on various places, is new system for data screen/item visibility - opinions are welcome.

- again new system for data screen, hopefully final ... who find what's changed? <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->
- added support for display and sort by favorites points (geocaching fav)
- fixed problem with re-writting icons when choosing folders
- fixed problems with Backup manager (mainly restoring items)
- improved items count formatting in data screen
- added notification when pressure sensor do not work correctly
- some small fixes

15.6.2013 - Locus - test version

- since previous, just a few bugfixes and improvements mainly in "Data screen"
- merged "Item visibility" feature with data screen!
- better support for mouse scroll zooming
- fixing problems with centering new items coming from API
- fixes in sorting items by created and last updated date
- removed OSM Bugs service, implemented OSM Notes service
- improved recalculate feature (navigation) so now it's as background task without loading dialog
- improved backup system
- fixed problem with disappearing guiding when using live map
- many many many speed improvements - vector maps, map items, loading/unloading of items in folders (huge difference here) and also some memory optimizations
- fixed some small baterry problems (widget, notifications, wake locks on GPS)

5.6.2013 - Locus 2.12.1

not much reactions here even when almost every test version had more then 50 downloads. Nevermind, it gave me at least valuable feedback, that all major features works fine. So thanks all for a help, mainly "bug-fix" version is now heading to Google Play & AndroidPIT

4.6.2013 - Locus - RC!!

main question: what you think about "POI alert, Parking, Navigate to" features on A4.0+? Is this full-screen system better? Also if this function is called from main menu, this menu remain open if you cancel this function. Opinions are welcome ...

- switched old ANT+ system to new version (require service 4.0+)
- fixed some problems with map downloading and centering
- added ability to define folders used in POI alert
- big change in background work with GPS. Now should better handle system on/off state (anyway GPS on/off etc. really need testing)
- added support for zoom in/out by mouse scroll
- many many small fixes

2.6.2013 - Locus - test version

main question: what you think about "POI alert, Parking, Navigate to" features on A4.0+? Is this full-screen system better? Also if this function is called from main menu, this menu remain open if you cancel this function. Opinions are welcome ...

- improved design of POI alert and Navigate to screens (mainly full-screen)
- fixed problem with map picker
- fixed incorrectly computed daily temperatures
- improvements in hillshading
- few small fixes

29.5.2013 - Locus - test version

purpose of this version is to prepare really amazing new version for June (release expect at start of next week). So here are no new extra news, just a bugfixes

- zoom lock now remember last settings
- guiding on cache now disabled after logging
- "parking" feature just for testing as full screen window (not as dialog)
- fixed crashes in navigation menu
- fixed crashes when repeatedly opened Quick map switch
- fixed incorrectly send Geocaching logs
- fixed incorrect uploaded "pre-filled" texts (uploaded as field notes)
- fixed problems with parsing GLWPT nmea messages
- fixed some rare problems with older tracks databases

28.5.2013 - Locus - test version

- new system for main menu - now using system from Google itself, so recommended <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->. Anyway may be bugged ...
- optimizations on track altitudes
- moved declination from sat screen to compass screen
- improved parking function design
- attempt to fix slow vector map rendering
- fixed publishing a field notes
- some small fixes

26.5.2013 - Locus 2.12.0

new version is available. Enjoy

Versions / [APP] - version 2.11.X+
« on: April 28, 2013, 09:30:20 »
23.5.2013 - Locus - Test version - RELEASE CANDIDATE v.3

- small graphics improvements
- fixed scaling of simplified point dots on map at lowet zooms
- fixed rare crash during update a geocaches
- fixed crashes at "information screen" and "log a cache" screen
- some small optimizations

21.5.2013 - Locus - Test version - RELEASE CANDIDATE v.1

- added pack (99) of Garmin icons that match Garmin <style> tags in GPX files
- added support for Google Directions, just for personal testing purposes (enable in config.cfg)
- added ability to encode/decode geocache hint
- set default log trackable type to "discover"
- fixed problems with definition of huge maps for download
- fixed many problems with crashes in new Tabs system
- fixed incorrectly computed (and displayed) lines between long-range points
- fixed rare problems with loading geotagged photos
- fixed problems with waypoints lines to parent geocache when POI grouping is enabled
- fixed rare problem with address search

20.5.2013 - Locus - Test version

- this is testing version for a brave testers. I expect that there should be some problems mainly on pages with tabs. I completely changed tabs system. It looks almost same, but code is more elegant and hope that much more bug-resistant. Anyway this is version mainly to debug some problems with specific users ...

17.5.2013 - Locus - Test version

As in previous version, if you'll have time, please test
- new sliding tabs in "GetLocation screen" and "Navigate to" screen - what you think? Useful, waste, needs improvements?
- Geocaching Live in Locus - all communication was rewrote, so just use this version on Geocaching and let me know if there will be any problem with it (mainly with communication with Geocaching Live)

- new menu for "Navigation"
- improved system for rendering points (mainly geocaches) in lower zooms (values are fully configurable in config file)
- complete rewrite of all Geocaching Live communication with server. Need perfect testing!!!
- improved "Draw line" (renamed to "Line tools") function (add measuring and intersection - currently only on Sphere, not an ellipsiod)
- all waypoints has now two times - "created" and "last updated"
- computed navigation tracks has now automatically filled altitudes (if srtm data are available)
- changed way how locus keep screen on (removed wake-lock and used more battery friendly method)
- improved "save part of track" function
- fixed problem with remembering track style after creating new folder
- fixed problems with drawing GC Votes on map
- fixed problem with transparency of vector maps as overlay
- fixed problem with logging trackables

13.5.2013 - Locus - Test version

I'll be glad for some reactions on new sliding tabs in "GetLocation screen" and "Navigate to" screen where is now ability to pickup last used locations/tracks

- improved system for setting coordinate system
- added ability to use custom coordinate systems defined by EPSG
- many small improvements in Live Tracking (thanks gynta)
- improved listing screen in geoaching screen and enabled swipe in GC screen for testing purpose
- created ability to use "last used" location in GetLocation screen
- improved coloring of tracks on map
- added ability to sort items in pickup-list (more items selected on map at once)

7.5.2013 - Locus - Test version

- TTS is now also in Free version!! (so all can now use navigation along tracks or just voice navigation with TTS)
- new system for TTS engine (new "config" screen - display when needed or in settings > global)
- improved design for "navigate to" feature
- ability to reuse already create routes for navigation
- added OSRM navigation source
- various fixed in Live tracking service
- fixed problem with older database conversion
- fixed problems with DateTime picker & timezones
- fixed notification settings for BT GPS
- alpha value (color) now apply also on track colored by speed/altitude etc
- should be fixed some weird vector map rendering
- fixed problems with sun position
- uff any many more ... everybody who had problems, know ...

1.5.2013 - Locus 2.11.1

new version is available

28.4.2013 - Locus 2.11.0

new version is available. Enjoy

[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / cykloveletr letňany 2013
« on: April 04, 2013, 23:47:26 »
Pokud někdo zavítáte ... budeme tam překvapivě taky, tak jste vítáni :). No jelikož nám volňásky poslaly strašně pozdě, možná by mohli pro nejrychlejší i nějaké zbýt ....

Testing / [APP-DEV] - version 2.10.2+
« on: April 02, 2013, 19:20:49 »
Testing of version 2.10.2+

Version - 25. 4. 2013
this is currently release candidate. If there will be no problems, this version will go out to wild world for next month ...

- fixed problem with downloading tiles - type around POIs
- fixed problems with incorrectly computed distance on some devices
- added automatic pressure calibration using SRTM data if available
- added "current time" to dashboard variables
- integrated Zip4j on extracting vector maps. Hope this solve some issues after vector map download
- optimizations in vector map rendering (again small speed gain)
- fixed rendering problems for overlay maps
- added ability to define to which level will Locus simplify tracks on map
- improved parsing a coordinates from Clipboard

Version - 23. 4. 2013
- added support for Israel ICS, ITM, Czech S-JTSK and New Zealand NZ2000 coordinates
- improvements in edit coordinates dialog
- fixed some crashes in Edit point and Edit track screens
- fixed problem with login into GPSies for some users
- fixed some problems from previous test versions (geocaching, settings a navigation target, etc)
- and quite many small fixes

Version - 19. 4. 2013
- reusing map tiles during zoom for online & vector maps
- support for POI files OV2 (TomTom), UPI (Sygic)
- fixed problem with inability to change top buttons
- fixed problem with auto-loading of vector maps
- fixed problem with remembering of removed temp items when closing app

Version - 18. 4. 2013
- new system for vector map rendering (boost about 20% on multi-core devices)
- added support for question on center for some online maps (retromap)
- create white guiding screen (compass) + added sun (need to switch in config file)
- added new online map - (+ separete UI - side panel)
- small improvements in POI alert
- fixed problems with huge images in GC offlinizer (+ added possibility to define max image size for download)
- many many small improvements

Version - 8. 4. 2013
- finally back from Prague Exhibition (3 days), so fully back in work ;)

- redesign of altitude manager
- improvements (mainly design) in logging a geocaches
- big improvements in handling NetworkLinks (screen refresh, timing)
- fixed problems with MBT maps
- fixed problems with keep a guiding on points that change location (live view, network links)
- fetch actual version of My Tracks library (so My Tracks record works again)
- all values in track charts are now filtered
- fixed problems with not loading low zooms of some SQLite maps
- fixed refresh of GroundOverlay items

Version - 2. 4. 2013
- major changes are in new "Altitude manager". It's currently in beta. I have changed quite a lot of on background. Whole system seems to be very very complicated and I'm thinking how to make it more simple. Anyway if you want to test, I may suggest to test with pressure sensor (if you have it) and also record NMEA messages. If there will be any problem, I may at least simulate your way by NMEA (except pressure values of course)

- create new "Altitude manager" - beta
- added support for Vertical speed and slope for dashboard
- improved getting a location over "Clipboard"
- added gradient to charts
- added arrows when highlighted track with other then "simple color" style
- fixed problems with GUI at Huawei Ideos
- fixed problems with import of KMZ files with same additional files (same name)

Released / [APP] - version 2.10.X
« on: March 22, 2013, 13:45:16 »
27.3.2013 - Locus 2.10.2

new version is available. Enjoy

22.3.2013 - Locus 2.10.0

new version is available. Enjoy

Testing / [APP-DEV] - version 2.9.2+
« on: March 10, 2013, 18:49:28 »
Hello to all,
  this is topic related to testing future 2.9.3 version. Topic is for the advanced users that want to help with Locus developing more intensively.

Critics are welcome. Questions on basics are prohibited here ;). All versions will be Locus Free, working as a Locus Pro for limited time. Access to Locus Store may be also limited, so for this, rather use valid Free/Pro version

Also not all changes will be wrote here, just major once. If you expect to anything to be fixed and it's not, let me know.

main information
  • firstly, do COMPLETE BACKUP of your databases! (menu > functions >backup > complete) Locus has some small changes in database and I had to change a way how styles for tracks are stored, so after you store any track with this new system, it will not be back compatible to old version. So you'll have to use this test version till new version will be on Google Play (one, max two weeks), or restore backup and use normal Google Play version
  • also at start, Locus will perform complete re-init of all maps, so first start should be slower
  • I'm not responsible for damages on data, that may occur! So do it on your own risk (I do not expect any damages, but just for sure)
  • if you'll have any problems with maps loading, try to remove "cache" directory


major changes
- new edit point screen
- new edit track screen
- complete new system for track styles
- rewrote top part of main menu
- complete new "Quick map switch
- complete new sorting possibilities for online maps

version RC!, changes (since - update 20.3.2013
- new filters in map manager online/personal/vector tabs
- improved design on "Weather service"
- added ability to define type/country in custom online maps, to sort also this maps correctly
- improvements in online map downloading process
- added ability to switch between new system for edit coordinates and older (two lines for lat/lon) by config file
- many small, mainly GUI, improvements

version, changes (since - update 17.3.2013
- new way for definition of zooms to download for online maps (ability to use simplier ways)
- all screen now handle correctly opened keyboard (also show ok/cancel) buttons above soft keyboard
- complete new sorting possibilities for online maps, together with integrated "Overview" mode from "Quick map switch" for test
- new ability to display track profile for manually draw tracks
- little bit improved handling of "fill altitude" function
- added "distance from start" to dashboard
- improvements in "Satellite screen"
- fixed problem with WMS version 1.1.0
- improvements in vector maps styles
- and many many small UI improvements

version, changes (since - update 12.3.2013
- fixed problem with sliding panel on Galaxy TAB
- complete new system for handling with icons. This allow to resize them on runtime from original icon, so you always get best resolution
- rewrote settings of modules
- fixed problems with multi-sqlite maps
- fixed styles of POI Grouping
- added 4UMaps as a separate online map

version, changes (since 2.9.2) - update 8.3.2013
- rename of "Categories" to "Folders"
- added support for styles for track folders
- new edit track screen
- complete new system for track styles
- added support for outline for tracks (only enabled/disabled and color, width set to 2px)
- improved drawing of tracks on map (speed & style)
- new edit point screen
- added ability to store emails/phones/urls together with points
- improved dialog that start downloading of online maps and added possibility to start download from tools menu of online map
- improved computed speed during track import
- rewrote top part of main menu (there is also one secret, do you find it? :) )
- improved system of GPS-auto off, so it should use more precise locations now
- complete new "Quick map switch
- created very fast method for initializing SQLite and MBT maps
- created precise method to generate bounding boxes of all maps
- created method to keep information about used maps
- rewrote system that handle vector map downloading (should prevent reported crashes)
- added ability to disable track highlight
- added support for "extract" into LocusActions
- added support for "dx" into vector maps "Caption" object
- some GUI improvements
- fixed crashing when creating track manually (problem with sync of Proj.4)
- fixed problem with incorrect sorting of vector maps
- fixed problem with Ant+ sensor
- fixed problem with slowness when more points added in "Add new route" function
- fixed problem with wikipedia search ignoring location
- many other fixes

[attachment deleted by admin]

Discussion/New features / Altitude (from GPS) optimizations
« on: March 04, 2013, 19:51:25 »
I'm opening discussion on topic - altitude in Locus

I'll  ... from conversation that I had with Christian over email (and also with other people here on forum)
"I noticed that the alitude difference of gpx tracks i downloaded (and checked) miscalculated in Locus (track details and diagram also). As attachement a track i want to use it for the alp cross. It has 76,38km and 802m ascendency shown in different software programs (approximately). Locus shows 387m ascendency :-( "

Altitude from GPS is generally a problem, there's no doubt about it. Question is, what's the best way, how to handle it

current solution
Current solution is quite simple, it's based only on a small small filter (set in settings), that optimize altitude a little bit before storing to database!
Altitude results (uphill, downhill, ...) are computed as a sum of altitude change on distance. So change from -2% to +2% are considered as a "flat", others are uphill, downhill

place for improvements
no filter may help to get better values to altitude. It may reduce some huge noises, but ... so question is what we should do with this, to get as good as possible results.

- possibility is to keep current system, but create better filtering method. Some more logical system, that will filter and compute better values

- locus fully support SRTM files, so it's quite easy to compute altitude values during a track record and substitude GPS altitude values, by this computed. Here is question - precision of this method. I did not test it ...

- other possibility or combination?

- you may be also fully satisfied with current system. This is also option

Released / [APP] - version 2.9.X
« on: February 19, 2013, 13:30:33 »
23.2.2013 - Locus 2.9.2

new version is available. Enjoy

19.2.2013 - Locus 2.9.0

new version is available. Enjoy

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