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Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / [APP] - version 0.9.3.X
« on: January 13, 2011, 22:23:45 »
Hi to all,
  seems that waiting for new My Tracks release is never ending ...

 ... so, seems that you really want track recording, I created one during today!

There is also missing many features but recording and viewing recorded track is now available!

BUT! I need any feedback from you! I'm personally not using track recording, so I don't know what is most important for that. Help me create simple and useful track recorder. Not any complex as My Tracks and many others is. Try this version, write me mistakes and things you really miss and want!! Exporting feature is prepared but not working. What formats do you like to export? Is important for you to select path of exported data or is enough to export to for example Locus root directory? Write, write, something :) thanks to all ...


19.1.2011 - Locus
Big update ...
  • support for maps bigger then 2GB actually disabled. No simple solution to Hack android device problems with these big files!
  • improved menu on map screen (when you press hardware menu button). There is enough space for new, simple "tools"
  • ability to draw (and save) track manually
  • created categories for tracks (currently only few types ... do you want more? which?), ability to filter them similar to point filter.
  • many fixs with My Maps. Now should work much better!
  • new dialog for creating new maps in My Maps
  • and many more, I don't even know what ... :)

17.1.2011 - Locus
One update after another ...
  • imporvements for SQL maps with TXT file works even on smaller maps if you have any problems or want faster initialization
  • small fix to Locus icon

17.1.2011 - Locus
One nice morning update!
  • added support for unlimited SQL file map size ;) (with some work before fully function to do - read after try to add map - works?)
  • rapidly improved importing of files (KML now support whole range of style tag, GPX, ...)
  • fixed some problems with map edit!
  • added custom filtering of POI's (by icon - usable for imported data, PQ, KML, ...)

16.1.2011 - Locus
Hmm, don't work on saturday and sunday I suggest. But I have to, you're waiting for new versions right? :) so ...
  • improved route record speed and stability. Now do not harm map speed anymore ...
  • added editable style of every single track!!
  • added settings for default track style and also settings for behavior of track record!
  • many fixs and improvements mainly with tracks ... uff

15.1.2011 - Locus
  • fixed stupid crashing mistake during track record
  • added Switzerland Maps+
  • re-writted online map handling. I founded source of OutOfMemory errors during Online maps viewing. But it need some testing, so Online maps may be a little slower now, just test and let me know ...
  • problem with Offline maps bigger then 2GB cannot be solved! It's limitation in Android devices, so offline maps bigger then 2GB aren't supported now!

14.1.2011 - Locus
  • added Google China (doesn't seem to work as have to ... same as MOBAC ... in Peking, around 500 metres out ... what you think?!)
  • added Google Korea maps
  • added ability to export Tracks
  • fixed problem with selection download "By state"
  • founded problem with SQLite maps bigger then cca 1.5GB! I cannot initialize them correctly! Not fixed yet. Currently only solution for me is that all zooms will be opened which means that you'll zoom through all zooms even when no tiles are downloaded ... stupid!
  • fixed some crashs when leaving POI screen too fast :)

News & Hints / Testing on J2ME OpenWIG
« on: January 02, 2011, 14:55:39 »
Why test on java OpenWIG core?
Core of WhereYouGo is based on work of Matejcik. Person who created OpenWIG project. Why test? Answer is simple. If you have any troubles with WhereYouGo, firstly test this on OpenWIG! If All works fine, problem is with WhereYouGo, so write me and I'll fix this. If OpenWIG have same issue as WhereYouGo, you have to post your issue on OpenWIG google code page here!

How to test your cartridge on OpenWIG core?
  • download Java WTK 2.5.2 library from here.
  • download newest OpenWIG.jar and OpenWIG.jad files from here.
  • install Sun WTK 2.5.2. Then go to install folder bin (on my computer - c:Program FilesJavawtk_2.5.2bin) and run ktoolbar.exe.
  • click File and Create project from Jad/Jar and choose your downloaded OpenWIG files.
  • click run on top panel and voala .. :)
  • directory which serve as card in emulator is on my computer c:Usersmenionj2mewtk2.5.2appdbDefaultColorPhonefilesystemroot1

hope this simple tutorial helps you!

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / [APP] - version 0.9.0
« on: January 01, 2011, 20:21:10 »
Hi to all,
  hope you've got nice start of new year. Me ... yes :)

so ... some news are coming. It'll take same time since new version will be on market. I really want to test some features. If you want, you should help with developing by testing new versions of Locus from this topic!

6.1.2011 - Locus 0.9.0
  • uff ... enough waiting. New version is on Market and I hope that all will work well or at least, no angry one star comments, will not appear on market!
  • small info: myTracks support is currently removed. I did great work on this today but I need to new version of MyTracks release on market. Until that, I cannot release my version with this support

5.1.2011 - Locus
  • adding paths to MyMaps (filled or just lines)
  • new dialog for adding point to MyMaps
  • ability to export MyMaps data to Locus database
  • many others fixs ... ufff

4.1.2011 - Locus
  • improved ability to add points. Now use correct icons.
  • ability to DELETE points.
  • ability to add Points from database to MyMaps! (Start editing any map and then click on item from database)
  • fixed many bugs with showing maps
  • added ability to cache calling to show MyMaps from SMS, email, ... (for example previously sended by Locus 'any MyMaps -> Share')

... and c'mon guys, any feedback is needed :)

3.1.2011 - Locus
  • impoved MyMaps support!!!
  • fixed problems on A2.1 and lower
  • ability to create NEW maps in application
  • ability to ADD POINTS into MyMaps from application
  • some fixs and improvements

1.1.2011 - Locus
  • basic support for MyMaps (viewing)!!!
  • basic integration of MyTracks
  • ability to import and show tracks on map
  • offline mod for online maps (in settings)
  • changed style of bottom menus (two lines now)

about MyTracks integration - version that support this integration is not currently on market, so you have to use attached, UNSIGNED MyTracks (you need to remove old MyTracks and install this), otherwise, Stop recording function will not work. Also track is not visible on map, even in MyTracks. It's just for start and stop recording. System of MyTracks is still in developing, so I'm waiting with integration to final version!

what I want before release?
  • tune MyMaps integration, with ability to share maps and delete them
  • wait a while for MyTracks release and improve MyTracks integration (viewing recorded tracks on map, ability to show another recorded tracks on map, ...)

Locus Classic (LM Free, LM Pro) / [APP] - version 0.8.0 released
« on: December 19, 2010, 08:50:50 »
Finally I did what I wanted almost since begining! To rewrite downloading method to really new fast system. So try please and let me know how this works! It's really important to work well

I also created this manual page
 mainly on bottom is page with description of download types! so read it!!

EDIT 23.12.2010
new version 0.8.0 is on market now!
I pretend some problems with database and tile downloading. It's too big change to whole system and needs to be tested a lot, to work well. So if you have any problems write me please here or on email!!!

If you want to use app and your problems don't allow this, use version 0.7.2 (attached here) and wait for new version here or on market!

Thanks to all, be tolerant if any mistake occur and don't forget to give me some positive comment on market ;)

EDIT 20.12.2010

new version for testing!
  • exporting of POIs
  • support for all types of geocaching logs
  • improved speed of POI handling
  • direct link to manual page on Map download config screen
  • and some minor fixs of course ...

Information / [POLL] - what to do in 2011!
« on: December 16, 2010, 11:22:56 »
I have created a little poll, that helps to choose next steps for next year. My priorities are clear - Maps, showing, downloading, working with. But next? It's a little bit up to you ... so, vote in poll and write post, if you want to say me something really important ;)

PS: you may vote for three things ...

Testing / [APP] - version 0.6.15 RC1
« on: December 15, 2010, 17:13:16 »
  • completely new online map caching. now use SqliteDb! Need testing, so tell if you feel any differences! Hope you not and all is fluent as before.
  • icons for not-available caches
  • improved gaocache main screen, hope for better
  • some small improvements
  • new panel hiding behaviour. Now hide after 5 seconds of inactivity on panels. To show, do double-click on map! What you think? I feel it much better then before!

to fully working geocache things, please do new import of your PQ files!

Troubles & Questions / [DISCUSSION] About version 6.14 and later...
« on: December 13, 2010, 17:36:13 »
Hi to all,
  I need to have some feedback.

new version 0.6.14 is out, together with previous version, brings lot of new features and I have almost no response from YOU!

so, few questions:
  • hiding panels, are you use this? hide any of panels? timing? fast, slow? tell me ...
  • new geocaching support in 0.6.14. Did you try import some PQ files? Do you feel that this feature is usable? I also need some tips to improve screen with cache details! Don't ask for some online support. I will not do this. For online support use, c:geo or SmartMaps in czech republic. Only online stuff what I'll probably do with geocaching is loading travel bug infos!
  • right quick menu - i'll add later new functions. Main for me is that I have place to add new functions! but what you? do you feel comfortable with right panel?
  • long click feature on map - google street view, add point, quick guiding, anything else is need?

and so on, so tell!

POI's / [ICONS] custom category icons
« on: December 11, 2010, 17:54:14 »
complete pack of icons from google maps code size here.

download, copy into Locus/icons directory and when creating or editing category icons, choose from spinner.


PS: icons are sorted by name, but it should be really nice to have them sorted by type. It need some prefix. Is here anyone who wants to do this? ;)

hmm, nice work scinkk, thanx (download in third post)

Information / [MANUAL] - adding custom icons to categories
« on: December 10, 2010, 16:04:52 »
needed version - 0.6.12 and higher

method is very simple. Icons compress with zip compression and whole file copy into Locus/icons directory. In dialog where you select icons, you will have choice which icons (internal Locus or any of your files) you want to show!

size of icons is on you! Suggest sizes around 32x32px or 48x48px.

align of icons is on center of bottom border. I thing that's best and most useful.


Discussion/New features / which map format USE?
« on: December 08, 2010, 13:06:39 »
I currently added support for SQLiteDB map format into Locus. Locus also work with slightly modified TrekBuddy map format with map (default map format from OziExplorer) or my own map definition format in xml file.  Also big news, but nowhere published is support for various Online maps providers with custom map format, different (custom tile name, other projections) from Google Maps or other main map providers.

So I was checking which format I can add more to support. I lunched Mobile Atlas Creator and created few map from same source to compare them and for my surprise, they're almost all really terrible. Just look at them. Testing area was Czech and Slovakia in bounding box and Google maps in zooms 8 and 12. Together its 7243 tiles.

  • AndNav format - hmm really nice, create folder structure based on zoom/x/y.png.andnav.
      stats: there is 7243 files, 133 folders and size? 72,3MB that seems on disk as 86,3MB.

  • Maveric format - next very nice. Exactly same as AndNav except tiles ends with .tile endings.
      stats: same as AndNav!

  • Mobile Trail - same again, no!! this is even worst. Every file end with correct name, in this case .png, so in Android, all map tiles are in image gallery, terrible!
      stats: same as AndNav!

  • OruxMaps - it's first from listed map formats, that use it's own system. On first sight, it compress 4 tiles into one binary file. Whole map layer is in one directory together with configuration file, similar to my xml. Only problem seems to be that predict rectangular map are projection (only four calibration point in corners).
      stats: there is 1848 files, 4 folders, size 94,5MB that seems on disk as 98,1MB. Too much against others, weird!

  • OziEplorer - little funny, whole map layer pack into one huge png file. It's 140MB big ... unusable!
      stats: there is 4 files, 0 folders, size 136MB that seems on disk as 136MB.

  • TrekBuddy - well know format, for me - still a little mystery. Why so complicated???
      stats: there is 5 files, 3 folders, size 77,9MB that seems on disk as 77,9MB.

  • SQLiteDB - from available formats, my favorite. I founded some missing things in it, for example some info about numbers of layers in it, date of tiles adding (so I may update only few of them). But finally, it's just a SQ Lite database with "int x, int y, int z, byte[] image" table.
      stats: there is 1 files, 0 folders, size 74,3MB that seems on disk as 74,3MB.

  • Locus format - grab from TrekBuddy atlas only tared map files and place them into one directory. You have Locus format. Simple and easy ...
      stats: there is 2 files, 0 folders, size 77,6MB that seems on disk as 77,6MB.

So why this article? I wanted to sumarize available map formats. As I wrote on beggining, I'm searching for format that should Locus also support. Yes you're right, one main is missing. Ozfx2(3), map format. For this I have to use external library. I really don't want to do this. If you want use this format, recreate map to Locus format by this method.

I really don't know why use format where is 7243 tiles on SD Card. It's really terrible to manage. I hate this ... you wait five minutes until directory is deleted ...

So, I wanna ask you if you have any tips to improve map format support. Currently, totally best format seems to be SQLiteDB. I plan to rewrite map creating process from Locus format to SQLiteDB. It saves time (no packaging, no deleting dowloaded tiles) and reduces error which comes to me during this process. What you think? I enjoy your feedbacks!

Maps / [MAPS] - Czech, Slovakia - Google Maps Classic
« on: December 05, 2010, 19:57:05 »
SQLiteDB map file contain 4 zooms of whole Czech and Slovakia. Download, extract from RAR file and copy into maps directory!

... removed ...


Bin / [FAQ]
« on: November 29, 2010, 15:14:09 »
Update 9.11.2012

TOPIC OUTDATED (moved to bin)

    • New (unpublished) application builds? - here!
    • Manual? - yes, I wrote some texts, here (nice in mobile browser)

  • QUESTION - Why so many permissions?
    Just read this - http://

  • QUESTION - I have a problem, what to do?
    First request - don't give a negative commentary on market or low stars. If problematic feature worked and now not, it should work again. If you want to use Locus and want to repair this issue, you should
    • check this discussions, if your problem is not already solved
    • create new topic with your issue here, and hope that some kind soul find solution
    • send me crash log from "locus/logs" directory on locus(@) email
    • describe me your problem on same email as above
    and I'm sure we find solution. Negative rating sends application between trash, and my taste to work also. Thanks.

  • QUESTION - How to create maps on computer?
    Just read this - http://

  • QUESTION - How can I use my own very nice icons?
    Just read this - http://

  • QUESTION - I like my old OziExplorer maps, can I use them?
    Just read this - http://

  • QUESTION - I'm an developer, how can I send points to show on Locus?
    Just read this - http://

  • QUESTION - Why basic map initialization takes so long?
    When I change format of initialized files or you just create new map or add your custom, application need to create some configuration files. Time needed for creating is based on type of map

    • TAR maps - create bounding box of map. More time takes initializing map tiles directory. I have to find every tile and cache his byte[] position if file. Then I should load this tile directly without moving through whole file. This takes really long time ..

    • SQL maps - also bounding box and also numbers of available zooms. SQLiteDB format is little weird, so I have to go through whole database and find unique zoom numbers. For this I use this "SELECT DISTINCT z FROM table_tiles" ... which on big map files takes soooo long ...

     so, take excuse from me, but this initialization is really needed. On second side, thanks to it, maps are really fast and next starts are fast too. About frequency of configuration file changes - I really don't like to do this, so as I know, file changed in version 0.4.0 and now in 0.6.10. And I hope that this is enough for a long time.

  • PROBLEM - Tar compression error - maps cannot be downloaded and compressed
    This error is mystery for me. Sometimes someone write me about this. On my phone this never happen - unfortunately. But solution is to delete whole cache directory. You will loose map that is currently downloading, your cached Online maps and some cached indexed files. But I believe, that then all will be working fine...

Information / [MANUAL] - CUSTOM ONLINE MAPS (updated 25.7.2011)
« on: November 29, 2010, 14:53:04 »
Current manual for Custom online maps support in Locus is moved on WIKI page ... nline_maps

Solved / Icons for POIs
« on: November 27, 2010, 17:46:20 »
So, also question from me ...

currently I'm using few icons from http://

I thing they're really nice, they also not force me to set application as open source (which I'm not a big fan). But ... there's lot of icons and I cannot choose which are rights. All of them is just too much ...

So, place for you to choose and say me which icons you want or miss in application, if you want to sort them to any categories or if have any other source of nice map icons for free use. I'm not a graphics co it's impossible for me to create special icons for Locus ...

I'll be very glad for your opinion

Cartridge experience / Cartridge summary
« on: November 24, 2010, 14:28:17 »
    GC252QC - Celtic adventure
    GC2JB9H - Hradecky Poklad (Hradec Králové)
    GC29KJ1 - Ku krizu lodnikov / To a sailors' cross
    GC220H0 - Levice 1 WIG
    GC2G0WA - M.u.F.
    GC2382T - Stinadla se bouri
    GC23F9N - Vyznamne budovy Levic 1
    GC2576D - Zatraceny mudla!
    GC1TFHN - Vylet Kacera Broucka do XV. stoleti

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