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Satellite screen. Three dots / setting / sensors / compass. When selecting Auto Change, the Set button does not work. The remaining two options are functional.

Cz: Obrazovka Satelity. Tři tečky / nastavení / senzory / kompas. Při výběru Automatická změna nefunguje tlačítko Nastavit. U zbývajících dvou voleb je funkční
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In lastest beta chart in track detail's window shows distance in axes X about two times longer than track's distance is. The pro version shows correct values
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Internal theme for Mapsforge ML/V4 maps has a misspelling

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Discussion/New features / Re: What's the "Next Big Thing" in 2018?
« on: February 09, 2018, 11:07:54 »
Thx Menion for that outlook - much appreciated. Also that you have sync on your mind :)

A little proposal: I remember that a while ago you made a little survey to find out what settings users need most in Preset system. I'm aware that the exact definition and expectations of "sync" probably differ from user to user. Off the top of my head, the following questions arise:
  • Sync only between devices (same user)?
  • Sync between different users? With permissions (Read or Read/Write)?
  • Always complete database, or tracks/points separate, or even on per folder basis?
  • If sync between users on folder basis, is it ok to only sync whole database among devices of a single user?
  • etc.
Perhaps another survey would be helpful to find out what users really want so you have a better basis for technical decisions.

If I may give a - in my view - example of a very well-done sync: The database app Memento not only offers own cloud space (another source of income), but also manages the sync very well. So far, I never had missing entries or the like, even when syncing with other users.

Ok, perhaps content for a separate topic ;)
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Discussion/New features / What's the "Next Big Thing" in 2018?
« on: February 08, 2018, 14:45:56 »
After the release of 3.29 I wondered if there is a somewhere on the forum where Menion informs about the "Next Big Things" planned for Locus. I didn't find anything - I also filtered the Helpdesk list of Ideas for "Planned", but that only shows fairly minor stuff (<10 votes). So I'm starting this thread  ;)
I know, such a list would always feel at least partly like a commitment to some new feature. I can gather a few things from the discussions in the "current version thread" and from the Beta version (like track statistics customizable with dashboards). Still, I think it would be possible to, like, give a list of the next 3-5 bigger tasks that are planned or already in progress.

And I admit, I'd also like to ask about my personal and everyone else's favorite (by far most votes): Database sync (
The cloud storage part of that is now more or less done, but there's no current statement about the sync. And even if some of the voters may be happy with backup-to-cloud only, I'm sure that a majority is still hoping for a real sync...
Opinions welcome!  :)
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Themes - Vector maps / [Theme] TOTM (V3)
« on: January 29, 2018, 16:09:50 »
Tiramisù as OpenTopoMap

No routes, only topography, better larger zoom.

for V3 maps

On the OAM maps, there are intermittent streams, embankment, ridges, cutlines, etc....

It is recommended to use with the "Hill shading" map is ON - that the similarity is maximized.

There was no purpose to do an exact copy, but to use the best features.

OpenTopoMap ->

Update: ver1.8 (15/02/2018)
- again redrawn the forest, with transparency. Now it is correctly mixed with other fills and objects.
- added or changed: mountain_pass | saddle, natural = stone, tower: communication, volcano, turning_circle, man_made = adit | adit_disused, wells water_well, waterfall, summit: *, fixed reservoir | basin, redrawed bare_rock, completed the color of main roads
- the mapping of the mountainous terrain has been reworked,
- added a layer of "Winter routes", the display - slightly adjusted copy-paste from the built-in theme "Skiing"
adjusted visibility on different zoom levels amenity|waterway / natural = drinking_water|water_point|spring|fountain

Update: ver1.9.2 (15/01/2019)
landuse kindergarten, school...
contour path text rotate_up=false (always uphill")
selection of landuse hospital, residential, adjustment of overlays
slightly thicker contour lines
removed signatures on fence | wall | city_wall
added water sources zoom-min= " 13"
added barrier=turnstile (OAM), name=neighbourhood|quarter
and other things...
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Troubles & Questions / Re: Problem to show maps together
« on: January 06, 2018, 14:32:23 »
I think the menu command is:
Menu : Settings : Maps : Offline maps : LoMaps and other Vector maps

The illustrations below show LoMaps England and Wales with and without this setting selected and the relevant settings page.
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Locus Map Watch / Re: Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: December 22, 2017, 09:33:12 »
Hello guys,
I have just published version 1.0.0 of the add-on. Again no new features but this should be really stable release and is intended to be used with the last Locus Map v3.28.0.
We plan to start gradually adding some new features now that the add-on is (hopefully) stable enough.

Please if you will have any problems with the add-on and you use Locus Map v3.28.0 then I will be glad if you report it here or since it is no longer beta you can also report it as usual to our help desk

If you really want some new feature and you will find the time please add it as usual as an idea to our help desk so that others could vote and we could see which features would be preferred.

Finally feel free to continue this thread or even start a new thread here at the forum if you have any general feedback and/or interesting topic regarding wear add-on which you would want to discuss :)

Hope you will find the add-on useful and will enjoy using it during your outdoor activities :)
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Locus Map Watch / Wear for Locus Map beta testing
« on: December 06, 2017, 19:50:53 »
we have just released a beta version of Wear for Locus Map which is an add-on to Locus Map for your Android Wear watch and you are more than welcome to try it ;) Please see Wear for Locus Map on Google Play.

The version is not a very polished yet and is released mainly for testing purposes. The application now supports

- Map screen with zoom controls and side navigation panel when navigation is active.
--- know issues - there are still some issues with rendering navigation track on the map, it is kind of huge compared to the rest of the map. And the navigation on the watch doesn't currently show usual question mark symbol when off track.

- Track recording
--- start/stop/pause/add waypoint controls + track recording profile select before the recording start
--- showing basic statistics of current recording

For Android Wear 1.x users
- install Wear for Locus Map on your mobile phone and wait a few minutes for your watch to synchronize. The application Locus Map should appear in your application menu.

For Android Wear 2.0 users
The add-on must be installed separately for your phone and watch because the add-on is not part of the Locus Map app itself so that we could keep the whole add-on independent/separated and mainly open-sourced. In order to install we recommend to
- install Wear for Locus Map on your mobile phone
- then install Wear for Locus Map on your Android Wear 2.0 from the watch Google Play. The application Locus Map should appear in your application menu.

Please share if you have any crashes, trouble with the communication between the device and the watch or generally any inconvenient behavior or user interface problems.
So enjoy the testing and thank you in advance for any feedback :)
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Wow! Congratulations, Menion!
Probably the single most amazing new feature since I started with Locus! The editor is so clean and intuitive - great.
And thx to everyone here discussing the development progress - it really paid off!
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hello, my name is shara, i'm italian girl and sorry for my language  ;-)
I have install first time locus for a week
i have nexus 5x and android 8 Oreo
pc windows 8.1
my question's:
1) to know my version where I have to look?

2) one problem is share track, but I saw that it was solved with new version..good
but i have another problem: if I save the track (example in the export folder...), if i connect the nexus of the Pc
in the Locus/export folder I can not find the gpx file...I have to restart nexus, for find the file..
(is the problem locus? or android, nexus, pc..?

3) the version in this post is beta...where then I find the  stable version ?
 and for update version, first best to uninstall actual version? but the folder locus/map are you lost?
(i have several maps GB in this folder..)

thanks shara
Answered in PM in Italian
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No problems for me; either way. I only reply to your comment "I see no reason..." with my reason :)

Just a general comment:- Until now I have used the "external BRouter" method of route planning - I can quickly generate X routes for X profiles, then compare & contrast. But now, finally, the new Route Planner has overtaken this method for convenience. With Shaping points & NOGO areas it just gets better & better.
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Navigation & Guidance / Re: Offline navigation - BRouter v1.2+
« on: September 24, 2017, 08:51:46 »
Hmm, I do not think it was discussed, aside of the nogo iniciative at Locus side and private discussion of LocusMap and BRouter developers. I do remember Arndt, the BRouter author, once mentioned he was working on the new kinematic routing model.

A big part of changes are rather BRouter internal things. For an end user, the important features are these:

- completely new kinematic routing for cars(car-fast, car-eco)(*). It looks like a big thing. This routing  does not use the costfactor, so It currently bypasses the profile developer effort based on costfactor calculation. The routing is tuned by the parameter of maximal target speed vmax(90 for eco, 160 for fast, probably 130 or 110 for non Germans ).It could be tweaked by changing of max default speed for highways classes to change priorities..  I see I will have to rename my car profiles to avoid confusion. Probably by adding P as Poutnik.

- compatibility with the new LocusMap nogo point interactive management   ( for now in Locus beta)

- 2 minor things for profile developers

(*) seems to me as optional, depending on presence of the kinematic model context line in a profile. So in my understanding, both new kinematic car profiles and my old car profiles should be, after renaming, usable side by side.
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let´s try it in your wording,

attached screencast start with restored backup of my  "Geocache" preset
sec 7 - i restore my "Basic Setting" preset
sec 18 - i edit function panel  of "Basic Setting"
sec - 27 i add function "Weather"
sec 30 - "Weather" is added to list
sec 34 - back to map view, "Weather" isn´t visible :-[
sec 42 - back to presets an restore "Basic Setting"  once again
sec 44 - back to map view, "Weather" is visible :)
sec 58 - i remove "Weather"
sec 62 - back to map view, "Weather" is furthermore visible :-[
sec 69 - back to presets an restore "Basic Setting"  once again "Weather" is´nt visible

please read menions post carefully again:

@balloni55: seems there is still a problem with understanding "presets" :). There really is not anything like "active preset". It is just a bunch of settings that, after click, is set. Imagine it like "backup of settings", that you simply restore by one click, nothing more!

Your observed behaviour is exactly as it is intended. There is no "active preset"!!! This also means, that the changed settings of the preset are not applied until you "run" or "tap" the preset.

Another try for explanation: try to think of a preset as a list of instructions (like a batch file or a computer program) for settings which can be "processed" by tapping on the preset. If you change something in this list, it is not automatically applied but only when you process this list (in Locus: by tapping the preset). Similar to when you change some lines in a batch file and save it, it is not executed automatically.
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Troubles & Questions / Re: UTM projection is not precise
« on: June 28, 2017, 18:32:24 »
I think Locus is treating UTM-coordinates correct. But for checking with professional conversion software you should provide the coordinates in degree of your points too.

In general a UTM- grid is not exactly "rectangular" compared to the degree-grid of the same region. But it is more or less rotated, meaning the meridian of the UTM-grid are *not* running from geographical North to south. Please take a look at the image:

As you can see the black lines of degree-grid are not parallel but lightly rotated to the colored UTM-grid, especially on the sides of an UTM-zone.

The other point to consider is, that UTM is just a projection of the earth's surface which is nearly a sphere and can't 1:1 projected into a rectangular system. So simplified: 1 meter in UTM grid is just "at average" 1 m in reality, depending in which location within an UTM-zone you are measuring. The differeces are of course very low, but a distance on real earth of 5000 m could be a just distance of for example 4998 m in UTM-grid.

So we can't 1:1 convert UTM-meters in real-world meters. Also each grid system uses another model of Earth with slightly different diameters of their models.
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